Global United Citizens

I invite you all to join me in this epic global initiative, a GROUP of LIKE-MINDED people called GLOBAL ENLIGHTENED CITIZENS (renaming my old group Crystal’s Friends)

Our motto:

We ACCEPT our faith, our race, our country was never a CHOICE but thrust upon us by nature, we ALSO accept that because of these involuntary decisions we were forced to judge, hate and harbor ill against other faiths, races and nations.

Now as mature and enlightened adults we realize that we can do away the negativity for others caused to us by our parents our race or nation-state and instead DECIDE to BREAK FREE of these chains and become GLOBAL ENLIGHTENED CITIZENS who BREAK THE CHAINS of a nation, faith, and race – and join each other as enlightened humans.

It does not mean you give up your faith or shed away your race or nation only that you break free of the NEGATIVITY, BIAS, and JUDGMENT associated with it.

For example, if you are an Indian or a Pakistani stop hating the other country or their faith if you are a German, or French, or Russian or Punjabi stop demeaning other races and vice versa.

If you a White stop looking at African Americans as criminals or trouble makers and also if you are Black please stop looking at Whites as anymore entitled than you are but simply do not realize your power within!

Remember your faith your nation and your race or your color cannot divide you from other humans UNLESS you decide to let it divide you!

By birth and hence due to involuntary “choice”, I am a Muslim but I consider myself secular in outlook, meaning I do not think Muslims are any better than the rest be they Hindus, Christians, Jewish, Ahmedis, Buddhists, Sikhs or any other faith.

I am a Pakistani but I consider myself a global citizen hence Indians are not worse than us or enemies and the same is true of others.

I am an Urdu speaking (a category in Pakistan of people who migrated from India) but I don’t think I am better than any in the world or Pakistan like Punjabi, Sindhi, Baloch, Pathan, Balti. I want all the people who join me to think like this. Do NOT be proud of being a Christian or a Muslim or Ahmedi or Jewish or Hindu or Sikh etc but BE proud of loving each of them EQUALLY. Do NOT be proud of being an Indian, Pakistani, American, Israeli, Arab, Iranian, African, South American, Russian etc but BE proud of seeing your OWN reflection in the others. Do NOT be proud of being white or black or brown or whatever color, but BE proud of seeing the love you have in others too.

Build bridges with other humans, animals and nature, don’t destroy them as your nation, faith leaders, race or government may sometimes tell you to. Don’t believe them. Believe the goodness WITHIN you to rise above it all. As a GOOD ENLIGHTENED HUMAN being.

I believe in the rule of law giving equal opportunity and treatment without any regard to faith, race or nationality as practiced in USA, Canada, EU, UK, NZ and Australia.

Hopefully from now till the day you die, be a beacon of love and harmony for the whole world.

We believe NO ONE is an “enemy”, and try to highlight our own state, race, faith weaknesses BEFORE we cast a stone on others (based on the teachings of Jesus Christ, and also all seemingly logical people : – )

This is why conflicts are never resolved, because people try to act “holier than thou” – all faults are ascribed to the “enemy” nation, faith, race etc, while OURS are whitewashed in our minds, it’s wrong, it’s hypocrisy and it’s simply insensitive to others, let me give you an example, as a Pakistani Muslim I always start any discussion pointing out weaknesses in my people or faith – it helps relax people and builds empathy though it sometimes severely offends Pakistanis and Muslims (I consider that the “collateral damage of speaking the truth”). Yet I see a majority of Pakistanis and Muslims (others too) take an offensive stand on other nations/faiths and a defensive stand on their own. A classic “us vs them” situation with very predictable outcomes. Neither party agrees as a blame game ensues, instead of coming closer people go further away.

Hence, if you believe a nation, faith or race needs to “improve” somehow or realize some “mistakes” or “errors” in their ways by all means please do so! Just start off by “I am an XYZ national/faith person, and unfortunately we have our own share of weaknesses like ABC, however, I would also like to humbly point out ABC national / faith, etc issues that I believe, if resolved, will bring them and us closer together.”

If somehow you agreed and started emulating this I assure you it WILL get you a lot of flak from YOUR race and faith too (just like I did) but is it worth it? Hell yeah! you feel like YOU are doing the right thing and what can be better than that? Friends of an eccentric revolutionary 🙂 Don Quixote

Published by CrystalHeartKazmi

Peace and love activist for the world

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