Hello Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò, (in response to his Open Letter to Donald Trump)

I am a Muslim from Pakistan, though that identity doesn’t explain the truth of who I am, I am more like you, a Christian in my thought and actions who is mostly secular in belief, the Pastors I know tell me that I am a “Christian in a Muslim’s body” – I tell them “look, I’m just an ordinary human being who adopted the faith of his parents but refused to let hate and judgment affect him in dealing with people of any race, faith, color etc”

This is the bottom line, freeing ourselves of biases given to us by our “faith” be it Christianity, Islam, Judaism, Hinduism, Buddhism, Sikhism, Parsis, Ahmedis, Baha’ais and you will be surprised, atheists and agnostics too, EVERYONE carries “mindsets” against others! I wish it were funny, but it’s not, because these are mostly mindsets of PURE HATRED, surprisingly, if one evaluates the texts of Abrahamic faiths (as explained in a BBC documentary by a British ex Frair of the Dominican order Mark Dowd) ebar.com/news/news//258127 and topdocumentaryfilms.com/children-abraham/ he proved beyond doubt the synchronicity in the beliefs of “children of Abraham” but then EACH of these 3 (not counting the several dozen break-ups and sects) would like NOT to think so! If I go to a Muslim scholar they’re like “son, you don’t understand, the Christians and Jews are unlike us” my answer usually is “hell yes, not only they are but often times BETTER than us!” when I speak to a Christian the answer is “son you don’t get it, we three are very, very different” same thing from the Jewish people. I don’t get it, if it’s the same Abrahamic God, he had “x” Prophets till Jews (Moses pbuh), we all agree to it, then x+1 son (Jesus pbuh) as you believe comes in, then x+2 (Muhammad pbuh as we believe comes in) – now the TEACHINGS are not VASTLY different if you ask me with regard to social mannerisms, crimes, do’s and don’ts – you, the Muslims and Jews will CERTAINLY disagree but I KNOW murder, rape, robbery/theft, lying, lewd behavior/immorality, spreading hatred, not caring for the hungry, poor, orphans, neighbors, elderly, children, and abortion are all areas with a COMMON thread in the Abrahamic faiths that FEW would like to agree to, but nevertheless a FACT

Sir an enlightened Jewish Rabbi or a broadminded Muslim Scholar would have written NO differently from you, in essence when it comes to principles of good and bad

The only issue here is the LINKAGE to Donald Trump as a man of God, THAT is where I disagree, we are ALL men and women of God, even if don’t obey or believe in Him, doesn’t matter, and hence so is he. But is he or anyone a “chosen” one, I don’t know. Are all these riots against his reelection? The left says EXACTLY the same thing about him, that he’s planning it (what you say that they’re planning!) – he’s not a poor man, he’s wealthy and that too not always in the “right Biblical way” as you would perhaps agree, he may represent RNC today but was pro Democrats most of his life. Is it not likely that a group of good Christians frustrated and let down by the left / Democrats to the mayhem as they perhaps saw hope and savior in Trump which was more of a requirement they had than a reality he represented? (or other believers of Abrahamic faiths would, trust me have little disagreement to the apprehensions and line of thinking you mentioned) – then these “Godless” people vs people of “God” as you see them, label the EXACT same allegations that you do on them, and sir I am sure many a Rabbi or Mullah has been doing so all along in a similar vein in whichever nation they’re in, for like the right, the left is also all over the world. We, in Pakistan are told the Americans and others conspire against Islam, I don’t believe it, I think it’s PURE BALONEY to hide their OWN incompetence in building GOOD HUMAN RELATIONS with other faiths and EVEN among themselves!

So sir, be a man of God, that is good, do speak for what you believe in, against racism, murder, abortion, hatred and for kindness as Jesus pbuh taught us all – but please Sir, do not bring politics into it. In the so called left not everyone is a “child of the serpent” as you mention and NEITHER are in the Catholics, or Muslims or Jews are all the “children of the Woman” (Eve)” I so believe you intended? There are people with Godsent morals in the left and their are hypocrites and liars in the so called God fearing. Ask me I’ve seen many a lewd, reprehensible character who have long beards or do hijab in the Muslim category. I’m sure so have you and the Jews in their pretentiously “pious” ones. You and I cannot judge if an adulterous, Godless atheist is NOT going to heaven and that we are going to hell instead! No sir that is not for us to decide! We cannot label people good nor bad based on their beliefs, YES on their actions. And that too WHEN WE HAVE PROOF. Your article sir has NO PROOF but your conjectures on who did why and what, EXACTLY the same conjectures and assumptions are reflected by the left! So who is right here?

I won’t judge. I’ll just say that what IS happening in America is unfortunate, racism must GO for sure and it doesn’t mean “white supremacists” it ALSO means those crying out for BLM but not doing ANYTHING to help the blacks out of the rut they’re in with motivation, education and a generally “positive” outlook to life and the whites! And I believe in FAR better US police training and protocols than now, THAT Sir was / is the ROOT CAUSE of all this violence and tension, not Trump, not the left, not the right. But that’s my 2 cents you’re at liberty to ignore or disagree

Trump may be a good man, he may also be a power hungry man who exploited the republican and God fearings’s anger and frustration by claiming to be someone he isn’t (I think he’s a very liberal and open man, he’s not your average Christian type, he is most likely an average “left” democrat who’s enjoying all the power and has been totally open, but gained power by being someone he isn’t, bear in mind his zodiac: Gemini) or well, he might even BE a born again Christian with an agenda but that to me appears more fantasy than reality. You certainly have your own opinion and I respect that, just adding my humble perspective to it

The following is my line of thinking, you might agree to it?

We believe NO ONE is an “enemy”, and try to highlight our own state, race, faith weaknesses BEFORE we cast a stone on others (based on the teachings of Jesus Christ, and also all seemingly logical people

Hence, if you believe a nation, faith or race needs to “improve” somehow or realize some “mistakes” or “errors” in their ways by all means please do so! Just start off by “I am an XYZ national / faith person, and unfortunately we have our own share of weaknesses like abc, however I would also like to humbly point out ABC national / faith etc issues that I believe, if resolved, will bring them and us closer together”

If somehow you agreed and started emulating this I assure you it WILL get you a lot of flak from YOUR race and faith too (just like I did) but is it worth it? Hell yeah! you feel like YOU are doing the right thing and what can be better than that?

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