RRR – Sustainable Israel-Palestine Conflict Resolution

I teach conflict resolution and soft skills including visionary leadership, communication and positive attitude for close to 25 years. I always asked myself repeatedly the same question: with this huge body of knowledge how is it that no one has been able to impact global conflicts? Perhaps the world of business and interpersonal relationships isContinue reading “RRR – Sustainable Israel-Palestine Conflict Resolution”

Afghanistan, the Aftermath: Much ado for nothing!

CrystalHeart Kazmi Facebook – LinkedIn – Twitter – Profile – ClubHouse – AboutMe Freedom forever for poor Afghans! Some images haunt us forever, like the Syrian child, Alan Kurdi, who’s lifeless body was washed ashore Turkey’s Bodrum beach. The images of three Afghanis falling from the sky to their inevitable deaths, clinging on, impossibly so in every sense, to theContinue reading “Afghanistan, the Aftermath: Much ado for nothing!”

Taliban, Afghanistan & America

By CrystalHeart Kazmi I am no stranger to controversies. Anytime I open my mouth people from my dear Pakistan often hurl abuses or slander. It doesn’t affect me because I believe in what I am doing. Speaking the truth has always been hard if you read human history. Liars have become leaders, truthtellers have paidContinue reading “Taliban, Afghanistan & America”

Why Pakistan and India need to rethink everything?

Why Pakistan and India need to rethink everything? By CrystalHeart Kazmi (the writer is a speaker and writer on peace, interfaith harmony and low cost, just, gender and orientation equal global governance) It all started with a dream. Of ousting the “Raj of Gora Sahab” – the Imperialist Colonists who occupied India in 1857. StartedContinue reading “Why Pakistan and India need to rethink everything?”

Hello Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò, (in response to his Open Letter to Donald Trump) I am a Muslim from Pakistan, though that identity doesn’t explain the truth of who I am, I am more like you, a Christian in my thought and actions who is mostly secular in belief, the Pastors I know tell meContinue reading

Does America have a THIRD option?

I want my friends, especially Americans, whether Democrats or Republicans, to carefully ponder over my words. I have no crystal ball but I am pretty observant of you and your leaders, and the world at large. I mean well for the world and hence as someone aligned with humanity I REQUEST you take off yourContinue reading “Does America have a THIRD option?”

Why Americans deserve our respect

Why Americans deserve our respect:   Keep going America!   I’ve recently observed how the world loves to have fun at America’s expense when it comes to race and police excesses.   They hide their wrongdoings and hardly if ever protest whereas Americans take to the street for the wrongs of their police or government.Continue reading “Why Americans deserve our respect”

I can’t breathe – 8 minutes 45 seconds – a song / poem on George Floyd RIP

The song… I went to buy   a pack of cigarettes   a 20 dollar bill   he thought was fake   I bounced the bad guys   But a virus took my job   I was friends with Cup Foods   Mike knew me well   The cops told me   My currency didn’tContinue reading “I can’t breathe – 8 minutes 45 seconds – a song / poem on George Floyd RIP”

US Politics – predicting the unpredictable

I wrote on another thread… you’d find it amusing if not insightful! BD I’m sorry I could not finish your piece. I clearly see why your posts upset people. They are unfortunately uninformed, but presented as Doctrine. Me where uninformed? shed light my friend! I’m all ears to improve and learn! BD Crystal Kazmi whereContinue reading “US Politics – predicting the unpredictable”