Why Pakistan and India need to rethink everything?

Why Pakistan and India need to rethink everything?

By CrystalHeart Kazmi (the writer is a speaker and writer on peace, interfaith harmony and low cost, just, gender and orientation equal global governance)

It all started with a dream. Of ousting the “Raj of Gora Sahab” – the Imperialist Colonists who occupied India in 1857. Started around the first world war and in 40 years delivered India from the clutches of the British. So goes the folklore.

But is this really so?

  • Did the British Colonize India for better or for worse?
  • Did the combined Hindu – Muslim struggle to fight for freedom desire a culmination in two uneven, forever hateful of each other states? Was this the vision of Indian freedom? Or the tunes of “divide and rule”?

Reality of Pakistan India Freedom

73 years gone by and everyone can see the reality of these rogue states where the nationals of India and Pakistan have anything but slogans. Corruption is rife, law and order nonexistent (except for the super rich exploiters), institutions are a charade, education is for namesake while hunger and hopelessness are denied in the clamor of blind nationalism, sports, movies and amplified chatter of goons and thugs known as “leaders” – an average Pakistan and Indian is in one word, unhappy! Look at Kashmir in India or Karachi in Pakistan! Subjugation is the order of the day.

British “invasion” of 1857 pros and cons

Now go back another 90 years from 1947, India was governed by the Persian Moguls, who valued their mistresses so much that they built “Taj Mahals” for them while an average Indian was enslaved to their Will, they were infact used to getting themselves called “Zille Illahi” or the “Mercy of God” – far from it! High headed dictators who’d kill anyone who disagreed or they didn’t like, pick up any woman they wanted and literally did as they pleased. In such a backdrop the British with a colonist agenda came in with “East India Company” which literally took all of India by 1857. It was, if you ask me, a change for the good. Had it not been for the British I would be chanting “Zille Ilahi”, of course I would probably not know how to speak “English” or have rudimentary table manners or any semblance of “civil society” as the English would call it. Thus all in all the British invasion of India was in fact real freedom from ignoble rulers, the Moguls, and the Nawabs, and the Rajas and the religious Pundits of any side, who were the real enslavers of Indian people before the advent of the British. The only “con” of the  British rule was high handedness and tyranny at times which mellowed around the fag end of their rule, they were not the English we know today, kinder, compassionate with a mantra of “equal opportunity”

What if the British of today ruled India?

Ironic and controversial as it may sound, had the current generation of Brits been leading India none would have asked for freedom! For why else do people from the subcontinent or other places throng to the UK (and other Western nations apart from the continent in the Pacific and her sister, Aussies and Kiwis)? Why go BACK to the “enslavers” now that you are a “free” people? Not only that you go there and spread your brand of Hinduism or Islam and expect that the hosts would actually not even bat an eyelid? In the name of “equality”? That doesn’t happen as we’ve all seen the DISintegration of people from subcontinent in the West due their often opposing values and mindsets. Recently my young relative, a Muslim in the US wanted to get married to a Hindu girl he fell in love with, and despite the girl’s consent her parents were most resistant of their overtures. He was not alone, millions of those who wish to cross “boundaries of faith, race, caste, orientation” to find the love of their life are met with stoic silence or even death as I wrote about in my political movement WomenAreVotes, dishonorable killings are aplenty all in the name of honor in India, Pakistan and Afghanistan among other backward scum of the world we live in. Thus the hapless, hopeless, fundamentalist and extremists nationals of the subcontinent scourge the world with their brand of myopia then staying back and fixing their own mess like real men and women.

The price of speaking out!

I tried to do that (reform the unreformable, or so it appears) and met with countless death threats, hate and labels of CIA agent and so on, folklore ascribed to anyone who speaks reason! That too after countless contributions amassing to USD 1 billion for the Government of Pakistan in anti smuggling measures, and parents who contributed to Pakistan like few others, not to speak of my reform movement ChangePakistan that all and sundry in the echelons of power appreciated! Later on I launched GadhaParty, a clear satire on the rotten system of governance, dynasty politicians and all. It earned me the nationalistic wrath and hatred of myopic Pakistanis at all levels, I am 100% sure had I been an Indian the same or worse may have ensued. The people of the subcontinent to me have proven without doubt their lack of respect for human rights and freedom of expression. Pakistan and India today are intolerant nations who pretend to be otherwise. The mantra of dominant faith bullies the rest while all sorts of flimsy arguments are given to the contrary. But the world is not blind, and there are good people like me, albeit a few, who dare to speak out.

The way forward

I think the good people of India and Pakistan, few as they are, should stand for unification of these great lands otherwise, with so much hunger they both foray USD 88 billion in defense budgets (India 77, Pakistan 11) going to their old masters mostly or others for arms supplies and maintaining huge armies where their nationals suffer their own horrible governance and caste system whether overt in India or racist and covert in Pakistan. Or even better, invite Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth to undo the wrong she and her Cabinet did in 1947. Proof? Do an online survey in India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Afghanistan even Iran on “would you like to permanently migrate and give up your citizenship to the US, UK, EU, Australia, Canada or New Zealand” I can BET atleast 80% of the respondents would! So why infest the cleaner parts of the world with nationals from these countries who due cowardice and hypocrisy sing blind patriotic praises of their nations yet strive to move to the West all along! This hypocrisy must end! The people of India and Pakistan besides other LDCs (less developed countries) should stop blaming Capitalism or the West or the Military Industrial Complex for their woes and instead work towards internal peace and harmony by imposing something like KodeOfKonduct – a concept paper I wrote where I openly decried the highhandedness of “faith” in laws and social conduct and asked for a non discriminatory code to drive all laws placing humanity above all else.

I aspire for the day something like the American First Amendment is made mandatory the world over, where freedom of speech is not stifled by faith, nationalism or any other human endeavor to silence the truth or the human spirit.

I know my words will land me in more trouble, more hate and more myopia from my subcontinent based literate illiterates but call a spade a spade is all I learnt and shall do so till my last breath!

Hello Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò, (in response to his Open Letter to Donald Trump)

I am a Muslim from Pakistan, though that identity doesn’t explain the truth of who I am, I am more like you, a Christian in my thought and actions who is mostly secular in belief, the Pastors I know tell me that I am a “Christian in a Muslim’s body” – I tell them “look, I’m just an ordinary human being who adopted the faith of his parents but refused to let hate and judgment affect him in dealing with people of any race, faith, color etc”

This is the bottom line, freeing ourselves of biases given to us by our “faith” be it Christianity, Islam, Judaism, Hinduism, Buddhism, Sikhism, Parsis, Ahmedis, Baha’ais and you will be surprised, atheists and agnostics too, EVERYONE carries “mindsets” against others! I wish it were funny, but it’s not, because these are mostly mindsets of PURE HATRED, surprisingly, if one evaluates the texts of Abrahamic faiths (as explained in a BBC documentary by a British ex Frair of the Dominican order Mark Dowd) ebar.com/news/news//258127 and topdocumentaryfilms.com/children-abraham/ he proved beyond doubt the synchronicity in the beliefs of “children of Abraham” but then EACH of these 3 (not counting the several dozen break-ups and sects) would like NOT to think so! If I go to a Muslim scholar they’re like “son, you don’t understand, the Christians and Jews are unlike us” my answer usually is “hell yes, not only they are but often times BETTER than us!” when I speak to a Christian the answer is “son you don’t get it, we three are very, very different” same thing from the Jewish people. I don’t get it, if it’s the same Abrahamic God, he had “x” Prophets till Jews (Moses pbuh), we all agree to it, then x+1 son (Jesus pbuh) as you believe comes in, then x+2 (Muhammad pbuh as we believe comes in) – now the TEACHINGS are not VASTLY different if you ask me with regard to social mannerisms, crimes, do’s and don’ts – you, the Muslims and Jews will CERTAINLY disagree but I KNOW murder, rape, robbery/theft, lying, lewd behavior/immorality, spreading hatred, not caring for the hungry, poor, orphans, neighbors, elderly, children, and abortion are all areas with a COMMON thread in the Abrahamic faiths that FEW would like to agree to, but nevertheless a FACT

Sir an enlightened Jewish Rabbi or a broadminded Muslim Scholar would have written NO differently from you, in essence when it comes to principles of good and bad

The only issue here is the LINKAGE to Donald Trump as a man of God, THAT is where I disagree, we are ALL men and women of God, even if don’t obey or believe in Him, doesn’t matter, and hence so is he. But is he or anyone a “chosen” one, I don’t know. Are all these riots against his reelection? The left says EXACTLY the same thing about him, that he’s planning it (what you say that they’re planning!) – he’s not a poor man, he’s wealthy and that too not always in the “right Biblical way” as you would perhaps agree, he may represent RNC today but was pro Democrats most of his life. Is it not likely that a group of good Christians frustrated and let down by the left / Democrats to the mayhem as they perhaps saw hope and savior in Trump which was more of a requirement they had than a reality he represented? (or other believers of Abrahamic faiths would, trust me have little disagreement to the apprehensions and line of thinking you mentioned) – then these “Godless” people vs people of “God” as you see them, label the EXACT same allegations that you do on them, and sir I am sure many a Rabbi or Mullah has been doing so all along in a similar vein in whichever nation they’re in, for like the right, the left is also all over the world. We, in Pakistan are told the Americans and others conspire against Islam, I don’t believe it, I think it’s PURE BALONEY to hide their OWN incompetence in building GOOD HUMAN RELATIONS with other faiths and EVEN among themselves!

So sir, be a man of God, that is good, do speak for what you believe in, against racism, murder, abortion, hatred and for kindness as Jesus pbuh taught us all – but please Sir, do not bring politics into it. In the so called left not everyone is a “child of the serpent” as you mention and NEITHER are in the Catholics, or Muslims or Jews are all the “children of the Woman” (Eve)” I so believe you intended? There are people with Godsent morals in the left and their are hypocrites and liars in the so called God fearing. Ask me I’ve seen many a lewd, reprehensible character who have long beards or do hijab in the Muslim category. I’m sure so have you and the Jews in their pretentiously “pious” ones. You and I cannot judge if an adulterous, Godless atheist is NOT going to heaven and that we are going to hell instead! No sir that is not for us to decide! We cannot label people good nor bad based on their beliefs, YES on their actions. And that too WHEN WE HAVE PROOF. Your article sir has NO PROOF but your conjectures on who did why and what, EXACTLY the same conjectures and assumptions are reflected by the left! So who is right here?

I won’t judge. I’ll just say that what IS happening in America is unfortunate, racism must GO for sure and it doesn’t mean “white supremacists” it ALSO means those crying out for BLM but not doing ANYTHING to help the blacks out of the rut they’re in with motivation, education and a generally “positive” outlook to life and the whites! And I believe in FAR better US police training and protocols than now, THAT Sir was / is the ROOT CAUSE of all this violence and tension, not Trump, not the left, not the right. But that’s my 2 cents you’re at liberty to ignore or disagree

Trump may be a good man, he may also be a power hungry man who exploited the republican and God fearings’s anger and frustration by claiming to be someone he isn’t (I think he’s a very liberal and open man, he’s not your average Christian type, he is most likely an average “left” democrat who’s enjoying all the power and has been totally open, but gained power by being someone he isn’t, bear in mind his zodiac: Gemini) or well, he might even BE a born again Christian with an agenda but that to me appears more fantasy than reality. You certainly have your own opinion and I respect that, just adding my humble perspective to it

The following is my line of thinking, you might agree to it?

We believe NO ONE is an “enemy”, and try to highlight our own state, race, faith weaknesses BEFORE we cast a stone on others (based on the teachings of Jesus Christ, and also all seemingly logical people

Hence, if you believe a nation, faith or race needs to “improve” somehow or realize some “mistakes” or “errors” in their ways by all means please do so! Just start off by “I am an XYZ national / faith person, and unfortunately we have our own share of weaknesses like abc, however I would also like to humbly point out ABC national / faith etc issues that I believe, if resolved, will bring them and us closer together”

If somehow you agreed and started emulating this I assure you it WILL get you a lot of flak from YOUR race and faith too (just like I did) but is it worth it? Hell yeah! you feel like YOU are doing the right thing and what can be better than that?

Global United Citizens

I invite you all to join me in this epic global initiative, a GROUP of LIKE-MINDED people called GLOBAL ENLIGHTENED CITIZENS (renaming my old group Crystal’s Friends)

Our motto:

We ACCEPT our faith, our race, our country was never a CHOICE but thrust upon us by nature, we ALSO accept that because of these involuntary decisions we were forced to judge, hate and harbor ill against other faiths, races and nations.

Now as mature and enlightened adults we realize that we can do away the negativity for others caused to us by our parents our race or nation-state and instead DECIDE to BREAK FREE of these chains and become GLOBAL ENLIGHTENED CITIZENS who BREAK THE CHAINS of a nation, faith, and race – and join each other as enlightened humans.

It does not mean you give up your faith or shed away your race or nation only that you break free of the NEGATIVITY, BIAS, and JUDGMENT associated with it.

For example, if you are an Indian or a Pakistani stop hating the other country or their faith if you are a German, or French, or Russian or Punjabi stop demeaning other races and vice versa.

If you a White stop looking at African Americans as criminals or trouble makers and also if you are Black please stop looking at Whites as anymore entitled than you are but simply do not realize your power within!

Remember your faith your nation and your race or your color cannot divide you from other humans UNLESS you decide to let it divide you!

By birth and hence due to involuntary “choice”, I am a Muslim but I consider myself secular in outlook, meaning I do not think Muslims are any better than the rest be they Hindus, Christians, Jewish, Ahmedis, Buddhists, Sikhs or any other faith.

I am a Pakistani but I consider myself a global citizen hence Indians are not worse than us or enemies and the same is true of others.

I am an Urdu speaking (a category in Pakistan of people who migrated from India) but I don’t think I am better than any in the world or Pakistan like Punjabi, Sindhi, Baloch, Pathan, Balti. I want all the people who join me to think like this. Do NOT be proud of being a Christian or a Muslim or Ahmedi or Jewish or Hindu or Sikh etc but BE proud of loving each of them EQUALLY. Do NOT be proud of being an Indian, Pakistani, American, Israeli, Arab, Iranian, African, South American, Russian etc but BE proud of seeing your OWN reflection in the others. Do NOT be proud of being white or black or brown or whatever color, but BE proud of seeing the love you have in others too.

Build bridges with other humans, animals and nature, don’t destroy them as your nation, faith leaders, race or government may sometimes tell you to. Don’t believe them. Believe the goodness WITHIN you to rise above it all. As a GOOD ENLIGHTENED HUMAN being.

I believe in the rule of law giving equal opportunity and treatment without any regard to faith, race or nationality as practiced in USA, Canada, EU, UK, NZ and Australia.

Hopefully from now till the day you die, be a beacon of love and harmony for the whole world.

We believe NO ONE is an “enemy”, and try to highlight our own state, race, faith weaknesses BEFORE we cast a stone on others (based on the teachings of Jesus Christ, and also all seemingly logical people : – )

This is why conflicts are never resolved, because people try to act “holier than thou” – all faults are ascribed to the “enemy” nation, faith, race etc, while OURS are whitewashed in our minds, it’s wrong, it’s hypocrisy and it’s simply insensitive to others, let me give you an example, as a Pakistani Muslim I always start any discussion pointing out weaknesses in my people or faith – it helps relax people and builds empathy though it sometimes severely offends Pakistanis and Muslims (I consider that the “collateral damage of speaking the truth”). Yet I see a majority of Pakistanis and Muslims (others too) take an offensive stand on other nations/faiths and a defensive stand on their own. A classic “us vs them” situation with very predictable outcomes. Neither party agrees as a blame game ensues, instead of coming closer people go further away.

Hence, if you believe a nation, faith or race needs to “improve” somehow or realize some “mistakes” or “errors” in their ways by all means please do so! Just start off by “I am an XYZ national/faith person, and unfortunately we have our own share of weaknesses like ABC, however, I would also like to humbly point out ABC national / faith, etc issues that I believe, if resolved, will bring them and us closer together.”

If somehow you agreed and started emulating this I assure you it WILL get you a lot of flak from YOUR race and faith too (just like I did) but is it worth it? Hell yeah! you feel like YOU are doing the right thing and what can be better than that? Friends of an eccentric revolutionary 🙂 Don Quixote


Does America have a THIRD option?

I want my friends, especially Americans, whether Democrats or Republicans, to carefully ponder over my words. I have no crystal ball but I am pretty observant of you and your leaders, and the world at large. I mean well for the world and hence as someone aligned with humanity I REQUEST you take off your “party caps” and think as an American and / or as a global citizen (which I consider myself to be, inspired by America and Americans!)
Let not petty people with petty ideologies in blind pursuit of power using the power of hate embedded in tweets and personal attacks from either side disturb your “true North.” And for that, you’ll need to FORCE yourself to THINK OUTSIDE the BOX, do NOT trust the media OR your leaders, do an INDEPENDENT analysis of data, some of which is below, most already at your fingertips and do the math with a sense of idealism. Think for yourself, think as if YOU were the POTUS do not be intimidated or concerned that a “better of the worse” option is all you deserve or need to live with.
My dear friend and mentor from Canada, a Psychologist, Dancer and an amazing human being Thérèse Lepage Lachapelle-Bhatnagar wrote and I generally concur at facebook.com/crystalheartkazmi/posts/937921503325307
Her post below clarifies Trump’s posturing, further strengthened by Former Secretary of Defense James Mattis.
Let me make one thing clear though, while Obama was a polite and decent man I was in no way a fan of his policies which were hinged on non issues from most angles. He lacked courage, conviction and clarity and that was apparent in his communication. Trump would have NEVER won the elections had Obama done 20% of what he was, in my opinion expected to do as a US and global President (you would be surprised his first election had many all over the world rejoicing as he to many represented a Globally Sensitive American President) – yet BenGhazi, ObamaCare (egoistic and impractical), no focus on Black and White racial tensions, in fact he became a party to it on some occasions! Whereas he should have remained non-partisan! Plus hardly ANY emphasis on US economy. All of these set the stage for ANY challenger – and Trump viciously beat upon those weaknesses. Hillary’s emails gave him further Ammo and what we all saw was an almost satanic rise to power that divided a great nation across clear political lines. Trump was never America’s President, only those who blindly followed and agreed with whatever insane proposition he could come up with, from a border wall to calling COVID a “Chinese Virus.”
Trump rode on Obama’s back, let’s all understand this please, Obama helped him with his 8 years of incompetence and lack of focus alienating ordinary Americans who wanted an “anywhere but here” America that moved out of it’s decline. And so Trump emerged with promises of greatness dipped in divisive hatred and uncouth, ungentlemanly treatment of opponents.
Democrats then and now failed to impress me with their choice of candidates. I ask anyone, just how well matched was the quiet, lady like, elegant Hillary to the abusive roller coaster and Hulk that Trump was? Even now they’ve put up Biden, a man with a lot in his closets that Trump will easily uproot as an opponent and sail to victory with, I assure you, an even HIGHER margin than his first victory! Time and again I pointed at Bernie Sanders as an idealistic man who could even woo Trump’s supporters given the DNC and voters endorsed him, Biden should and even NOW so back down than lust for power. He’s been VP for 8 years what else does the man want? He is not Obama, there’s no race card behind him, he’s not even as eloquent as Obama was, he won’t fly, and the DNC knows it and in my view colluding again to help Trump trump them. Yes I am actually speaking of a CONSPIRACY theory that the DNC is hand in glove BEHIND the scenes with RNC in sealing the fate of America. For I cannot think of any reason for their gaffes then, and now. Whether they’re doing it for money or for a more subversive cause in “national interest” that to them Trump serves better than theirs for whatever reasons I don’t know – but I do not trust the DNC at all. RNC is clear as day, their agenda and stance, even if repulsive to some is transparent. One of which, in my view, is race. I hope I’m wrong but the way this entire George Floyd affair is being played out, the sheer media power behind it should open prying eyes.
I think 2016 elections were about Democrats incompetence and corruption as Trump trumpeted in his campaign (whether right or wrong, the mantra prevailed) 2020 elections will be most likely about race. George Floyd killing and its globalization is no accident. His death will be used to further a divide and rule agenda over the American people and also set as a racist precedent for the mostly racist world out there anyway!
If you are a good person, please understand that neither Trump nor Biden are anywhere representative of American VALUES, one is a snake oil salesman, a reality star turned PotUS and the other is devoid of any substance except a rehash of his Chief’s 8 years of failed policies. Sanders could have shook Trump’s boat, but thank you DNC, you blew your last chance, and I so believe you did intentionally with malice against your own party and your nation, sorry being utterly blunt and straight here.
You can disagree with me, but I sincerely and honestly think that at least 1 out of 2 Americans that I know either personally or on social media are significantly better people and prospective leaders compared to these two stooges who stand for nothing that an average American WHETHER a Democrat or Republican or whatever stands for which is: KINDNESS, practicality, function over form thinking and overall a humble, self critical approach.
Americans are not egoistic maniacs, that’s most of the rest of the world, therefore they don’t deserve such leaders either.
It comes to the same dilemma, will either a solid ordinary American rise or in the least put Sanders forth? I see neither happening.
And hence I see a dark future 4 years for our world, for America sets the tone and it’s pretty pathetic as of right now.
Thérèse Lepage Lachapelle-Bhatnagar wrote
“I do not blame all Americans but I do blame Trump for so many character flaws and refusal to GROW in LOVE! Lie & Deny + 100’s of other defense mechanisms are the traits of ABUSERS!
I also blame all those who support him and don’t have the courage to contradict him in any way, especially if they have a moral conscience but put it on HOLD! For those who have no moral conscience, then they follow their instincts & reflexes!
What children lack is not to be disciplined by parents who lack maturity & self-discipline and project on them, they need the presence, the respect, and the love of their parents who set an example… vicarious learning & modelling last a lifetime!
Morally AWARE people share the same views! 💖

Why Americans deserve our respect

Why Americans deserve our respect:
Keep going America!
I’ve recently observed how the world loves to have fun at America’s expense when it comes to race and police excesses.
They hide their wrongdoings and hardly if ever protest whereas Americans take to the street for the wrongs of their police or government.
Police excesses in Pakistan or India if compared to American police will have American Officers get Angelic Badges. Not at all condoning the wrongdoings of Americans police as in Floyd’s or other cases. Where the 4 Officers are on trial for murder as we speak within 10 days of the incident. Just putting things in a global perspective. Indian and Pakistani (or other nations, the list is exhaustive) police are famous for torture, arresting people without warrants, fake encounters where an enemy of a rich man or the state is executed on the pretext of being a criminal trying to run away. Even police reports against rapists or influential rich people are either never registered or after a lot of pressure. We have people rotting in jails for $5 crimes and politicians with $5 mn corruption cases with proofs against them in our Senate or Assemblies. Murderers go scott free too, if they can pay or influence their way out of it.
Ironically, whereas America guarantees her citizens the “First Amendment” which is, for those who are unaware, an integral part of their constitution and way of life ensuring freedom of speech to everyone – even if it is against the state or religion or whatever. In countries like Pakistan or India this is not so.
In Pakistan we have laws base upon religion that discriminate, punish or even kill people based on religion. The Hudood Ordinance, a globally decried law thanks to Gen Zia Ul Haq in the 80s can have you stoned to death with your partner for even consensual sex, as it is against the religion, the Blasphemy law can have you executed if you utter a word against religious figures revered by the majority. There is a specific minority who are not allowed to proclaim their faith as they believe so because the majority’s faith considers them “non Muslims” whilst they claim the exact against the majority! So majority wins, human right to self expression lose!
In India, their is a “Citizenship Law” that specifically targets Muslim minority groups and asks for “proof of citizenship” of people who have for centuries been living in India! In Kashmir, to suppress the Muslim majority, the Indian Government, Police and Army have, for decades, against UN resolutions murdering, raping and subjecting their residents to the worst form of torture and violence all under a state umbrella. Floyd anyone? Millions in India, Pakistan, Africa and other places the world over.
Religion is used to foster crimes. In India, if you eat beef, even store it in your house, an angry mob can lynch you to death for a cow is revered as a Deity. In Gujrat, Kashmir, Delhi as of just a few months back Muslim and Dalit (a lower Hindu caste) minorities have been mercilessly killed, raped and murdered. The police supports the majority. Just like Pakistan. The Sikhs, Hindus, Christians and Muslims of India live in fear, so do their counterparts except majority Muslims in Pakistan.
Interestingly both countries have a practice where morality and a woman’s chastity is used as an excuse to kill a woman and her partner. All she has to do is marry of her own free will! have an “affair” (which is common for Indian and Pakistani married or unmarried men) or even the illusion or suspicion that she’s having an affair! All these are enough to “enrage” the male members of the family to plot and kill an eloped daughter or sister and mercilessly murder her to “avenge” the honor of the family! Only in 2004 did Pakistan atleast agree to have punishment for this as a “crime” – India while on the face of it has laws in practical terms the society itself supports such practices. The irony of it all is that these people run away as asylum seekers to the West and in Germany, UK elsewhere they carry out the same practice, there are many much publicized cases of Afghans and Pakistani origin migrants in the West who murdered their daughters with the collusion of often father, mother, brothers for eloping with a man they loved, marrying in a different caste or faith, having “affairs”, wearing immodest dresses and so on. Qandeel Baloch case was much publicized in Pakistan where a model was killed for bringing disrepute to the family and “immoral conduct” – she was a reality star, a young kid who just wanted to live life on her terms, a life snatched by the man she must have played with as a child, her brother.
It breaks my heart to share the last case with you, Asifa Bano, a beautiful 8 year old Kashmiri girl was abducted and raped in a temple by a gang of police & government officers with civilians. Her crime, she was a Muslim! She was mercilessly raped by a gang of 4 for a week before her head crushed with a stone. Even after the killers were caught there were protests in FAVOR of the killers! Even the witnesses were almost killed in lock up!
How would you, the reader, feel, regardless of your nationality, if White Americans took to the streets with placards in favor of the policemen who killed George Floyd? How would anyone feel if this happened in America? But its commonplace in India, Pakistan, many in Africa and other nations where crimes are not only hidden but condoned by the masses, police, government and the legal system is an accomplice in either condoning or acquitting criminals. Massive protests in 10 days is all it took for the killers of Floyd to face the music, it would take 10 years or maybe eternity in many other parts of the world.
Unbelievable as it may seem, two Ministers of the BJP government attending rallies in India in favor of the rapists and killers of the 8 year old girl Asifa Bano! Pakistani Ministers are on record for inciting religious hate against minorities on multiple occasions. I’m sure the world has many examples.
But who talks about their police, legal system, governments or even people’s excesses? Hardly. It’s only “stupid Americans” who take to the streets to fight for minorities and justice for the oppressed, like George Floyd. When Trump early in his Presidency imposed a travel ban on 8 countries, mostly Muslim, from entering the US or under enhanced restrictions, countries that were known not to be the best friends of America, some of their nationals overtly and covertly despised America and her “immorality” or so many reasons people find to “hate America” – yet, for those nations, ordinary Americans took to the street so their nationals or immigrants stuck in JFK or other airports across the US could be reunited with their families. The Americans who stood up for their rights didn’t read what these people think of America “back home” – what their press and government says about America. Out of pure love and innocence they stood up for justice, just as they did for George Floyd, barring a few miscreants and opportunists which is to be expected in such a mass uprising.
Unlike idealistic Americans, average people, forget governments, of India and Pakistan staunchly defend the excesses of their government, police, laws against the oppressed. Many will deny that ANY racism or religious intolerance even EXISTS in their countries despite globalized proofs! They will go to the extent of blaming the victims to any extent. How would you feel if Floyd was blamed for his death? That’s just the norm in India, Pakistan and so many other places where laws, police and religion are combined to further crime collectively by the people and governments than deliver Utopian and idealistic justice which is the hallmark of America.
And on social media many from Asia and Africa, my “beloved” Pakistan (and India) would see cyber warriors, normal people like you and I, defending their country’s honor, they are NOT like an average American who stands up for what is RIGHT even if it brings ridicule to his police or country the world over. THAT my friends is the definition of CHARACTER. Something Americans have in greater measure than most of us out there.
Americans are not angels. Neither is the rest of the world. But it’s made to look that they are and the rest really don’t have a problem. Just that few, if any, talk about their problems in the way American public or media does, or even accept racism and excesses happen in the first place!
So my fellow American brothers and sisters, I may not be an American, but I vocally support your idealism and activism against injustice. Please don’t let the cheap world out there dampen your spirits, if they wish to live in or perpetuate the Dark Ages of their existence please let them, compared to them, you were, are and remain on higher moral ground, Floyd or not. Remember that.
God Bless America!

I can’t breathe – 8 minutes 45 seconds – a song / poem on George Floyd RIP

The song
I went to buy
a pack of cigarettes
a 20 dollar bill
he thought was fake
I bounced the bad guys
But a virus took my job
I was friends with Cup Foods
Mike knew me well
The cops told me
My currency didn’t work
They tried to put me in their car
But I ain’t no criminal man
So they put me to the ground
Derek’s knee on my neck
For 8 minutes
and forty five seconds
I begged him
to let me breathe
I called my Mama
Mama I can’t breathe
Tom, Tau and Alex watched
I just begged to breathe
Please let me breathe
God just let me breathe
I was the friendly giant
6 foot 2 at just 12
I hurt nobody
But I just can’t breathe
I’ll give you 40
keep the 20
Please, just let me breathe
Giana and Roxie are waiting for me
Jesus just let me breathe
I can’t breathe
They filmed me and watched me
but no one let me breathe
I died for a 20 dollar bill
I’d have give them a lot more
If they just let me breathe
I’m no more
My breathe is gone
My dreams are gone
Giana and Roxie will breathe
the breaths I kept for them
The Pope says it was my race
I said they’re going to kill me
But no one listened
to my borrowed breaths
They say I had a heart attack
That I didn’t suffocate
They’d know when a knee’s on their neck
For a fraction of 8 minutes 45 seconds
They won’t be able to breathe
Just like I wasn’t
For a 20 dollar bill
I can’t breathe forever

US Politics – predicting the unpredictable

I wrote on another thread… you’d find it amusing if not insightful!

I’m sorry I could not finish your piece. I clearly see why your posts upset people. They are unfortunately uninformed, but presented as Doctrine.

where uninformed? shed light my friend! I’m all ears to improve and learn!

Crystal Kazmi where I genuinely enjoy and appreciate George W bush as a man, his policies were far from constructive. He created reasons for invading the Middle East. They were not brave. They were not meaningful. They served no great purpose other than to engage our military against a weaker enemy. Is fiscal policies practically destroyed one of the strongest economies the world has ever seen. He was the start of the United States Fall in the eyes of the world in regards to the United State’s leadership. You downplayed Barack Obama. Obama’s leadership was impeccable. His policies were pristine and designed to help the majority of America. Pre-built vaping rain damaged economy and put it on sound footing that has survived Donald Trump. He corrected the image of the United States as it was portrayed by Bush. He was stymied by the Republican Senate, specifically Mitch McConnell, and his efforts to influence positive policy. Despite the opposition on the right to his policies, in fact to his presence, he was able to effect strong change.

Obviously, these are broad-stroke opinions without offerings of factual citations, quite similar to your statements above, which I would be happy to provide, but that would be a conversation best had in a congenial atmosphere with a good glass of whiskey.


BD or/ and Rum  Now here’s my confusion, if I simplify and deconstruct your analysis in a few sentences, correct me if I’m wrong but are you saying that

1 Bush engaged in a “created” war with a weaker enemy, depleted resources and destroyed American image

2 Obama corrected some of his “mistakes”

3 Trump tried to do what GWB did (and I perceived you said so with a positive connotation) but met a lot of resistance

Now this will CERTAINLY require Scotch and a pack of Corona’s 

In simple terms for GWB I think he was drawn rather sucked into wars not of his choosings but imposed perhaps by the MIC, Michael Moore 9/11? His circumstances were exceptional compared to BO or DJT

Obama had the chance of a lifetime! A black man leading a white USofA for 8 years! I think he was more Utopian and idealistic than practical – again broad sweeping statements but sadly the essence of a “generalization” with all its faults, and benefits

Trump is the ugly duckling here to me, mean, wicked, manipulative, he stole power from Dems and Republicans using the cheapest possible tricks ever invented, Killary and “lock her up” remind me of apocalypse movies where rogues lead a murderous uncouth, illiterate crowd

In the balance I believe America has far better – just need to wake up, I love Bernie! He’s a better version of Obama, and I think Biden is Trump’s ticket to a sweeping reelection, because that man has NOTHING to offer the American people except a rehash of Obama’s rhetoric in lackluster packaging, Obama, atleast, had the race card, Biden only has his legacy, that failed to do Hillary any good 4 years back

An American Dream gone wrong

I always dreamt of an American dream, in fact, people from my country (Pakistan) thought so much of it to label me a “CIA” agent. My crime: espoused American values and ideals of freedom in every sense, expression, faith or none, human rights, compassion to the extent that most migrants from Asia, Africa, South America, and Pacific belt feel more secure, valued and “at home” in America than their own countries. Ask any of them to go back to their homelands and they’ll tell you to take a hike. Because America treats them with dignity and equality.


Americans almost always had fine leaders, Lincoln, Eisenhower, JFK, even Nixon, Reagan, Ford, Carter, Bush Sr, and Jr. Stop right here. GW Bush Jr – the man who inherited 9/11 something most world leaders would leak in their pants if happened to them, even the one’s succeeding GWB till today. I cannot imagine a more difficult time for a leader than one GWB had. The heart of America, the symbol of Capitalism burned to ruins by a rogue group of haters thousands of miles away. Chaos everywhere. If Obama was in his place he’d probably blame America for it and offer compensation to the attackers. If Trump was there he’d probably blame the Left in California for funding the terrorists. Luckily for America there was GWB, while people made fun of him, that man, rock-solid as he was stood his ground, took quick and firm decisions, some paid off, some didn’t – but that’s what leadership is, every roll of the dice don’t get you the jackpot. But you do the best you can. GWB did. He united America under the star-spangled banner, under time tested American values and challenged the haters in unequivocal terms, he reached out to Allies with a clear with us or against us message, he was a strongman needed to fight strongmen. He laid the foundation for the destruction of the Taliban, Al Qaeda, and ISIS.


GWB rocked. And after him, America is just counting rocks thrown at her. Obama, a man from the once marginalized and abused African American community became America’s first African American President. People had high hopes, I’ll be honest I did too! I thought he will now mend the wars and unite humanity. To an extent, he probably intended to but he was simply too inexperienced, he won by votes lost to his own incompetence. He wasn’t ripe for POTUS perhaps if NOW he fought elections I bet he’ll do 80% of what he did differently. For example, not naming an American Healthcare policy after his own name! (Obamacare), not focusing on playing for the Nobel Peace Prize to the world while the American economy, racial tensions were worsening. He not only ignored them but was partisan in his assessment of color based events, which earned him the disdain of the very own voter base that brought him in. Like perhaps focusing on making African Americans competitive? Something he totally ignored, centuries of slavery and marginalization had/has left many African Americans in ghettos, singing rap, doing drugs, binge eating, blaming the “white man” and not really vying to rise out of the vicious circle around them that ironically Obama did himself! If only he’d become a motivational speaker for the Black community of America inspiring them with his example and telling them that if an Asian or African or South American or Chinese or Russian immigrant can “make it big” in America why can’t the homegrown African Americans? This was not to be in 8 years. Obama was the “good guy” talking about the environment and all things lofty and irrelevant to his voters. Frustration rose in America. I was in America in those days, 2015, 2016, and later 2018, most “liberal” pro left Americans brushed off Trump as a “nobody” – Hillary didn’t even start her campaign till much later by the time Trump had ignited enough hate against her and the left. I tried to reason that “I think this guy will make it” and people scoffed at me, my own family in DC or NY “you’re not an American, we’ve lived here for decades, we know how it works.” – famous last words for many I guess!


One man capitalized on it. A charlatan, an ex-Democrat himself, a friend of Clintons and Obamas, a billionaire made on bankruptcies, beauty pageants, Reality Shows. Donald Trump! Trump had only one aim, he was a businessman and he knew aims were important: leadership. No one took him seriously but he took his aim seriously. Obama’s voter bank was bleeding, the Deep South “Bible Belt” was fed up with pro left, pro-abortion, pro LGBTQ overtures of Obama administration. They needed a savior, a born again Christ to show them the way. And they were mobilized using anger by blaming each and everything on Obama and his team, hate became a tool to power. Hillary became Killary, “lock her up” was chanted all along in MAGA caps all across America. Never in the history of this great nation a woman, a political opponent was disgraced to this extent. It was a summary execution ordered before a trial! Obama and his wife were publicly and constantly insulted in the Trump campaign. Making America great again was about pointing out the bad guys who weren’t necessarily bad, but plain incompetent for their jobs (Obama and Hillary) who she handled Benghazi, how Obama handled 8 years with larger than life rhetoric.


Trump knew what he had to do to win, reinvent himself to be someone he wasn’t – a born again Christian Republican! When you’re used to acting it just becomes easier with every passing scene! And so millions of Americans reveled in the hate Trump gave them, my erstwhile best friend in NYC with whom I stayed a while would be constantly attuned to FoxNews and despite him being an intellectual, a very well-read man, an ex Professor of English Literature at NYU, humanitarian par excellence who served America and beyond, this man would utter the foulest and obscene sentences validating the hate channel (Fox) he was in front of for most of his waking hours. Such was the hypnotic appeal of hate, ironically used by Taliban, ISIS, Al Qaeda, RSS/BJP, Anti Ahmedis in Pakistan, and different religions so forth for centuries. Trump simply applied the winning formula of hate with the results it always delivers. Mind control, power, and subservience.


For the first time in American history people from the same family, best friends for decades would not sit on the same dinner table or meetup even. Such was the divisiveness Trump caused, and still causes, America to suffer. His reelection campaign will have more vitriol – what worked in 2016 would repeat itself in 2020.


What’s truly unbelievable is the Democrat vote bank sidelining the only man who could counter all the power and hate-based politics of Trump with PURE goodness that is what America stands for, Bernie Sanders. But the Right had him labeled a “socialist” – in practical terms America and much of the West IS socialist AND capitalistic in the same breath. You have a welfare state and also ample opportunities for entrepreneurs to grow!


I believe 2020 is a test for the entire humanity and especially America. COVID19 has proven to us how mind control can lead to the shutdown of entire nations, where people ignore facts like the majority get well without needing any treatment yet taking the more serious risk of shutting down economies leading to famine, civil wars and ultimately global wars for limited resources. The George Floyd case in America only partially highlighted police weaknesses, no police anywhere in the world is perfect, and I often asked Black Lives Matters organizers in 2016 who blamed the Police for a lot that “would you prefer police from any African country to replace American police and hence treat you with fairness and justice” some of them were speechless others just fumed and blocked me. American Police is fantastic, yes they make mistakes, I do believe Police Training needs to be rethought out and I volunteer if any listening for the task, building empathy and better communication skills, and stress management to avoid disproportionate responses.


Today is the eighth day after George Floyd’s murder, protests have been happening for 5 days. Trump waited for them to get worse and as of last night announced action. Why so late? Why not “strike the iron when it’s hot” – very simple, Trump was trumped at the incident, clearly the protestors had a point against the police, videos were all over the world, not just America. So how could he offend his voter base by agreeing with African Americans? So he had to paint them black, some say the protestors were paid, I say even if they weren’t if you let a man on the loose long enough he would have done the damage, and so it happened. Now Trump has in his order written one line for Floyd and 50 against the protesters, armed with ammunition, their certainly unlawful reactions that were incomprehensibly lawfully allowed! Evidence my friends’ evidence, so future police highhandedness is justified, “these people don’t deserve decent treatment”  and some may say “maybe Floyd did something wrong too!” – it will come to that, but before it does a great nation and a great people would have immeasurably and needlessly suffered.


And the irony of it all is that there are millions of Americans out there who are far better persons, leaders and visionaries than the Obamas and Trumps America got, truly the short end of the deal.


The question is: for how long will good Americans take to wake up from this trance?

My vision for the future of humanity

Let us rise against the mafia of hate who use religion, race, ethnicity, and nationalism to DIVIDE common humans who are literally otherwise NO different from each other, under a common law I see peace and tolerance built into the legal system

No person be allowed to insult the faith of another, but that doesn’t mean not protecting human rights from socially or legally unacceptable practices in any faith

If any spread hate in the name of freedom of speech; apprehend them, make them apologize, and promise not to repeat, and if they don’t or dishonor their commitment have them punished all the same regardless of who is who. So a Muslim in a Muslim majority country should be reprimanded and treated with the same strictness for spreading hate as a Hindu in a Hindu dominated land or a Jew in Israel or a Christian in a Christian dominated land. When people “get it” that they can’t get away with it over time hate would subside, people will become emphatic and careful in communicating

Any negative “beliefs” in any faith that affect people must be legally challenged and some outlawed. Shias (a Muslim sect) do “Matam” or remember the death of the Grandsons of the Prophet with knives and whatnot, knives usage must be outlawed! If there is a Sati custom in Hinduism (where a widow “sacrifices” herself with her deceased husband by burning to death) or any other caste system based that tramples on human rights OUTLAW it. If Hijab or marriage is FORCED on women in a Muslim country or anywhere OUTLAW it. If hatred is spread by a Mullah or Pundit, Rabbi, Priest against another faith PUNISH them without ANY leniency. If racism is done as we saw in the US recently SWIFTLY punish those responsible without regard for them being representatives of a majority

While COVID19 is a real challenge, humanity must not let it destroy our lifestyles and economies, use appropriate protection, masks, immunity-boosting diets, exercise, the level of paranoia that I see related to COVID19 is reminiscent of fear as the driving force. It looks like the whole world thinks the ONLY thing that humanity should be worried about is catching and dying from a virus knowing that at least 80% get away with the same ease as the common flu! While economies and human survival is at risk!

So in short, a positive, health, productivity and humanity focused world where the same set of “good” humanity based globally acceptable CORE laws based on CRIME than SINS are applied in the same way to every single individual regardless of their faith, race, color, nation – hate is discouraged at all levels so should religious beliefs that suppress the freedom of men, women, LGBTQ, and children

Thank you for your time in reading my vision

My reward: Envy, hate, and jealousy

Please see pure hate and even death threats I got on the following threads either for speaking on Women’s abuse, Ahmedis or on PIA crash or asking for rationality and secular thinking than Mullah based thinking. I was labelled a “Qadiani” (which I’m not) I was given open and clear death threats by many including fellow IBA graduates, friends I knew for 10 years blocked me, most Pakistanis are myopic beyond imagination and I’ve personally suffered them

On threats to close my account and the trauma at hate by fellow Pakistanis

When I called such people out and for reform

On how women are treated and empowerment


On cheap IBA grads and threats

On PIA8303 Crash (pilot error)

On IndoPak peace and blaming India but not correcting Pakistan issues

On interfaith harmony

On Ahmedis

Please see pure hate and even death threats I got on the following threads either for speaking on Women’s abuse, Ahmedis or on PIA crash or asking for rationality and secular thinking than Mullah based thinking. I was labelled a “Qadiani” (which I’m not) I was given open and clear death threats by many including fellow IBA graduates, friends I knew for 10 years blocked me, most Pakistanis are myopic beyond imagination and I’ve personally suffered them