Does America have a THIRD option?

I want my friends, especially Americans, whether Democrats or Republicans, to carefully ponder over my words. I have no crystal ball but I am pretty observant of you and your leaders, and the world at large. I mean well for the world and hence as someone aligned with humanity I REQUEST you take off your “party caps” and think as an American and / or as a global citizen (which I consider myself to be, inspired by America and Americans!)
Let not petty people with petty ideologies in blind pursuit of power using the power of hate embedded in tweets and personal attacks from either side disturb your “true North.” And for that, you’ll need to FORCE yourself to THINK OUTSIDE the BOX, do NOT trust the media OR your leaders, do an INDEPENDENT analysis of data, some of which is below, most already at your fingertips and do the math with a sense of idealism. Think for yourself, think as if YOU were the POTUS do not be intimidated or concerned that a “better of the worse” option is all you deserve or need to live with.
My dear friend and mentor from Canada, a Psychologist, Dancer and an amazing human being Thérèse Lepage Lachapelle-Bhatnagar wrote and I generally concur at
Her post below clarifies Trump’s posturing, further strengthened by Former Secretary of Defense James Mattis.
Let me make one thing clear though, while Obama was a polite and decent man I was in no way a fan of his policies which were hinged on non issues from most angles. He lacked courage, conviction and clarity and that was apparent in his communication. Trump would have NEVER won the elections had Obama done 20% of what he was, in my opinion expected to do as a US and global President (you would be surprised his first election had many all over the world rejoicing as he to many represented a Globally Sensitive American President) – yet BenGhazi, ObamaCare (egoistic and impractical), no focus on Black and White racial tensions, in fact he became a party to it on some occasions! Whereas he should have remained non-partisan! Plus hardly ANY emphasis on US economy. All of these set the stage for ANY challenger – and Trump viciously beat upon those weaknesses. Hillary’s emails gave him further Ammo and what we all saw was an almost satanic rise to power that divided a great nation across clear political lines. Trump was never America’s President, only those who blindly followed and agreed with whatever insane proposition he could come up with, from a border wall to calling COVID a “Chinese Virus.”
Trump rode on Obama’s back, let’s all understand this please, Obama helped him with his 8 years of incompetence and lack of focus alienating ordinary Americans who wanted an “anywhere but here” America that moved out of it’s decline. And so Trump emerged with promises of greatness dipped in divisive hatred and uncouth, ungentlemanly treatment of opponents.
Democrats then and now failed to impress me with their choice of candidates. I ask anyone, just how well matched was the quiet, lady like, elegant Hillary to the abusive roller coaster and Hulk that Trump was? Even now they’ve put up Biden, a man with a lot in his closets that Trump will easily uproot as an opponent and sail to victory with, I assure you, an even HIGHER margin than his first victory! Time and again I pointed at Bernie Sanders as an idealistic man who could even woo Trump’s supporters given the DNC and voters endorsed him, Biden should and even NOW so back down than lust for power. He’s been VP for 8 years what else does the man want? He is not Obama, there’s no race card behind him, he’s not even as eloquent as Obama was, he won’t fly, and the DNC knows it and in my view colluding again to help Trump trump them. Yes I am actually speaking of a CONSPIRACY theory that the DNC is hand in glove BEHIND the scenes with RNC in sealing the fate of America. For I cannot think of any reason for their gaffes then, and now. Whether they’re doing it for money or for a more subversive cause in “national interest” that to them Trump serves better than theirs for whatever reasons I don’t know – but I do not trust the DNC at all. RNC is clear as day, their agenda and stance, even if repulsive to some is transparent. One of which, in my view, is race. I hope I’m wrong but the way this entire George Floyd affair is being played out, the sheer media power behind it should open prying eyes.
I think 2016 elections were about Democrats incompetence and corruption as Trump trumpeted in his campaign (whether right or wrong, the mantra prevailed) 2020 elections will be most likely about race. George Floyd killing and its globalization is no accident. His death will be used to further a divide and rule agenda over the American people and also set as a racist precedent for the mostly racist world out there anyway!
If you are a good person, please understand that neither Trump nor Biden are anywhere representative of American VALUES, one is a snake oil salesman, a reality star turned PotUS and the other is devoid of any substance except a rehash of his Chief’s 8 years of failed policies. Sanders could have shook Trump’s boat, but thank you DNC, you blew your last chance, and I so believe you did intentionally with malice against your own party and your nation, sorry being utterly blunt and straight here.
You can disagree with me, but I sincerely and honestly think that at least 1 out of 2 Americans that I know either personally or on social media are significantly better people and prospective leaders compared to these two stooges who stand for nothing that an average American WHETHER a Democrat or Republican or whatever stands for which is: KINDNESS, practicality, function over form thinking and overall a humble, self critical approach.
Americans are not egoistic maniacs, that’s most of the rest of the world, therefore they don’t deserve such leaders either.
It comes to the same dilemma, will either a solid ordinary American rise or in the least put Sanders forth? I see neither happening.
And hence I see a dark future 4 years for our world, for America sets the tone and it’s pretty pathetic as of right now.
Thérèse Lepage Lachapelle-Bhatnagar wrote
“I do not blame all Americans but I do blame Trump for so many character flaws and refusal to GROW in LOVE! Lie & Deny + 100’s of other defense mechanisms are the traits of ABUSERS!
I also blame all those who support him and don’t have the courage to contradict him in any way, especially if they have a moral conscience but put it on HOLD! For those who have no moral conscience, then they follow their instincts & reflexes!
What children lack is not to be disciplined by parents who lack maturity & self-discipline and project on them, they need the presence, the respect, and the love of their parents who set an example… vicarious learning & modelling last a lifetime!
Morally AWARE people share the same views! 💖

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