25 things … Crystal’s Articles (Imran O Kazmi)

I shall be uploading my articles here…

1 Born to be wild
2 Love the wild
3 Get wild quickly
4 Wildly imaginative
5 Hair-gone-wild
6 Wildly passionate
7 Lost in my own wilderness
8 Ok I give up, I’m not THAT wild
9 Sometimes I see a VAMPYRE in me
10 Be afraid, be very afraid of me
11 I love Mr Beans, esp “Hair by Mr Beans” and all his movies (the painting one too)
12 Jim Carey makes me laugh AND vomit at the same time
13 Mike Myers only makes me vomit, but I still like him
14 Salman Abedin is a freak
15 William Adelman wasn’t born yesterday
16 Gershon’s mission is not quite impossible
17 Asim Syed should have been a writer
18 I hate 4x4s (not cos I can’t afford them! 🙂
19 I love CADDYs (Caddilac) esp the old ones, I have 94/98 both are like “boats”
20 I am not a show off, but I like to show off
21 The best thing is: I have nothing to show off 🙂
22 What goes up, stays up (try dying!)
23 Money, mind or mistress? What do they have in common (of course the letter M!)
24 Changing the world is easy, just support my lunatic thoughts on http://www.ahappyworld.info
25 Don’t just commit suicide yet! I’ll be back with the next part of 25evers next week LOL

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Peace and love activist for the world

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