Alexander the “doubtfully great’s” doubtfully great lessons :)


Ten Things You Should Learn to Forget

(conventional wisdom we can do without)


1                    Don’t trust strangers

  • Who made you upset or cry the last time, was it a perfect stranger or someone close to you? It’s usually people we know very well, so open up to sharing your heart out with a perfect stranger, chances are you’ll find a good listener and some great advice too 🙂

2                    It’s ok to put people in boxes

  • Grandma and some of our friends / family gave us lots of ideas on what people are like, a certain race, a certain religion, a certain color, I guess we’re so much better off without that baggage in today’s e-connected world-in fact some of the most stable marriages are inter-racial/religion!

3                    Men are from Mars and women are from Venus

  • Most men and women I know off are from planet Earth 🙂 you can find an understanding friend, partner or colleague in any sex anywhere, it’s upto you and how you bring out the best or worst in them!

4                    Friends / family are forever

  • We count a lot on having and “maintaining” our friends and family, and vice versa, often the relationships we spend the most time on are the most unfruitful and often ugly ones, it’s ok to cut-off, take a small break, a sabbatical and come back to each other when a deeper sense of appreciation develops due to distance, and if not, you’re probably better off without those relationships J

5                    Always buy a brand new car

  • In most developed countries (incl the GCC/UAE) new cars depreciate at 25-40% per year, it’s a great idea to buy a second hand, decently used car, perhaps a few years old with service history then spend twice or thrice for a “newer” model and a few extra gadgets, and while you’re at it, please tick off the SUV or 8 cylinder gas guzzler, mother Earth begs you to get that fuel efficient car that is green on the environment!

6                    A/C and Mobiles, I can’t live without them!

  • I find many a seemingly decent person rolling up their windows with the A/C on “minimum/coldest” on a cloudy, cool day with an awesome breeze in the GCC/UAE! Or the A/C’s in places of worship, or public places turned to the lowest even in winters! Think green, think fun, lot’s of A/C only harms your body and detaches you from nature, better still, buy a second hand decently maintained convertible 🙂 – I personally try not to use A/C at all from October to April, helps “greenify” the environment as well
  • Mobiles, like A/Cs are considered an integral part of life, it wasn’t so just ten years back! Today you can’t have a decent conversation with a  person, you can’t worship, you can’t even enjoy or party as the people with you are constantly on the phone or their BBMs! Get a life! Shut off your phone for a week and you’ll realize you didn’t miss much 🙂 and then when you’re back at it you’d probably find less craving for it too!

7                    Keep it to yourself

  • Unless you want to develop heart disease or risk a stroke! Learn to share, plainly and pleasantly, even bad things to those you interact with, often we keep things to ourselves simply muddling relationships and above all, our own peace of mind

8                    I can’t afford a holiday!

  • Whether it’s time or money you “think” you don’t have, everyone deserves a break, even a walk at the Corniche or JBR is no less then a holiday, after all, people from all over the worlds spend thousands of USD to travel to this part of the world for fun! Give your mind and body the rest it deserves

9                    Work late, party hard

  • Sure! If you’re targeting baggy eyes, hangover’s at work and a weak body with time! But logic tells us that a professional is someone who can get his or her job done from 9 to 5 or whatever your timings, leave time aside for yourself and your loved ones, and of course, a time to get a good sleep for the next day!

10                Drive like Need4Speed!

  • Most people with decent cars think it’s a great idea to save 60 seconds to work by driving like a Danica Patrick 🙂 forgetting that she does so at the race course, not on the streets of NY 🙂 Take it slow, enjoy the drive, use cruise control, give way, and be given way, your life and of those on the road is worth more than the adrenalin rush in your brain to speed

11                Why only ten points J 

  • I’d leave you with the Eleventh, do something that brings a smile to whoever you’re with right now, tell a joke, make a face, tickle them or whatever, bring love to this hate filled world! Want some ideas? Checkout

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