4th Gen Warfare, and Pakistan :)


The illiteracy behind Pakistan and “FIFTH” (actually 4th) Generation Warfare by CrystalHeart, BlahBlah.info

Every now and then I receive a forward highlighting the “threat of 5th Generation Warfare against Pakistan and it’s military” – sadly, often retired men in uniform also forward such articles. But why sadly?
Because people are not even clear on the GENERATION’S of warfare!

The first step to wiping illiteracy is… duh! knowledge! So please spare a few minutes and learn the “generations of warfare” at https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Generations_of_warfare It details that organized armies to protect the nation state with basic arms was the first generation advancing to sophisticated weaponry till the third generation and psychological warfare in the 4th Generation. The Fifth Generation of Warfare is characterized by terrorism and a will to fight knowing that the fighter will lose and hence a level of motivation akin to terrorists as described in https://www.wired.com/2009/01/how-to-win-a-fi/

Therefore if you see another forward of FIFTH generation warfare against Pakistan or it’s military please do educate the sender of their (obvious) illiteracy.

Fourth Generation Warfare is defined as (from wiki): Fourth generation warfare is defined as conflicts which involve the following elements:

1 Are complex and long term

2 Terrorism (tactic)

3 A non-national or transnational base – highly decentralized

4 A direct attack on the enemy’s core ideals

5 Highly sophisticated psychological warfare, especially through media manipulation and lawfare

6 All available pressures are used – political, economic, social and military

7 Occurs in low intensity conflict, involving actors from all networks

8 Non-combatants are tactical dilemmas

9 Lack of hierarchy

10 Small in size, spread out network of communication and financial support

11 Use of insurgency and guerrilla tactics

Numbers 4-6 sums it up rather clearly, 4th generation warfare, in simplest terms, is an attack on your ideals and values, whatever you believe in is subtly challenged through the media using “state and non state actors” – state could be people within the government itself, “paid moles” and non state can include NGOs, movements like MQM, BLA and PTM among others.

But what is the AIM of 4th Generation Warfare in Pakistan, and who is it against?

Attack the ideals of the Pakistani people

Pakistani people have had few ideals, first and foremost has been a love affair with the million strong, mostly Colonial organized systems Army which has evolved since 1947 into a sophisticated force that has think tanks, foresight, weaponry, global politico – military alliances and a subtle influence in the region. Above all, the army, as might be accepted by it’s enemies within Pakistan, is the only well organized and functioning body amongst a plethora of corruption ridden, inefficient and ineffective government institutions. The army stands out and stands apart and one proof is how it is relied upon by the oil rich MidEast to help them in their time of need, even the Americans relied upon Pakistan army back in the 70s/80s against Russia and post 9/11 in the War against Terror. So despite all allegations of corruption and abuse of power against Pakistan army by “state and non state actors” there is ample evidence that it is valued locally and globally due its’ pure professional competence and strategic approach.

The first attack is on destroying the bond between the people of Pakistan and their beloved army. For that Altaf was bought over by RAW, ultimately an attempt failed. Then BLA was beefed up, mostly failed, as of recent, PTM, not much of traction again in the masses. Yet the enemy persists because, duh! it IS 4th Gen Warfare! It’s not a game of Pac Man (for those of you from that era :))

Now the second aim of 4th Gen Warfare is to disillusion the people. Imran Khan was a ray of hope for the people. Even though I have criticized him openly but to be fair and honest, he was and is not a bad man. One can question his competence or choice of people but not his intent. Yet less than 10 months in power and the critics tongues a wagging at him for the crimes of his predecessors that he dethroned (though not completely) – both Nawaz and Asif Zardari of PMLN and PPP! The men is not getting a fair chance from the media and EVEN the people themselves (truth be told!)

Third aim of 4th Gen Warfare is to destroy Pakistan economically. Back in the late 70s we hardly had any “debt” – a progressive and growing nation where alcohol and night clubs were en vogue we were thrown 100 years back with a force of mercenary Taliban JUST to ward off Russia in the interest of our once upon a time BFF! Lo and behold, the monster then created turned into Uncle Frankenstein and (we are told!) unleashed 9/11! So the barrels and muzzles turned on the “creation of 20 years ago” and the same Pakistan Army who supported via Taliban to scare off the Russians was now asked to decimate the Taliban!

As General Tariq Khan https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tariq_Khan_(general) will tell you if you ever meet or listen to him, stories of how he drove off Taliban and later Gen Raheel Sharif and Gen Qamar Bajwa followed the same path and for the most part successfully “deterrorized” Pakistan – yet, and YET! Pakistan Army is expected by proponents of 4th Gen Warfare to “do more” 🙂 Ironical, or in bad taste, I’d let you, the reader, decide! In fact, it’s just warfare as usual! SADLY so because Pakistan Army, and trust me, I know it VERY WELL, is perhaps MORE SECULAR than American or Israeli or Indian Army. Pakistan Army is NOT promoting Islam, it is promoting egalitarianism and good relations, peace and an end to conflicts as is obvious from its overt and covert actions.

MQM is over, BLA and PTM are embers of a fading mischievous fire, for Pakistan Army wasn’t created with Islamic ideals, it was created by and with WESTERN ideals of a progressive, egalitarian and refined team of gentlemen (and some ladies!) who are now, as they say, teaching their teachers a good lesson!The Achilles heel, for there is always one, is the economy, the writer has written extensively on reforms thereof at WomenAreVotes.com and is inspired by the simplicity of early Islamic and modern Western rulers – they share a lot in common in how they did (or do) establish(ed) a welfare state. The West is way ahead of the world in taking care of it’s citizens today, so were the early Muslim rulers. Within these ideals of simple and low cost egalitarian governance lies salvation for Pakistan

I TRULY HOPE the enemies of Pakistan Army would realize that this is not a force worth making an enemy of, it’s a force that aims to unite, then divide, the world in peace and tolerance. #UnityFaithDiscipline

IMF and Me

IMF and me

A letter to Imran Khan and leaders of Pakistan by CrystalHeart blahblah.info

I am a Pakistani, I belong to the middle class, end of month is always a tough time. I drive a very old car and think a hundred times before buying even furniture. I use old second hand mobile phones and cut costs everywhere I can.

I am not the only one. Approximately *245 million or 98% of Pakistanis* have worse lives when mine!

My question is: *did I or rather we, the people of Pakistan take loans from IMF?* Was our *will* involved? Did our leaders ask us even *once* what we wanted? How many people of Pindi asked for *Metrobus* at a cost of Rs 500,000 debt per resident of Pindi? So on for other cities Sir. And other *useless moneymaking projects* that made you and your friends super rich(er).

When we asked you, the government, for roads, hospitals, railroads, buses and civic facilities *did we ask you to spend 90% more that too mostly on your kickbacks?*

You *couldn’t* even give us a *fair police or justice* system what to speak of the rest!

Yet *you used us* as your cover. The worst of democracy is better than the best of dictatorship, said our ex PM Abbasi on ARY a few minutes earlier. *Mr ex PM*, we, the people of Pakistan go to the Middle East hellish hot climate under no democracy or the colds of Europe or America’s looking for money to feed our families back home in Pakistan. *We don’t care what system we have in Pakistan*. We don’t care what the constitution of Pakistan says. Because *none of what it says* is implemented even 0.01% except *whatever suits you to loot us further*!

If an Army General took over Pakistan tomorrow and gave us *good governance*, we the people would actually be happy! *IF* the General is wise enough to solve our problems which sadly hasn’t been the case, though better then your so called democracy. A lesser of two evils if you ask the *people on the streets, not in drawing rooms*!

I ask you to go to the IMF on my / our behalf and apologize to them. *Please tell them their money was stolen by you*, the politicians, the government and it’s incapable corrupt institutions. Tell them we, the 98% or 245 million people of Pakistanis have or had nothing to do with your debts! So *catch the bad guys don’t kill us for their sins*!

And we demand from you, before we literally hold you by your neck, to *reduce government spending to as little as possible*. No ACs for you, no staff to give you tea or hold your bags, no flights, no perks, no cars, no fuel. Cut your staff by 90% for why should *we* be the only ones who *live with less*?

Fact is *a collapse of the government would make no difference to the masses* of Pakistan, because it never really existed except as Masters ruling over us as their slaves.

The writer is an activist, deeply disturbed at a (the people) silence which he compares to the silence of the lambs…

All we need is UnityFaithDiscipline as our founder said.

Status Quo @ Pakistan viz IMF

As a Pakistani I TOTALLY understand and feel the people’s anger and frustration, yes we all were desperate for change and ALL SAID AND DONE I give KUDOS to PTI for THREE achievements

1 Annihilation of “saand” (Altaf Hussain)
2 Annihilation of “siri paye” (NS)
3 Annihilation of “Mr 10%” (AZ)

Now these THREE are if you ask me achievements worth their weight in GOLD alone

The problem is the West wants to keep us ENSLAVED that is why they during Zia’s time gave us the “loan bait” which is now asking us for a proverbial “pound of flesh”

Asad and Imran and all of them are not bad people, they mean well for Pakistan, and they love it atleast as much as any of us do

The problem is the debt trap, to get out of it we need the best brains

Ahmedi Atif Mian was a good guy, but hey, he was “Ahmedi” end of story 🙂

That’s the problem, as professionals you all appreciate the “right man or woman for the right job” concept – this is where Kaptaan is failing

I WISH we had PRESIDENTIAL system like the US and IK could pick and choose the BEST people and fix this mess, I guess the Army’s on it, they WILL make it happen Insha Allah

I trust the Army, they brought IK in they WILL fix the mess, as no one owns Pak like they do, Salute the Generals! We just talk, they do it

So while I may be cynical at times in the larger scheme of things I am pretty cool, we’re in safe hands as in the GHQ

Why Asad Umar’s resignation is quite worrisome, not just for PTI, but for Pakistan https://blahblahdotinfo.wordpress.com/2019/04/18/naya-to-purana-asad-to-hafeez/

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Lost: Naya Pakistan

The Narrative

Everyone is labelling Asad Umar’s exit from PTI as the failure of 3, Asad for his incompetence that he accepted in a live program, Imran Khan for having been completely clueless about the economy (and governance in general) and finally the people who voted them in for not questioning them any earlier. The old-new incumbent Hafeez Sheikh is no stranger to finance, IMF and the Ministry, he’s not exactly Purana Pakistan as he held his guts against Asif Zardari.

What really happened?

Asad was never cut out for the job, despite his formidable private sector achievements, as this Dawn News article does a scathing assessment of his. Nevertheless, as expected, he remained loyal to his boss after the firing incident and cause of “Naya Pakistan” even though it seems to be slowly receding back to it.

If not worse

Imran Khan’s Naya Pakistan, while he inherited a financial mess as described in an in-depth CSIS article, could have been averted. I wrote about it in GadhaParty.com and WomenAreVotes.com asking for triple action to meet the crisis: 1) reduce government (not spending alone, that too, and for everywhere our budget is spent!) on a “call centre/app” model 2) reduce taxes to a flat 10% sales tax only and enforce like hell using a retired army sepoys and officers constituted force and 3) have the b—s to negotiate with the IMF using the rationale of Odious Debt.

But in the words of White Doug from the movie Hangover 1 “that ain’t happenin” – Khan, egoistic and clueless, is our worst bet at this moment. His blue eyed Finance Minister or Chief Ministers of the largest province of Punjab followed by KPK are under heavy criticism anyway. Internationally speaking, the state of women in Pakistan as of late has been nothing to write home about. A Canadian Pakistani woman’s saga of abuse while she (Assma Gulati) was chased and harassed in an Uber is doing social media and so is that of a young girl Lila molested by the crowd including security at Lahore’s Solis festival. Both women faced backlash from a regressive society for which 3 years ago I’d launched AuratKiAwaz.

Naya Pakistan, literally, is nowhere in sight! The little achievements in foreign relations due Khan Saheb’s charisma or even ethical compromises aren’t going to last and undo his weak planning and weaker choice of people.

So who is Pakistan’s best bet given the status quo?

Anyone who raises their voice for barebones government, reduced spending in governance across the board, flat taxes and an emphatic Odious debt based debate with IMF and other lenders to buy time to turn the economy around.

Can the Army do it?

Technically – yes! Practically – no. Had they wanted to they had ample opportunities post Musharaf but resisted the urge, learning from mistakes. Civilians love the army, and when the same army comes into politics or governance to save the people, it is unsettling to those who cannot digest progress from the platter of an autocrat though they would happily suffer the abuse of a “jamhoory” leader.

What will happen now?

This too shall pass! But losing his first proper wicket that too of a strike batsman has put Imran Khan on the backfoot. Some say he too shall soon resign. given the Abraaj Capital fraud case against ex BCCI Arif Naqvi in the US, some say the “hundreds of millions of dollars” financed PTI. If true, it would mean the very end of our nation as we know it, reputationally

What can we do about it?

Hold Imran accountable, ask him to fight the IMF for Odious debt, reduce taxation to a flat 10%, allow old used cars imports, involve army to fix police, liberalize the environment to attract tourism, more at GadhaParty and WomenAreVotes

But it looks like our civil and military leaders are undecided in the face of extremely simple challenges, if only approached rationally and logically then under pressure of those who’ve never had our best interest at heart…

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Indians & Pakistanis, brothers in arms (whichever kind!)

What is the difference between Indians and Pakistanis?
There was none before 1947! for almost a thousand years, they were enslaved by the Moguls and latter by the British for 90 years
Freedom bells rang in 1947, more Hindus = India, more Muslims = Pakistan, though almost as many Muslims as in Pakistan were left dispersed in India, add to that the bone of Kashmir dangling between the two – result of a flawed partition by the Brits, and later hunger for power that led to break of Pakistan and creation of Bangladesh
It is a universal truth that people who practice any faith, be it Hinduism, Buddhism, Sikhism, Judaism, Christianity or Islam tend to think very high of themselves, and generally much lower of those who don’t
In the case of India and Pakistan this was just one point of differentiation, worse for India as unlike Pakistan which being smaller in size and more homogeneous in ethnic mix and religion, Indians are far more diverse in ethnicity and faiths, hence they had no choice but to proclaim “secularism” – it was a halfhearted ugly pill that the fanatic type Hindus swallowed, a chip on their shoulders. Finally Narendra Modi, their extremist Prime Minister of recent, brought those Hindustva dreams back to life! The chosen people who’s temples were converted to mosques and many converted for logic or per force were now finally free to take revenge and proclaim their identity
The trouble was that the expression of their intent and desire was and is far more violent by any humane society’s standards. For example, killing a man on the assumption that he had beef in his house, or raping and murdering even young Muslim children forget adults in Jammu & Kashmir were all rooted in religion, fundamentalism, racism and genocide
Pakistan was simply lucky! The minorities there were literally a minority in sheer number terms unlike India so they seldom made trouble and adjusted seamlessly. In India even where the Muslims tried to adjust the labels on them as usurpers of yore had the Hindustva vigilantes on their heels
There never was any real secularism in India, while Pakistan never claimed the same and embraced Islam as the “state religion” in practice unless a member of minority openly desecrated Islamic tenants or holy figures all was cool
So an average Indian is left talking big to accommodate a huge yet diverse land and people, and in the same breath tries to fit the state narrative of pint sized Pakistan as the “enemy, troublemaker state”
Pakistan on the other hand doesn’t blame India for its’ problems, but focuses on uprooting corruption and bias from its ranks, but this is a very recent change, in the past we too were quite akin to our Indian counterparts, blaming India and being dogmatic when it comes to faith
Few know that Pakistan is one of the few places in the world where a majority Muslim Army fought against a majority Muslim Taliban and extremist types. I don’t know of the US Army or Police ever actively fighting the KKK for we did exactly that in equivalence in Pakistan. Nor do I hear of Indian Army or Police active against the Cow Vigilantes or hate mongers – in fact quite the opposite! Never heard of Israeli Army punishing fundamentalist type of Jews. But we in Pakistan can proudly say we killed Taliban who bowed to the same God we did for they were spreading hate and killing the innocent. I don’t know how many other nations can even came remotely close to this?
Our army and government united in uprooting hate thinking and terrorism, we may be a poor and corrupt nation but we have atleast set the right example in eliminating faith in dealing with hate and terror, even if they be our “own”
Thus an average Pakistani is often talking solutions while an average Indian is often talking problems
I don’t blame the Indian at all! I may have done the same! After all remember huge yet diverse land? Religious baggage especially in the lower classes and you get the picture
The writer hopes one day the people of India and Pakistan will rise above their flags and faiths and learn to respect each other as humans
That day, as of today, is far, if at all even in sight
Pakistan has a long way to go, a very long one, but atleast we know where we have to go, I do hope our more hateful world community brothers and sisters get to see theirs too!
But dreamers like me hope against hope!
CrystalHeart BlahBlah.info

A pure military look at Indo-Pak Conflict 2019

Victorious warriors win first and then go to war, while defeated warriors go to war first and then seek to win- Sun Tzu

Long before Huawei and ZTE took on the world, some 500 years before the birth of Jesus Christ there was a Chinese General called Sun Tzu. His book, the Art of War, has shaped military, business and marketing strategy the world over. Most armies of the world teach his works (including the US army), literally, as textbook material.

Now, I will use some of his quotes to analyze the current Indo Pak conflict (2019) based on a by now questionable Pulwama attack that I already wrote about.

India was gripped in war fever, led by their Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, a man many accuse of genocide, racism and promoting hatred against the majority of Indian minorities be they Muslims, Sikhs, Christians (meat eaters!) or even lower caste Hindus.

Rattled by immense poverty in India or the rape and crimes crisis as per the BBC, all point towards the failure of the Modi Government in bringing India out of anything but rhetoric. His detractors claim the entire Pulwama attack where 40 CRPF soldier was an inside job to use the Indian Army to gain support for Modi’s re election campaign above all.

Hence while Modi constantly called for war, Pakistani PM Imran Khan constantly called for restraint. From a pure military perspective, Sun Tzu called warfare “deception

“All warfare is based on deception. Hence, when we are able to attack, we must seem unable; when using our forces, we must appear inactive; when we are near, we must make the enemy believe we are far away; when far away, we must make him believe we are near.”

While India bombed barren fields & mountains in Balakot claiming it hit “terrorist camps“, Pakistan, on the other hand, I’m privy to an internal military conversation someone shared on social media, went right into the heart of Indian Military Complex and dropped ammo at a safe distance delivering the message that “we can do what we want, when we want, how we want” to their apparently larger adversaries. I am also told that a third country pilot used by the Indians  is held hostage in Pakistan while the Indian one was returned with a friendly cup of tea.

From a pure military perspective, Pakistan Army is neither a weak nor a rogue force, right from the days of Zia Ul Haq when the Americans played funny with the F16s, Pakistan cozied up to China and other allies in the region and built for itself not only a strong air arsenal but also a nuclear one, falling perhaps short of enabling others with it too, however having the capability to do so, just as nuclear armed nations of the world have been and have done so as well to their “allies” hence the focus by some on “denuclearizing” Pakistan.

Bear in mind, Pakistan is a much smaller country than India, it is hence easier to defend, also homogeneity in Pakistan means, as per Sun Tzu, a niftier and well knit army – public trust and interaction. India is literally the opposite, huge landscape and mega issues in its ranks, caste, faith, language and interests, a divided nation is harder to protect and finds it harder to find the motivation needed to fight, as the end goals are hazy, confusion compounds diverse and even opposing regional interests. This is simply a strength from a military perspective i.e. smaller size and more or less uniform social fabric and motivation.

Textbook interpretation of Sun Tzu in this case points to a very different scenario than the one being portrayed to the world. Pakistan trying to avoid conflict while India having initially tried to pounce upon whilst defeated in almost all it’s endeavors is a sign of Pakistan’s unrevealed strong offensive capability. If indeed a war breaks out, it won’t be at the behest or diktats of the Indians, this is a simple inference from an analysis of how the political and military responses thereof as of the February and March 2019 unfolded.

A proof of this inference is India whimpering away from this conflict after a lot of overt provocation.

While deescalation of this politically motivated conflict appears to be the desire of Pakistani Army and Political leadership, but the Indians continuing with rhetoric and anti Muslim tightening in Kashmir which seems to upset Pakistan a lot, may act as a provocation to what might be the inevitable start of the 3rd, possibly nuclear, world war.

It also appears India is not alone in this conflict, it has active support of the Iranians, and surprisingly the stated arch enemy of Iranians i.e. you-know-who in this conflict. They would all like to play ball, but Pakistan with its strategic alliances is very well placed to act cold or hot start.

True resolution of this conflict asks for responsible Indians to unvote or dethrone a racist win/lose leadership and focus on resolving conflicts and issues, internal to India and externals as well, be it Kashmir, Sikhs, Muslim minorities or Hindu minorities, women’s safety from rapes, widespread crimes and poverty.

The writer hopes, despite his Sun Tzu based prediction of a war sooner than we think, that responsible Indians will nip provocation in the bud and work in a mutually beneficial way to attack common enemies of extremism, poverty and lawlessness.

Denuclearization of the world may someday be a reality, but it will need a sincere win/win effort by all parties concerned. As of now I see devious, envious and manipulative blocks, all spreading their version of falsehood and branding it as the “truth” – however, in the end, truth, for whatever it is or worth, prevails.

CrystalHeart Kazmi blahblah.info

Women’s Day – marching beyond the 8th of March…

Women of the World
A poem by CrystalHeart, founder WomenAreVotes.com

You were born into bondage
Even in this ‘new age’
Unequal you still remain

While the East clad you from head to toe
The West stripper you to your toes
Another asset you remain, used one way or another

You toiled at home for no gain
Often left unappreciated
And more often abused

You bore and raised children
Mother they called you
Grew up in your lap watching you take many a slap

You taught man what love is
But seldom felt the same in return
Objectified you remain

A man I am
Ashamed I am
Of how mine have treated thine

I shall rest in peace
The day you find your peace
As leaders of a world torn by mine

You must stand up
Unite in your own ranks
Shed the chains of slavery

And reclaim this planet
From usurping insensitive men
And lead us all to nirvana we deserve

March 8 was a day for you
It was just another day
For me every day is WOMEN’s day

یوم عورت

غلامی میں پیدا
ھوا کی بیٹی
برابر تم نہیں

کسی نے سر سہ پیر تک ڈھانپا تمہیں
تو کسی نے پیروں تک عابر و کھینچی
بس استعمال ہوئ تم

گھر تم نے سنبھالا
دن رات محنت کی
لیکن تنخواہ آنسووں میں ملی

بچے تم پیدا کرو
ماں کہیں وہ تمہاری گود میں
اور تھپڑ کھاتے دیکھتے بڑے ہوں

مرد کو محبت تم نے سکھائ
لیکن بدلے میں تنہا رہی تم
بس ایک اساسہ

مرد ہوں میں
شرمندہ بھی تم سے
جو بدسلوکی ہم نے کی تم سے

سکون کا سانس لوں میں
جب تم کھڑی ہو ایک صف
اس دنیا کو ہم مردوں سے بہتر بنانے کو

۸ مارچ تمہارے نام تھا
بس ایک ڈھونگ تھا وہ
میرے لیے تو ہر دن تمہارا ہے

عمران کاظمی عرف کرسٹل ہارٹ بانی عورت کی آواز auratkiawaz.wordpress.com

The United (Trump) States of America

An odd look at the United Trump States of America

Now, we humans have heard numerous theories about America’s well-known President, Donald J. Trump. Well, I can assure you that you are about to hear another, so you might as well get prepared for it.

In my opinion, Mr Trump has no moral high ground – come to think of it, he never had any! Right from the start he intended and wanted to win, seeking victory, all the way to a tiptoe PotUS stalked by his own VP. So, you can be sure all this Michael Cohen business isn’t the first time this type of thing has occurred and, furthermore, not the last.

In his book, How to Get Rich, Trump summarized his life in just so many words:

I don’t do it for the money. I’ve got enough, much more than I’ll ever need. I do it to do it. Deals are my art form. Other people paint beautifully on canvas or write wonderful poetry. I like making deals, preferably big deals. That’s how I get my kicks.

Here is a man who is never embarrassed or ashamed of anything he is accused of, from women to racism, this man just kept going on and on. I can’t say I do not admire his will, but nevertheless he plainly said it WASN’T for the money so what is or was it for?

I am not like Trump, indeed I am his opposite in many ways, since I am an idealist, I see a utopia everywhere, I  let my glance fall upon and sincerely hope to separate the best out of people and nations. Trump is in the here and now, a realist to the core if there ever was one, yet with a streak of a dreamer, a rather unconventional dreamer, socially and politically incorrect dreamer. I can not recall any President ANYWHERE in the world who has faced as much criticism before and during his tenure as this man has. Yet not only is he going strong, his reelection is perhaps a more likely possibility today then his dreary election back in 2017!

I think it all stacks down to realism. The democrats are acting rather like I would have in the situation, complaining about “rights & wrongs”, “could have”, “should have” and even “not have” in some cases. 

Trump is on a different boat; he takes America like his personal empire. It’s “The United Trump States” after Trump Towers to him, as a realist he takes ownership of America no differently as he does of Mar-a-Lago resort. For example, he takes America’s security akin to that of his personal property, the Mexicans and South Americans coming in through a porous US border described in the CAIRCO article is precisely what he’s been talking about for long and as of now, doing. One may not ignore the fact that most nations of the world do build walls or fences to keep intruders out, just like you and I do outside the perimeter of our house.

Trump took North Korea and Iran like no American President ever did. He seems to have a knack for developing genuine relationships with those Americans consider adversaries or at best are wary off, Putin, Kim Jong-Un, Trump never says no to anyone who wants to sit on the table and work it out, rather like he confessed in his book: How to get rich:Other people paint beautifully on canvas or write wonderful poetry. I like making deals.

Which is what he seems to be busy doing all along, ignoring the naysayers and his detractors for he’s had them since time immemorial.

Will he make it? Will he end up making America safer, perhaps more unsafe due to the obvious polarization in America today. He is unpredictable and doesn’t fit any stereotype unlike any other in the limelight of oft. America’s right hand allies, Israel and the Jewish people are wary of him, while he garners a support base of white supremacists in general (or so it appears to his critics for I see many a rationalist supporting him too), his actions have defied their (KKK types) aspirations in the very least because at HEART Trump was and remains a TRUE DEMOCRAT – not a wolf in sheep’s clothing but an ACTUAL SHEEP DRESSED UP LIKE A WOLF!! Even if one speaks of immigration reforms, in my opinion, it has literally nothing to do with racism or supremacists, but simply a logical approach to immigrants most countries already have in place that America desperately needs.

If I speak the truth and NOTHING but the truth for no fear nor favor, I’d say he’s walking on uncharted territory, he has a genuine desire to make America great, to de escalate conflicts whether in Syria, Afghanistan, Indo-Pak or de nukes at NK or ex USSR, while holding on to his “empire” of Trump States of America, a neo protectionist liberal problem solver, or atleast a wannabe problem solver who challenged the moguls of foreign policy strategy. While Trump’s legacy will be remembered as the fallen white soldier by his proponents and the jerk off President by his opponents; America’s real adversaries, Putin, or Kim or many others would remember him with respect. A man who broke all stereotypes in dealing with them, for better or for worse, for only time can tell the impact of his actions.

For my part, I will remember Donald J. Trump as the man who dared to be himself in a world where every leader tries to wear the cloak of conformity. He may not strike the deals he dreams of but will be remembered for trying the impossible, as William F. O’ Brien wrote “Better to try and fail than never to try at all”

My sister Naila Ansari (Jafri)

Naila Ansari (Jafri) is a veteran and an experienced saint-like drama writer from Pakistan who believes in being helpful then being competitive – an abundance mentality that has won her a name, accolades, awards and business despite no formal education in the field of drama writing

She has been writing since the early 1990s, the dawn of private TV channels in Pakistan, her first stint as a writer was with Combine, a firm owned by the legendary Ghazanfer Ali who directed the epic serial “Waris” – she wrote a set of unique and enticing short stories that were dramatized and telecast as “Mystery Theatre”

From then on there was no looking back, some of her more famous plays include Teri Raza, Istikhara, Naimat, Zard Bahar, Agar Tum Mil Jao and various others. Some of the channels that have played her dramas include ARY, Hum TV, NTM and others

Naila has also written documentaries and commercially oriented scripts, her flair for writing is a hard to find talent in today’s market of cliched and copy / paste writers

Naila is reachable on +92 321 4182049 and naila.writer@gmail.com

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The Pulwama Clouds of War over India and Pakistan

By CrystalHeart Kazmi (Imran Owais)

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The writer believes in taking sides, that of the truth, not of his faith or motherland. Because the first casualty in hatred, even before a single drop of blood is shed, is the truth… to some, this writeup may appear skewed in Pakistan’s favor, but trust me, it isn’t. It is no more than the plain and obvious truth. I have touched upon weaknesses of both sides, more on India’s because I see them that way, not because India isn’t my country, but only because I do see gaffes and mistakes being made and as a sincere friend to Indians consider it my duty to apprise them of the same.

Pulwama – pulling to war

Instead of blood red roses, Valentines’ day 2019 came with a bloody surprise for India: Pulwama attacks in Indian Kashmir, where 40 Indian CRPF (Central Reserve Police Force) were killed / martyred in a vehicle based suicide bomb attack. In no time, India apportioned the blame on a Pakistan based organization called Jaish-e-Mohammed (JeM) which according to the Indians was behind the cowardly attack. This was the Indian version of the story. The Pakistani version as spelt out by the PM and DG ISPR is one of disillusionment and anger at being labelled for a crime without proof, and even aroused to war.

The division of hearts

August 14, 1947 divided India into two parts – Hindu dominated India and Muslim dominated Pakistan, though ironically an equal amount of Muslims as in Pakistan reside in India too. Never in the history of mankind has a nation been divided on the basis of faith. But here we are, literally divided since 1947. This division has cost people their rationality on both sides to varying extents. Anti India rhetoric is as popular in Pakistan as are anti Pakistan chants in India. It comes across as an apocalyptical blood sports of sorts, where apparently sane and educated men and women hurle verbal tirades for the most incomprehensible reasons. After all Hindus and Muslims lived more or less happily together for more than 700 years – and while the advent of the British did teach them table manners, English and perhaps a different outlook on life then making expensive and expansive tombs of their rulers’ lovers.

The British, as they hurriedly left much of Asia and Africa post World War 2, did so sowing the seeds of hatred between a people who were in the balance living harmoniously for centuries despite differences in faith and cultures.

Aftermath of Independence

While Pakistan became an “Islamic Republic” post General Zia’s rule, India claimed secularism oft refuted by the likes of Gujarat Violence of 2002 and lately Cow Vigilantes – ironically both supported by India’s current Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, who to his credit favored decentralisation in governance, though his development effort was skewed in favor of his vote bank in Gujarat than equitably across India.

Modi’s position is rigid on the long standing Kashmir Conflict to which India never agreed to the UN’s proposed solution of a plebiscite – which is the core of the matter. Denying a people the will to decide their future will certainly cause rifts between the rulers and the ruled, a rather short story of Kashmir. No doubt Pakistanis support Kashmir with its roots in the impartially recognized pro Pakistan sentiments in Indian Kashmir, which has more to do with cultural and ethnic bonding then religion alone.

For had religion been the driving factor, Pakistan would have had a very different treatment record with the the then East Pakistan now Bangladesh, or the Mohajirs of Karachi who claimed alienation, the dissatisfaction in Balochistan, KPK and even Southern Punjab – seething internal issues with fellow Muslims.

Similarly in India, the assassination of their late PM Indira Gandhi was a clear sign of the strength of the Khalistan movement, many say that BJP’s weakest link is in the huge South of India! Thus by any magnitude India faces more intense and diverse structural integrity issues, purely due it’s four times larger size, than Pakistan does and also due rigidity in even accepting problems. For unlike India, Pakistan government and military addressed the grievances of the people in Karachi, Balochistan and KPK. India seems to hide it’s head in the sand when it comes to Kashmir or Khalistan, to no avail, and the real reason behind unrest in those areas.

Independence has also given rise to toxic nationalism and fundamentalism on both sides. Pakistan, to it’s fair credit, after the Afghan War with partners in the US and the MidEast, plunged deep into extremism of all sorts, however, post General Musharraf, all COAS’s have primarily fought and largely uprooted at least the militant wings of extremism at a huge loss of life to the army and LEAs’ – in contrast India, as described above, is not even battling Cow Vigilantes or Hindu Extremists, whether in Gujrat, UP or Kashmir or other places at any level! Hindu extremism or Saffron Terror seems to be en vogue in BJP’s india.

India today is perhaps comparable to Pakistan of the 80s – while fundamentalism rose unchecked, and the state legitimized it.

Pakistan, though not officially secular, can boast of fair and reasonable minded Army Generals like the much admired General Tariq Khan who was behind the strategic and tactical annihilation of Taliban along with his worthy fellows like General Kayani, General Raheel Sharif and the current Chief Gen Bajwa, they all favored rationality over “blind faith” a telling lesson perhaps for the Indians in handling unchecked extremism at home. By leaving the “Hindu” cap at home, just like our Generals left the “Muslim” cap at their homes and fought like good soldiers any who spread hatred or weakened the writ of fair governance in the name of religion.

More real than faith – Poverty

India ranks 103/119 on the Global Hunger Index while Pakistan is 3 notches lower at 106. Officially almost half the population is at or below the minimum subsistence level of poverty, unofficially, 98% of India and Pakistan lead a life that will send shivers down the spine of any developed country’s national.

Thus today both nations are at loggerheads with each other, name calling and blaming has been the order of the day and after Pulwama, there is every likelihood of a bloody war that will ultimately leave the impoverished masses relieved of a meaningless existence.

The Rationalists

While India is gung ho in war fever, from tomato wars, to venomous remarks which they swiftly throw back at Pakistan – I would, as a fair and reasonable person above all, state that Imran Khan, the charismatic sportsman and sporty Prime Minister of Pakistan and General Asif Ghafoor, DG ISPR both have clearly resonated two messages, first, that if India provides proof, they would act on the Pulwama murders, and in fact they have even, without India’s cooperation, in the larger regional anti terror interest taken recent action against JeM, and they also want resolution of the outstanding Kashmir issue; the second message is that any aggression by India will not be tolerated by the smaller neighbor but replied with ingenuity, which leaves one’s imagination to “all options on the table” scenario – which could, in turn, mean our worst fears come true of two nuclear capable nations going to war! In contrast one sees abuse on the rise against Muslims in India today, in and outside Indian Kashmir.

What if?

I sincerely and earnestly see the need for Indian leadership introspection, Mr Modi, a strong nationalist, may inspire the average, poor and illiterate Indian to emotions and anger, may even win a re election, but at what cost and risk? If a war indeed breaks out over Pulwama, it will be the 98% poor on both sides who will suffer immeasurably. Their lives are miserable as we speak, their deaths will remind us of the Holocaust, Hiroshima, Nagasaki or the Bubonic Plague.

There are far too many good people in India, and now is the time for them to raise their voice, the Sikhs are speaking out, so should saints like Sri Sri Ravi Shankar of the Art of Living and the common man and woman in India.

The Clouds of War over India and Pakistan are filled with blood, our, the people’s blood, we may be Hindus or Muslims, Christians or Buddhists, Sikhs or Atheists, Gay or Straight, whatever, whoever, we are, our ends will be a despicable and sad chapter in the exploits of humanity against one another. This is the time for unity in peace than in a stark raving mad desire for bloodshed.

A fair view, about the writer

Born to parents whose home was India, UP / Allahabad for my dad and Lucknow for my mother, both migrated and settled in Pakistan, and taught me loyalty to my motherland.

Yet, as I grew up, I am proud to state that above all, I am a fair and reasonable global citizen who was born in a Muslim household in Pakistan – but can easily identify with any good human being, anywhere in the world. However, I have, to the best of my abilities always fought for and upheld the truth then nationalism or religious affiliation.

The truth requires us to see both sides of the situation. Today, when people write about India and Pakistan, they invariably take sides based on their own country of residence, and if someone criticises their government they are automatically labelled “traitors” – and to be fair, some of them may be free and open thinkers, and some may have preferred financial or other gratifications to pursue the “enemy’s cause at home.”

However, between these two extremes of nationalistic zealots who unthinkingly, perhaps some even unknowingly and absolutely insensitively spread hate (as beautifully depicted in Delhi 6, Rang de Basanti and Rajneeti and sometimes with more hatred as at Agent Vinod or Naam Shabana where the fire of division is given more fuel) one finds between these two extremes a small group of rationalists and logical thinkers who tend to see beyond the obvious hate and disdain, into common cultural bonds and a combined positive legacy of coexistence spanning several centuries.

I have formed political parties for the poor of the world, GadhaParty and for the fairer sex, WomenAreVotes and frequently speak on motivation, good (lean) governance, fair law and order, end to religious extremism, peace and anti any form of hatred, at the Rotary Clubs – and all over the world to individuals or groups, in person or on any media. I am not just another talker or writer, I walk my words on the fine line of accountability.

By CrystalHeart Kazmi (Imran Owais)

Cell/Whatsapp +971 55 8094119