US of A: Super Power gone stark raving mad!

Attention: Media, Media, Media!

As a concerned global citizen, I would like to highlight the constant ugliness of US policies the world over, it’s time the ORDINARY MAN spoke out in a logical and rational manner and got heard for the same via media:

1                     Obama: I grew up believing the US of A was the “good guy” in the comity of nations, I have numerous JEWISH, CHRISTIAN, HINDU, BUDDHIST AND PARSI friends whom I love more thanmany of my own Muslims, today I am constrained to seek answers that no one has, the US has turned into a wild bull on rampage against the whole world, the lone superpower that pulls strings of not just “bad guys” but anyone and everyone who collides with their interests in selling arms or procuring oil. In fact when Obama assumed power I personally rejoiced and hoped that things would “change” – nothing did, they only got worse, my OPEN letter of hope to Obama that was shattered by indifference and hate is at

2                     Israel: More than a half century after the holocaust against the Jewish people, that was apparently caused by a Christian (Adolph Hitler) the US protects Israel blindly. Since the 60s, against the Arabs. The question is why? The Arabs never inflicted suffering on Jewish people out of the ordinary that humans generally engage in? why were they, with the passage of time, proven monsters to the whole world in a very unfair light? You arm Israel to the teeth, don’t even allow food and medicines for Palestinians, let Israelis kill as they like in Palestine, and then ONE retaliatory act by the Palestinians to this magnitude of oppression is highlighted as a “case in point” for your policies? It is time that the US tames Israel from a constant aggressor to a peaceful neighbor stance then risk offending Muslims enough to lay the ground work for WW-III – let the US administration realize “as you sow, so shall you reap!” – The secret to building lasting peace with Israel and the rest of the world is at

3                     Nuclear: USofA as of late, as reported in the news today, via Obama, has been harping on a denuclearized world where ALL but the US and it’s close allies are supposed to “get rid of nuclear” – why are the US / allies considered Kosher? The impression that Nuclear arsenal is somehow “safe” with them couldn’t be further from logic or the truth, it is not! They don’t need Al Qaeda or someone else to get them, they can do the needful themselves, justifying their bizarre acts with media just like they did after bombing Nagasaki and Hiroshima in WW-II! Why this double standard? Why this “we’re always right, you’re always wrong” mentality? Why this “you are uneducated irresponsible fools and we’re the cream of society” thinking?

4                     T(error): The US has been leading a self started “war on terror” since 2001 against an apparently caveman started super high tech chain of events known to some as “9/11” as well – reminds one of a Tom Cruise movie then reality, the readiness with which GW Bush blamed Al Qaeda, the extremely fishy manner in which Osama dodged direct contact were clarity enough for most of us to see the deeper conspiracies behind, control over the Middle Eastern Oil, the desire to dump all their arms in this region, the desire to malign Muslims globally as “the” bad guys and above all, showing their teeth to China and Russian / Communist bloc – the end result of this war TODATE is simply more and more and more hate all over the world, I don’t even need to tell you about the going on as of late in Afghanistan, the soldier on rampage, the suicide bombers of Taliban not willing to “rest” and the ugliness in Iraq. This is ample proof for the rational mind to understand that FAR from ending terror US is doing it’s best to PROMOTE terror, again it appears rationality and humanity seems to have died at the altar of greed, hate and profiteering. The honest answer for fighting terror is at

5                     Radical Islam: All over since 2001 the US has been bashing “Radical Islam” in the press and with bombs, what was ALWAYS required was a back to the DRAWING BOARD strategy where the US had to “own” Islam since the respective owners (Islamic governments and their Mullahs’) are either incompetent, unprofessional or simply don’t care beyond luxuries, the US has/had to create a mass level campaign linking the good in Islam with anti terrorism and do it all over the world, THAT will pay off far more than arms but yes, it will leave the arms dealers poorer…

6                     The “Spring”: All over the Arab world we see “Springs” hyped by media, twitter, Facebook what not, again a concerted regional destabilization strategy by the US administration, I ask WHY? Egypt is no better off today, neither is Libya and nor are others aplenty that you’re dead on Syria? The HONEST answer is that while even Western democracies are at the brink of financial failure and though they’re better off in governance the root cause for their success is NOT democracy alone, it’s a law and order ensured society, the recipe for a REAL spring to the US administration is at

7                     “Financial” Crisis: Created by almost a century of bottomless greed in the hands of the Illuminati/Masons, what we see today is a “paper” economy where people get out of school assuming there are fantastic white collar jobs awaiting them, falsified economics data based on wishful thinking, berserk money printing and “analysts” who don’t step into the light of day from their desks drive our world! The answer is simple, what the heck were our forefathers doing for CENTURIES that we are NOT doing? In one word: AGRICULTURE – educated people have been taken away from this amazing field which assures a greener world, food for the hungry and a back to basics lifestyle then the OVERDRIVE technology, work and entertainment one thrust on us today … I gave some ground breaking ideas on turning the DESERT GREEN to the UAE government and the GCC at large on

8                     Hate or Love: The US was and is an example of multiple races living in relative peace among each other and jointly contributing to their growth HOWEVER their government is doing the exact opposite by promoting terror, hate and financial instability all over the world! Time to “wake” up for the White House, Pentagon and CIA, policies of hate will not get you farther than the next world war, where despite your wishful thinking, you too, shall suffer

The USofA can choose to ignore my dire warnings or perhaps “hate” me too, but let me tell you as a sincere friend and well wisher that I am to humanity, IT IS TIME FOR CHANGE, as one of God’s humble representatives on this earth, like yourself, let me echo the feelings of BILLIONS, enough is enough USofA time for a REAL CHANGE of a COMMON FIGHT against poverty, illiteracy and corruption rampant all over the world then old wine in a new bottle, it taste terrible and you ought to know by now.




Imran O Kazmi


Chief Thinking Officer / Transformational Consultant, CRS Cube/Strategy2Action

Peace Guru at A Happy World Animal Lover and a “fun oriented” human being!



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Imran Owais Kazmi
Imran Owais Kazmi a chilly image from the movie “Agent Vinod” a cool take on the Illuminati smile emoticon

Tariq Khan
Tariq Khan Do you know we have just sighned on a declaration which says that all measures would be taken to prevent the terrorists from acquiring the weapons of mass destruction from the possesion of the nuclear states.This line will naturally apply BEFORE , it happens .In that case who wil lbe the judge that it is about to HAPPEN, and who can invoke the clause, although i fully agree with the clause!!??

Tariq Khan
Tariq Khan The talk of peace , does not suit the armament moguls in the world .Do you know what it costs to do ‘ Reaserch and developement’ in the field of armament .Collosal amounts, and to retrieve them , peace is not the answer .So Imran wake up and and do a reread of Realpolitik!!

Imran Owais Kazmi
Imran Owais Kazmi Boss please comment on MY wall or I lose track, this was by accident that I saw this smile emoticon

Newspaper op/ed piece on “The case for Musharraf”

Red Alert or Red Hot?

The case for General Pervez Musharraf

By Imran Owais Kazmi – A Dubai based political analyst and peace guru (


Harshly criticized for quality defects, Theodore MacManus wrote the Penalty of Leadership in 1915 for Cadillac (a treasured part of every Cadillac’s manual for almost a century), later adopted by Elvis Presley and I quote: “The leader is assailed because he is a leader, and the effort to equal him is merely added proof of that leadership. Failing to equal or to excel, the follower seeks to depreciate and to destroy.


Besides power and fuel shortages, business and employment down the drain, rampant lawlessness for breakfast, US drones for lunch and international media bashing for supper, Pakistanis also wonder whether or not Pervez Musharraf will be behind bars or with a noose around his neck in the days or weeks to come.


Probably few are aware that Musharaf grew up in liberal was a rare, open and nurturing leader in Pakistan’s landscape of looters and plunderers occupying the seats of power. As the state sponsored media rants against him, blaming him even after 4 years of power for all that ever happened to Pakistan in 60 years, one wonders was he really all “that” bad?


Fine, he toppled Nawaz in 1999, but wasn’t the country at the edge of financial default then? Commando that he is, skillfully maneuvered the country out of the woods, even his fairer opponents would agree! Name it, education, telecoms, finance, healthcare, everything skyrocketed. Common man was happy. World media was happy. World leadership was satisfied.


I remember in 1999-2001 when I was handling Nokia mobile phones portfolio in Pakistan and smuggling was rampant, it was with the direct support of Musharraf and his cabinet that we turned that situation into humungous income for the country by changing the laws in less than a few months! Thereafter, in June 2001 I wrote a critical letter to Musharraf on my assessment of his performance till then, no reprimand, in fact I was called to the President house and given a run down on the challenges he faced and the bitter pills he swallowed. I don’t see that happening in many a “democracies” in the world today.


He made mistakes, every leader does, went to maddening extent to legitimize his stay in power with corrupt politicians, Lal Masjid and Baluchistan were both fiascos he could have handled with more tact, could have been assertive with both the US and the ISI to build lasting trust, didn’t reform the police or the judiciary at all with honest officers (what “got” him in the end) and above all, led a colorful life that alienated him from those who expected him to stay focused as the battle was not over (including the Army). He lost the battle, but did he lose the war? I think not.


Today, the government is leaving no stone unturned for a crime he logically had no interest to commit: the murder of Benazir Bhutto whom he invited, with Uncle Sam’s blessings, to form a government with an intent to stabilize democracy and save himself from Nawaz. One is compelled to ask, who “benefitted” from her death and under what circumstances did she die? Was he as the President of Pakistan expected to stand guard with a helmet and rifle next to her stand or vehicle? A President who faced numerous publicly documented attempts on his own life in a Talibanized and unstable country, when he couldn’t ensure his own security how was he even expected to ensure security of anyone else? Who were the forces against Benazir besides the media proclaimed Musharraf? Why are the key institutions and forces aligned against Musharraf though warring internally! What is it that Musharraf is capable of that they fear? In two words, “international influence” on global leaders, Bush, Blair, Howard, the King of Saudi Arabia, Chinese Premier, to name a few. He is still the respectable face of Pakistan to the world; the powers that be hate that, to say the least!


Regardless of the motivations for Musharraf red warrant paraphernalia, one thing is apparent, the common man, in or out of uniform is still in his favor, the only contender Imran Khan unfortunately has little to prove yet politically, administratively and globally compared to Musharraf.


On Interpol arresting Musharraf, one needs to read the article by Ian Johnston earlier this year where he cites many an example of oppressive and corrupt regimes using red warrants against political enemies –Musharraf seems to fit the bill fairly well I suppose. Further, Interpol mandate clearly excludes it from “politically inspired” cases hence; personally I see little likelihood of a red warrant ever issued against Musharraf unless he goes out on a mad killing rampage henceforth!


His only hope, to me, is to build bridges with Nawaz and Imran – the two developmental politicians of Pakistan, who despite their weaknesses, have given more to the nation then taken, and have more in common with Musharraf’s corporatized leadership style then the political mayhem of others. And like it or not, who have no hope without him, for 2013 will see Punjab divided between them; and PPP ruling with a majority in Punjab.


What the future holds for Musharraf is anybody’s guess, Pakistan politics is similar to their favorite sport, cricket, unpredictable till the last ball, two things are clear though, the army won’t interfere and PPP (in power) will leave no stone unturned to keep the trophy of power, resources, gold, cash, wine, women, fame and terror, that is also known to some as “Pakistan.”


MacManus parted the Penalty of Leadership with “That which deserves to live, lives.”will Musharraf live to see the light of day in Pakistan in his past glory? I think the people, not the “Brown Saheb” or Talibanized leaders of Pakistan know better…

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Shahid Rehman
Shahid Rehman Imran,well analyzed and written.I agree totally on the ground support Gen Musharraf has,specially in the rural areas.You will be surprised that this support is very apparent in the Punjab ! Don’t forget there are 2.5 million retired mil personnel in thSee more

Tariq Khan
Tariq Khan As regards the support , the General showed symtoms of illusion and delusion , even when he was in country.Only a moron would have raised in clenched fists in the air to celebrate and taunt , after his own people and countrymen , were muurderd in colSee more

Tariq Khan
Tariq Khan shahid rehman and@ nusrat, it was intersting to see the like and comment .Lets be honest for a change , and ask ourselves what has the man done for the country .Please reflect honestly, beyond the poodle whiskey!!

Imran Owais Kazmi
Imran Owais Kazmi Tariq Saheb, admire your spirit and zeal, though I don’t understand why you needed to repeat the same comment multiple times? perhaps technology blues smile emoticon I wish I could give you an angel for a leader (personally I come “this” close smile emoticon but I have to disSee more

Imran Owais Kazmi
Imran Owais Kazmi In all earnestness Tariq Khan Saheb, I second the comment of Shahid Rehman – I have had interactions with Sher Ali do add him to your network, all is not what it appears to be, there is good in Musharaf just as there is good in all of us and he did makSee more

Imran Owais Kazmi
Imran Owais Kazmi I do agree that the Turkish model suits progressive Muslim countries, Dubai’s on similar lines and reaping the fruits, the dark side is much lesser then the brighter side

Tariq Khan
Tariq Khan i think we have already achieved the critical mass , which was triggered by the ill concieved policies of the general, it is now all the way down the chute! .As a person he an overly friendly soul, a personality trait of which people took great advantaSee more

Tariq Khan
Tariq Khan I just mentioned the good side .Imagine if in all his wisdom he had shared this good side with people instead of squandring it on a few greedy and petty individuals who cozied up to him for their own ends , while never giving him true loyalty.

Imran Owais Kazmi
Imran Owais Kazmi The world as I see it today is back to worse then the Pharaoh’s and Nimrod’s. There is no Jesus, no Moses, no Muhammad SAWS, no Gandhi, no saint, no angel, no heavenly or human force from the Jews, Muslims, Christians, Hindus or any else to save us, itSee more

Tariq Khan
Tariq Khan Let us reflect on all that you have penned above .Lets agree first that all of those above , came at the time of chaos and great socio economic disorder, or when injustice and lawlessness prevailed .Barrring Ghandi, who also stands out more, beSee more

Shahid Rehman
Shahid Rehman Gandhi,was a fraud ! He used to go to the rallies of the poor in RR cars provided by the Tatas.The idiot,along with Nehru and Valahbhai Patel were responsible for the partition of India and the tragedy which followed.If Gandhi or that chutia,Nehru wereSee more

Tariq Khan
Tariq Khan Imran ,the second part of of your statement is more like a greek lament asking the gods on mount Olympus to come down an help if they care too and if they are realy there.Now this borders on hersy and you could be put to the question on a rack , by clSee more

Tariq Khan
Tariq Khan lastly the prophets usually seem to appear only in the semetic lands .Very remote chance of one dropping by in Pakistan!Ok , let me make you understand .Suppose the real Imam Mehdi arrived in Los Angeles , or Frankfurt , london , Dallas Fort worthSee more

Tariq Khan
Tariq Khan by chance at a friends place i came across a couple of retired senior civil officers, one them had just come back from Dubai , and also had lunch with him in some restaurant .They all agreed that general Musharraf was a great , and a fun person , and has big heart.but to be a king much more is required , beyond the goodness of heart .A an educated , open and sensitive mind , and foremost a sense of history.

Imran Owais Kazmi
Imran Owais Kazmi Please read this again, I’ve totally changed it as an op/ed piece – the original is still there at

Imran Owais Kazmi

The case for General Pervez Musharraf

By Imran Owais Kazmi-A Dubai based political analyst and peace guru, more on



Continue reading

Imran Owais Kazmi
Imran Owais Kazmi Hence kindly have a re read and if you like it, hit the “SHARE” button,Tariq Khan Saheb I’d like your comments on this, “that” one was a research assignment for “you know who” LOL smile emoticon

UN Islamic Terrorists RIGHT HERE

This is part of a horrible horrible email thread I’ve been a part of, unfortunately, what’s even more saddening is that this was neither the first time nor the ONLY location for such hate discussions, some of you have seen me on facebook with the Christian extremists as well, the thing is, this is leading us all to doomsday but no one cares because it does NOT most probably affect your “today’ … so we let it simmer till it manifests itself as a terror attack or a war.

Each side “smartly” INSULTS the other (if you’re a Muslim you’ll insult other sects of Islam or Christians or Jews or Hindus, if you’re a Christian or a Jew or a Hindu you’ll say “Mohamed was a false prophet and so on”) it NEVER ENDS AS NEITHER SIDES WANTS TO GIVE IN, why can’t “both” of us be right then just one of us? If there is some God above wouldn’t He be happier that way?

Why? Why can’t all of us be PROACTIVE and start teaming up to change this? Join me and let all faiths and colors live in peace… if you may…


Email thread…


Dear Brothers and Sisters,




  • Whether Zina is a real or fake name, Ismaili or whatever, who cares? All I care is that she understands you, and you understand her or him, and he/she understands you in a POSITIVE environment
  • I find your tirades towards each other like those of small children blaming and fighting each other. It is interesting that you are so called ‘Muslims’ who hate each other, trust me I moderate similar discussions with Hindus as well, for me we’re all one big, hopefully happy, family
  • I could see that you have no room in your hearts for each other, you are all sick in the SOUL, your hearts need mending


Go ahead, keep on blaming each other, or why just blame, GO KILL EACH OTHER, and don’t stop at that, put your “opponents” head on a staff and show it around town!!! This is not Islam, it’s your SHAYTANI/SATANIC version of “UN FAITH” – rot in hell you will, maybe someone like me MIGHT be able to “SAVE” you by opening your eyes to humility and decency.


Trishool Jee, you being a “sufi” please do “my job” now, tell them as a Hindu that respecting each other is more important from ANY God’s perspective. The more I see their likes the more I believe that in Islam it is said “near the end of days, you Muslims will be large in numbers but a very few of them will follow the right path.” These people are in the majority of disbelievers who believe they are believers and preach each other with their venom!


Love to humanity, even these “cockroaches”





Imran O Kazmi

Consultant and Peace Activist


Chief Thinking Officer at Strategy2Action and

Peace Guru at a Happy World


Personal profile LinkedIn and

Please think “trees” before printing this email!

Yes, it’s true you‘re worth a billion dollars, for even that kind of money can’t replace your heart, lungs, eyes, ears, brain, legs, hands, spine, and above all, your spirit… so be thankful and grateful next time you feel angry or depressed for any reason…

From: Kaukab Siddique []

Sent: Tuesday, July 19, 2011 11:06 PM

To: Gulshan Aalani

Subject: Re: Sorry-// Zina’s nonsense//RE: Email to GOD!!!


Zina Khan [fake name] keeps attacking Islam. She can see that Ismailis are leaving

the Aga Khani cult and embracing Islam.

She is frustrated and full of hate for Islam.

That’s why she abuses you.

Allah will reward you for your strong faith and fearlessness, inshallah.


Focus on Aga Khan, not fake name Zina. The cult leader is the source of Zina’s obscenities.

On Mon, Jul 18, 2011 at 11:03 PM, Gulshan Aalani <pardah52> wrote:</pardah52>


Imran: Whoever you are:









By the way she just cannot rest if she doesn’t communicate with Muslims,

may be she loves Muslims and hate her own. You never know what is

going on with such double faced cheaters, liars and deceivers.




From: Shelina and group -ex-Ismaili


Subject: zina’s nonsense//Email to GOD!!!

Date: Mon, 18 Jul 2011 21:06:12 +0600


Salamu Alykum Sister:



Jest read the following blabla of this crazy Ismaili woman zina.

She is talking about Shariat and Quran. What does she know about

it? Nothing! She likes to copy and paste that’s all.

She is just degrading herself.


She is so desperately trying to convince Muslims that she is Muslim,

but unfortunately it just won’t work.

It seems she is not happy with her religion so she keeps on writing

about Islam and Quran.

Or she doesn’t have anything important in her religion to write about.


She should know that all the 45 sects of Shia are Muslims except her,

as she must accept the reality of truth and stop banging her head on

the wall to prove what she is not.

She must send all the details of Islam and Quran to her god Aga and

teach him something about Islam, may be then he will order them all

to convert to Islam.

Especially, zina, it seems she likes Islam but too scared to accept it

without her master’s order.


Let us hope she goes back into her black hole.






Subject: Email to GOD!!!

Date: Mon, 18 Jul 2011 23:20:02 +0400

Dear God/Allah/Bhagwan/Yahweh/G-D/Buddha,


While I haven’t had the pleasure of meeting you, I am humbly aware that I am your, perhaps “imperfect” creation.


I know not what my tongue utters, nor what my proverbial pen inks on the ThinkPad screen, I get carried away in emotion at unsightly sights. But I assure, I am who or what I am because I love you. Because I know that you love me, despite all my faults.


I draw your attention to Zina and Jazoo and so many others who have been spewing hate to each other on this beautiful earth of yours, they throw insults at each other and the dead, they see not the sun nor the rain, they think they needn’t THANK YOU for all You provided for and to them. All Your bounties are meaningless in front of their ego and self righteousness.


What can a humble, poor, imperfect, ill educated mortal like myself do to tell them that there is something called love and humanity beyond arguments? That arguments lead one nowhere, that acceptance, love and tolerance spell nirvana, utopia, jannat, you choose how to spell!


God, I feel tired at times that despite my best intentions and efforts, your human creations tend to either misunderstand me or continue the hate … based on what they consider “moral, ethics, values etc etc”


What can You do to open their eyes, a miracle? a calamity? an angel of love soothing their broken hearts?


I kind of give up Boss J it’s like way beyond me. So I earnestly seek Your help, if You may be kind and gracious enough to oblige…




IOK (Imran o kazmi)

skype iokazmi (God, now that Bill Gates has skype, do you think I should invest in Facebook stock J?)

From: Zina Khan []

Sent: Monday, July 18, 2011 10:07 PM

Subject: Shariat is divided into TWO parts…namely religious and secular


And to know all this one needs to find and follow the Imam ! and not the mullahs and “fallible” scholars…!…


These clerics who are deeply entrenched in power like “pontiffs’ and control the lives of the poor ordinary muslims, make deafening roars…..and so in the process certain practices have become quintessential symbols and as we know that veneration of such symbols stops people from actually thinking about what these symbols symbolize…and so they become married to an “unthinking veneration” of certain symbols that somehow they believe associates with religion due to brainwashing….and so then they become totalitarian.


Also if the scholars are in the pay of the Mullahs and the despotic rulers, then frankly they will not take any risks either….it would be foolish to do so and so they will do what pleases the Rulers….


Now Shariat is divided into TWO parts…namely religious and secular….Islam is a way of life and so Shariat is meant to be a complete code of conduct which covers the life of a muslim…but it must originate from where? And that is why Allah said in the Quran…”Follow what I have sent down” !!!!…but what happened?


And when it is said to them: Follow what ALLAH has sent down, they say: “Not that!  But we will follow what we found our fathers upon”.  What?  Even though their fathers were void of wisdom and guidance?  The parable of those who disbelieve is as the parable of one who calls; but they hear nothing, except a call and a cry.  Deaf, dumb and blind, so they understand not”.  (The Holy Qur’an 2 Al- Baqarah 170-171)…….

Allah says:


      “Allah did choose Adam and Noah, the family of Abraham, and the family of Imran above all people- a line of descendants, one succeeding the other; and Allah heareth and knoweth all things.” (Quran 3:33,34)…how many followed the Command of Allah (swt) ? Only a Minority !


Disobedience to such a command consciously is Polytheism ! It is Shirk !


To continue with the theme…


Quran is the source of Shariat…but all the injunctions of the law are not expounded or explained in the quran….I need to cite examples as there are many….and so then much of this requires to be explained and clarified by the Prophet 9saw) and his ITRAT….and so conversely those who either do not follow the Itrat or do not wish to do so or have no choice but to depend on fallible scholars who themselves are in disagreement with almost everything except how to screw a woman, what then is the guarantee that what one is doing is correct as per the command?


After the passing away of the prophet the wars of conquest brought complexities and so the problems were resolved based on individual judgments of Jurists and rulers and so the later folks followed what they had done and included them in the body of the law, the Shariat….


Imam Abu Hanifa and Imam Ibn Malik founded their respective schools of shariat and they are the founders of the sunni shariat….now they came almost a century after the prophet’s death…and so the question then arises is which laws did the Khulafa e Rashdeen follow…..the Sunni Imams had not even met the Sahabas…leave aside meeting the prophet !


Then there is a third school of Imam Shafi and then of Imam Ibn Hanbal…..each claims to be correct….their salat is not the same even….and so how does one absorb this divergence? and when we thus talk today of Shariat, whose shariat i.e. which school of thought are we talking about?


The Sh’ias maintain that nobody understands this law better than the ITRAT of Muhamad (saw)…..are they wrong in this belief ?…frankly there is no room for qiyas or Ijma for the Sh’ias and yet majority follow scholars and Mutjahids…it is strictly the Imam’s prerogative and authority….as per Allah’s command….”Obey the Olil Amr” !!!


Now just to ponder over an example…if a man has touched a woman or had “emissions” etc….how does only washing hands and feet help make them clean and pure all 5 times they go for salat (unless they take a complete bath each time)? Kindly explain…


As for Salat, Sh’ias used to recite Salat THREE times a day…this practice was changed after Imam Khomeini took over the leadership….and so what is the basis to say that since 1400 years the practice has remained same?



According to an early article on the practice in Iran of pre-Ayatollah

days, written by the eminent Shia Scholar Seyed Hossain Nasr which was

included in the Cambridge History Of Islam the Shia jamats offered only three

times,  early morning and then combining the noon and evening prayers and

then the sunset and late night prayers together..


In the beginning there was no fixed time for prayer and no fixed prayer. During the first three years of his Naboowat the Holy Prophet prayed secretly.


Then on the request of Zaid bin Arqum prayers were conducted in his house until in the sixth year, the Prophet’s uncle Hazrat Hamzah and Hazrat Umar embraced islam and when the numbers rose to fifty and they were strong enough to pray openly, they started prayers including in the kaaba.



Many Muslims according to Bukhari and Abu-Muslim prayed 50 times sometimes.


According to Historians prayer was regulated in or around the 11th year of Naboowat when the Holy Prophet had “ascended” to Meraj. …Prophet also used to pray at 9 am in the morning or when there was no rain or if there was a calamity looming….Quran also dictates that muslims pray in the middle of the night during the LUMINOUS hour…majority don’t ! why? There is also an ayah which says that REMEMBER him PERPETUALLY….most don’t as they think doing just their “obligatory” is enough !!!

— On Mon, 7/18/11, syed-mohsin naquvi <mnaquvi> wrote:</mnaquvi>


Date: Monday, July 18, 2011, 4:42 PM



Dear Mr. Arif Khairuddin, CPA, CISA, FCA (and the other alphabets A to Z),


There is no proderual instruction on Salat in the Qur’an, that is true. That is because Islamic tradition are a total sum of the documented Qur’an and the life style of the Prophet. Muslims offer Salat exactly as the Prophet did, that is carried forward by what is called Sunnat-e-Mutawatira, a tradition which has not undregone any change in the intervening 1400 years.


The procedure of ablution, though, is documented in the Qur’an:



يَا أَيُّهَا الَّذِينَ آمَنُوا إِذَا قُمْتُمْ إِلَى الصَّلَاةِ فَاغْسِلُوا وُجُوهَكُمْ وَأَيْدِيَكُمْ إِلَى الْمَرَافِقِ وَامْسَحُوا بِرُءُوسِكُمْ وَأَرْجُلَكُمْ إِلَى الْكَعْبَيْنِ ۚ وَإِن كُنتُمْ جُنُبًا فَاطَّهَّرُوا ۚ وَإِن كُنتُم مَّرْضَىٰ أَوْ عَلَىٰ سَفَرٍ أَوْ جَاءَ أَحَدٌ مِّنكُم مِّنَ الْغَائِطِ أَوْ لَامَسْتُمُ النِّسَاءَ فَلَمْ تَجِدُوا مَاءً فَتَيَمَّمُوا صَعِيدًا طَيِّبًا فَامْسَحُوا بِوُجُوهِكُمْ وَأَيْدِيكُم مِّنْهُ ۚ مَا يُرِيدُ اللَّهُ لِيَجْعَلَ عَلَيْكُم مِّنْ حَرَجٍ وَلَٰكِن يُرِيدُ لِيُطَهِّرَكُمْ وَلِيُتِمَّ نِعْمَتَهُ عَلَيْكُمْ لَعَلَّكُمْ تَشْكُرُونَ


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Imran Owais Kazmi
Imran Owais Kazmi I begun the failed “peace process” with an “EMAIL TO GOD”

From: smiokazmi@gmail.comSee more

Imran Owais Kazmi
Imran Owais Kazmi EAT PUMPKINS smile emoticon I repeat from above: “Join me and let all faiths and colors live in peace… if you may…”

Imran Owais Kazmi
Imran Owais Kazmi Anita it’s actually quite interesting to see animalistic human behaviour, tribal warfare, I see it on all sides, it amuses me too, to see educated people falling so low smile emoticon

Imran Owais Kazmi
Imran Owais Kazmi hehehe His Holiness Ogamba Bumba is amazed and amused by your gesture smile emoticon

Syed Muhammad
Syed Muhammad The Arab Spring and the renaissance of Muslims smile emoticon high time! READ THE COMMENT…

Dear Journalists,See more

Why Customer Service will never be a reality around here?

Absolute lack of Customer Service, and here’s why! An excerpt…


Harsh realities and skeletons in the closet that will sooner bring change in the region then rhetoric abound on all media…




Imran O Kazmi

Chief Thinking Officer / Transformational Consultant, CRS Cube/Strategy2Action


From: IOK []

Sent: Tuesday, March 06, 2012 9:25 AM

To: ‘’

Subject: Harry’s article


Dear Mark,


I read with a lot of interest Harry Hanscomb’s views on Customer Service that were put forth by yourself, on


I’d love to get in touch with him, I share similar experiences and have somehow “cracked the code” to great customer service, I’m sure we’ll be able to turn things round!


One objection though, and you’re welcome to print with my name if you so wish, most Indians and Pakistanis in my circle find customer service in the UAE terrible and racially biased (unlike Harry’s perception), for example, if you’re an Asian standing at say a KFC counter and there’s a “white” or “Arab” guy next to you, chances are that the attendant will ignore you, be rude to you and relatively much nicer to the Arab / “white” – this is prevalent in this market by a huge margin, if you were to attend a networker for example, then unless you speak English with a predominantly “UK/US” accent, chances are that you’ll be ignored and rebuked unless of course, you’re a “prospective client” in some sense for the BD guys and gals out there. The same thing is true in government institutions, banks and airlines, among other sectors. It is the mindset that “Asians were slaves, less educated, dirty, cheats, poor, smelly, lustful, ill mannered” and the like that seems to be running in most brains round here. Ignoring that such “qualities” are fairly universal, for no nation can claim immunity from them!


The only difference as I see it between the East and the West is great governance in the West (mostly) on the social side which too, is marred by the financial crisis as we speak in no small terms. Hence Asians’ are good for cabbies and low life blue collar but nothing better, and in the low life roles, they are constantly stereotyped for their “shortcomings, rude manners, uncouth and unclean and unrefined” – this snob, class consciousness will never ever improve customer service in this part of the world, not in a lifetime atleast if not several. Consider my case as an MBA from one of the finest Asian universities (IBA, Karachi, Pakistan) that is at par with Harvard or any other, worked across BAT, Nokia, BASF, Motorola and others I face IMMENSE challenges in the job market, after thousands of relevant apps I get only rejection letters, the ads clearly and boldly state “UK/US/SA/Aussie/NZ/Arab” in most cases, and where they don’t there’s a glass ceiling, such discrimination does NOT exist in the West, people and companies can be sued or socially disgraced for the same unless discreet, but here, my worth is judged by the color of my skin and the accent I speak in (which by the way got my 9 out 9 in IELTS and many find it hard to believe that atleast I didn’t have a Western education) – my only well wishers are Europeans and Americans I interact with on Facebook on THEIR side of the world, over here we are treated with equal disgrace as is customary here. All said and done, Europe and the US, due fair and equitable laws and good governance fare a lot better even though the mindsets may exist people are careful displaying them for fear of social and judicial reprimand. Just some observations in my personal domain… Above all for the SAME job, the payscales of an Asian and Euro/American vary by a 100 percent or sometimes 2-300%, I’ve personally witnessed that in many “fine” organizations in the region. If it’s all too hard to digest, reality does bite sometimes J


In short, Mark, customer service is an attitude then “processes” and “certifications” and “trainings” that the UAE / GCC firms seem to be indulging and showing off all too often. There is little substance and am glad Harry’s research does make that apparent, though of course, he has a selfish business interest, in the least it makes a vice known to be a vice!


Would love to get Harry’s coordinates from you as an internet search yielded little, I’m sure the last thing he wants is being off the radar for someone who seeks Customer Care help.




Imran O Kazmi


Chief Thinking Officer / Transformational Consultant, CRS Cube/Strategy2Action

Peace Guru at A Happy World Animal Lover and a “fun oriented” human being!

Please think “trees” before printing this email!


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William Adelman
William Adelman Looks like their email address syntax is

Is Dubai still collapsing financially? Or have people started coming back to pick up the new cars they left at the airport parking lot??

Nita Jane
Nita Jane I remember when as a white female I felt at the top of the food chain… I remember…

Imran Owais Kazmi
Imran Owais Kazmi William Adelman Am a recluse in Dubai smile emoticon so wouldn’t know even if they did, I spend my “time” here if you catch my drift, and Nita Applegate you still are LOL smile emoticon and Sonia M Khan sad but I guess merit and competence are the answers there

Imran Owais Kazmi
Imran Owais Kazmi that’s the whole point of this note Sonia Gee smile emoticon if people think competence and merit first then race, faith, nationality, gender dadadadadada then it all fits perfectly into place and so does the fucking world smile emoticon

Imran Owais Kazmi
Imran Owais Kazmi I sometimes feel like am on Highway 24, a long time ago, came a man on this track, Walking thirty miles with a sack on his back
And he put down his load where he thought it was the best
Made a home in the wildernessSee more

Imran Owais Kazmi
Imran Owais Kazmi it is, listen to the song, it’s my generation LOL smile emoticon Dire Straits simply rock

Imran Owais Kazmi
Imran Owais Kazmi apologies smile emoticon was my all time fav, almost every song (I hated walk of life, the country guitars and was just too commercial for me)

Imran Owais Kazmi
Imran Owais Kazmi “he” is indeed amazing smile emoticon LOL have you heard Illsley too?

Imran Owais Kazmi
Imran Owais Kazmi or just hibernating LOL

Imran Owais Kazmi
Imran Owais Kazmi Sonia u shud add em all, my crazy friends smile emoticon

Frida Clift
Frida Clift facebook … YAWN wink emoticon

Will (NA)PAK-istan Survive???

After a CNBC program where I was invited to speak on Pakistan Foreign Policy wherein my opening line was “only free nations can create their foreign policy, we were never free under the looter politicians, army, bureacrats and our foreign so-called allies, hence the question is irrelevant”-then I saw the news last night, attack on Army base, before that enough praise has been showered on the hospitality Pakistan endowed on Osama bin Laden… this was sent as an email to the members of the so-called “top brass” I know, knowing well, they’ll do nothing…


Attention: Pakistan Army Generals, Politicians, Media and Bureaucrats


I’ve been in touch with you, personally and professionally in the past. I am putting you in BCC to keep SOME respect for you, me and our relations, the world doesn’t respect you and me, that, I assure you 100%.


I write here to express my utter DISGUST at:


1                     ALL Pakistani politicians

2                     Pakistan Army

3                     Pakistan Bureaucracy

4                     Pakistan Media

5                     Pakistan Judiciary and totally inept police

6                     Pakistan Mullahs

7                     Pakistani Awam, selecting looters, again, and again, till death do them part


Together, you have SUCCESSFULLY destroyed the nation state of Pakistan born out of Allama Iqbal, Maulana Jouhar, Sir Syed, Azad and M A Jinnah’s idealism. Today people like me and millions of others outside the country hang their heads in shame, fiasco after fiasco, Bhutto’s nationalization, Zia’s Afghan war, BB’s IPPs, Nawaz’s motorway, Musharaf’s political dreams, all to the current day, Osama Bin Laden cosy in Abbottabad, attacks on Pakistan army and navy installations LAST NIGHT going on till TODAY!!! . Do you KNOW Pakistanis are the MOST HATED PEOPLE IN THE WORLD? All because of YOU, Sirs and Madam.




Soon you will run away to other countries, like Nazis ran, and will hide your ancestors and past, just as they did for fear of rightful persecution in the hands of your shortchanged countrymen.


WHY? Is my question to you. WHY have you put our nation state at this juncture? Only you and your “leaders” can answer this I only know HOW you got us here:


1                     NO RULE OF LAW

2                     DEAL MAKING ALL THE TIME

3                     USE AID FOR SELF, SCREW THE PUBLIC




You probably know but have done NOTHING about besides


And you won’t most likely, for all you care, is not even look beyond your NOSE.


From PAKistan to NAPAKistan – I can see your combined struggle…


Tell the world, tell the media, there is nothing left in Pakistan except looters, and the looted.




Imran O Kazmi

Chief Thinking Officer, Synergize/Strategy2Action



UAE +971 50 5849562 and +971 55 8094119 (Pk +92 342 5380159 and +92 312 5627329)

Skype id iokazmi  – Blackberry messenger PIN 20F3E3F5

Based in Emirates Hill, Dubai, UAE


Sites and


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1 comment
Bryan G. Holmes
Bryan G. Holmes I wish I knew enough about Pakistani politics and culture to make an intelligent comment, but I don’t. In lieu of educated or intelligent feedback, then, I’ll hang on to a hope that all citizens in Pakistan (and around the world) learn to enjoy freedom for tyrannical and negative forces that govern their lives.

The rise of the Christian Taliban / Christian Al Qaeda


Are you telling BILLIONS of people who believe in Allah ST (like I do) that we’re all “wrong”? and who are you Sir, a Messenger of God? Oh please show me a miracle Alberto? Can you?

Worse is the trend I see in MOST Christians of today, you guys are WORSE then Talibans, in fact you are the same breed, worse because you are chameleons, they show their true colors, you don’t. You preach “love, tolerance, party all the time, have fun” to the world but INSIDE you are SO full of venom against Muslims and “Allah” and “Muhammad”

You know what Alberto, there was a time in my life when I used to DOUBT if religion Islam was worth the faith I have in it, and THEN I came across Christian Talibans like you, here and on facebook ( and I saw your Taliban Obama and Taliban George W Bush and Taliban Blair, and I realized “wtf” these guys are the same that they want us to despise (Talibans/Al Qaeda!)

IF you were sincere and REALLY wanted to build a bridge you would NEVER have written the email below, it’s the SAME as I or a Muslim writing about “Jesus as a concoction of Christians, some milkman they thought was a prophet” will that make you or the Christians feel elated Sir?

You cannot talk PEACE by hurting people Alberto, in fact you are simply following Satan / Lucifer … so you’ve sold him your soul kind of “cheap” if you ask me man!

Go get a life at made for extremists in the guise of “your sincere friends” like you.

Love that Moses, Jesus, Mohammad, Allah, Gandhi, Mother Teresa and all good men and women and the Creator has showered on me, hope you “get it” too someday, for now, highly unlikely, but then I hope against hope, even for morons.


From: []On Behalf Of portugheis alberto

Sent: Thursday, July 14, 2011 1:25 PM



Only by removing Allah from the picture you can get to the Truth. Allah, if he exists, does NOT speak any language. He cannot communicate directly with any of us. When a human says “Allah spoke to me”, he is saying “my conscience spoke to me”

Allah, if He exists, only speaks wuth deeds. He arranges earthquakes, floods, tsunamis, He can make volcanoes erupt. He’s busy putting poison in certain animals so that if they bite us, we are dead. Failing this, He gives us deadly dieases and if scientists go against His will and find cures to these illnesses, Allah is quick in sending new deadly diseases.


Also, Allah is determined to show us that He only made man for man to walk, so He arranges all king of car, train and airplane accidents as well as shipwrecks, to remind us of this. Of course, sometimes He doesn’t even want man to walk, so he gives him polio or gives him no legs.


The world could be a fantastic place to all its occupants live in Peace and Harmony, if we could forget this invented character and recognise that among us, every now and then; there are enlightened men and women, with their own personal message. It is always a “personal” message, dictated, as I said at the beginning by the person’s own conscience.


Alberto (Masterclasses)

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Imran Owais Kazmi
Imran Owais Kazmi smile emoticon ain’t it mixed up enuff for the likes of me to attempt, btw saw that 80s period flick “take me home tonight” loved it, took me back to “Betty Davis Eyes” dayz smile emoticon

Imran Owais Kazmi
Imran Owais Kazmi you must get a hold of that flick Anita, it’s awesome, beautifully done, the hairdos, the AWESOME gas guzzlers (how I LOVE the old Caddies, Impalas and the like, and the classic Merc SLs) not to mention the quips and heartbreak stuff, lots of foolin round, I literally turned back the clock on my vitals smile emoticon

John Hillbery
John Hillbery Betty was a mystery gal all right. Cracker. She was in her hey day in my teenage years and she was too much for my mind then. As time went by I saw the light.!!

John Hillbery
John Hillbery it is indeed a bizarre desire Imran, But a man has to do what a man must do.Pink caddi and all!!

Imran Owais Kazmi
Imran Owais Kazmi Yep smile emoticon But I like black caddies smile emoticon

John Hillbery
John Hillbery Ok then !Thats fine and dandy!

Heather Gilbert
Heather Gilbert What’s so wrong with what that author wrote? I happen to believe that way over a billion people are wrong. They are entitled to be wrong so long as their beliefs don’t negatively impact upon mine. I hardly see this guy as the Christian Taliban, though I have met religious bigots from all religions. I’ve also met atheist bigots for that matter.

Pat McCrann
Pat McCrann Heather, anyone who calls Christians and George Bush and Tony Blair (odious as Blair is) the Taliban is someone who has a very elastic relationship with facts or truth. Save your breath. Don’t throw your peals before swine.

Pat McCrann
Pat McCrann I meant pearls, of coursel. What you do with your peals is entirely up to you.

Imran Owais Kazmi
Imran Owais Kazmi Heather well actually you are right, I found at later that this guy was a Buddhist smile emoticon and I linked it with another discussion where a lot of Christians clobbered me for no good reason smile emoticon

Imran Owais Kazmi
Imran Owais Kazmi He was referring to “Allah” perhaps not in a negative sense, I’d never know as he never replied, it was perhaps a Buddhist rendition smile emoticon

Imran Owais Kazmi
Imran Owais Kazmi “found out” fb typos smile emoticon

Pat McCrann
Pat McCrann Buddhists seems to be getting rather aggressive and argumentative these days. Maybe there’s sommat i’the water

Imran Owais Kazmi
Imran Owais Kazmi @Pat if you were a Muslim you’d see that we are hated like globally, I do agree we have a lot of people who do a lot of stuff that is definitely hateable to put ALL of us in one basket is not fair, and that’s exactly what the Western leaders did, they See more

Imran Owais Kazmi
Imran Owais Kazmi but instead today all of us, no matter what faith or location, live insecure, it didn’t have to be this way, and I only wish the Western leaders had had more insight and depth or perhaps better guidance, there were / are so many pseudo’s guiding them oSee more

Pat McCrann
Pat McCrann Imran, I agree with everything you’ve said above, almost, but that just doesn’t justify equating Blair and Bush with the Taliban, who go around slaughtering even their own people and it achieves nothing but a bunkered mentality. Which is a shame becausSee more

Pat McCrann
Pat McCrann No offence but Mohammed was not a prophet. He fulfilled non of the criteria required of a prophet, chief of which is that his message bore absolutely NO relation to that of Moses or any other biblical prophet. You should perhaps study Moses in the Bible and then you can really deal with the problem. Until then no Muslim will ever really be at ease in the world.

Pat McCrann
Pat McCrann Muslims aren’t hated Imran. Truly they’re not. I haven’t met anyone who cannot separate, at some point anyway, Muslims from Islam. On the contrary, most of us love you and want you to be happy in the world.

Imran Owais Kazmi
Imran Owais Kazmi I am wearing a Muslims’ clothes with a Christian heart and a Jewish brain (I need that pound of flesh Pat smile emoticon earnestly I love humanity and that to me is Islam, unfortunately 99% of the Muslim populace is on different tangents, not necessarily anti ChriSee more

Pat McCrann
Pat McCrann Yes, those are words from the heart and they’re appreciated. It’s funny because I was only thinking this morning that we need to start insisting that Muslims who are against the extremists and who are trying to speak out must be brought to the forefront and listened to. People need to start insisting on this with politicians. Glad to have you as a friend Imran.

Imran Owais Kazmi
Imran Owais Kazmi Call your friends in CIA / M16 hahaha – seriously those are the guys that need a COMPLETE RETHINK of the strategy against terror

Pat McCrann
Pat McCrann Actually Imran that rethink is going on right now, particularly the recognition that th wrong people have been getting heard in the Muslim community.

Imran Owais Kazmi
Imran Owais Kazmi I hope it is, cos its very quiet on the outside atleast smile emoticon

Imran Owais Kazmi
Imran Owais Kazmi the only sounds I hear are media bombs smile emoticon

Imran Owais Kazmi
Imran Owais Kazmi…/christian-terrorist…/

The terrorist attacks in Oslo, Norway on July 22nd have been confirmed to be the work of a right-wing Christian fundamentalist named Anders…
Imran Owais Kazmi
Imran Owais Kazmi yeah give em media mileage, we Muslims don’t deserve all of it … for free, followed by their bombs, hate talk and well what not smile emoticon

A Note to MQM supporters

I must admit that regardless of what people on this forum think of MQM (I was never a big fan until Mustafa Kamal)

I am well connected politically, all parties have some acquaintances of mine, in 2009 mid Fauzia Wahab, Info Sec of PPP and MNA and Dr Donya Aziz, MNA PML BOTH PRAISED MQM FOR BEING THE MOST ORGANIZED BODY IN PAKISTAN!!! You must be GOOD when your competition praises you!!! They WISHED their parties were like MQM in terms of discipline!!! Can you believe this? I had a tough time believing it!!!

MOST OF YOU, whether from Karachi, Lahore, Pindi or wherever CANNOT see beyond your nose and your stupid ideologies, you have NO idea of the truth, when you do, you will be dying… I am making a hopeless attempt to WAKE you up, its difficult, but I’ll still try… I’ll fail right? But I’ll know I tried to wake and unite my countrymen.

Surprisingly my father was from UP and my Mom Lucknow but we NEVER called ourselves this insulting word “MOHAJIR” we were, are and shall always be PAKISTANIS, unless we change our nationality. Period. For all you “MOHAJIRS” out there, I am giving a WAKE UP CALL. If you are not Pakistanis, you are NOBODY. Remember this.

Many of you are young, you don’t know the truth, you don’t know reality, I know it, so please listen to it, I believe in Pakistan, no MQM or PPP or PML, these are all BULLSHIT IDEOLOGIES aimed at dividing us even further, the SOONER you understand the sooner you will “GROW UP” and save Pakistan, else you may THINK you are “saving” Pakistan but in REALITY you will STILL be dividing Pakistan.

Unless you are “summun bukmun umyan fahum la yarjion” as the Quran says, you will understand my point, Insha Allah and Ameen.

My mother Prof Dr Atiya Khalil Arab is a religious scholar (I CHALLENGE anyone to ask any EDUCATED Mulla Shia or Sunni and ask them IF THEY know of a more learned scholar and authority on Islam and Hadith than my mother, the answer is “NO”-I know yar, I’ve seen it all my life, the Mullas, shia or sunni, learning or afraid of my mother) AND a poetess, although Wahabi Sunni, she has graced many a Shia Majlis, the Turabi family, the Abidi family, all are very good family friends by the way… we are not “Shias or Sunnis” we are Muslims, again, PERIOD. Wake up and realize this, see for a more detailed view.

Ask Mr Altaf Hussain, your “QUAID” how he knows Dr Atiya Khalil Arab, then head of Arabic Department, KU, when Altaf “BHAI” for you was still a student “leader”

Ammi had gone to a Mushaira, being a poetess she had said a shair “Hum ko tora to tut jao ge, hum tumhara hissar hain logo” agar itni urdu ati hai to shayad matlab samajh aa jai gi aap logon ko 🙂

Anyway next morning when she was in the Department of Arabic where she was Chairwoman, late Prof Dr Ehsan Rashid, a very fine man, called Ammi and said “Dr Saheba, kya aap ne siyasat main hissa le lya hai” Ammi ne kaha “Nahi Dr Saheb ye kis ne kaha” – unhon ne jawab dya, University ke darwazon pe kal rat wala ap ka shair laga hai ap ke name ke sath, APMSO ke taraf se. Then Ammi called Altaf Saheb to her office.

Altaf “Bhai” for you came, he stood at the door and said “Ji farmaiye” Ammi asked him that “kis ki ijazat se ap ne mera shair banners pe lagaya hai” Altaf Sahab ne “FARMAYA” – “kyun kya ap Mohajir nahin” – aj tak main apni Maan ki iss bat per BE HAD proud hon, she said “NAHI, main Pakistani hon”

Yar bachon, zara baray ho jai, socho, aisay log bhi hain jo apne mulk se itni muhabbat karte hain!

Baad main, Nawaz Sharif, BB in sab ne marey maan ko Ambassadors or Religious Ministers ki positions offer kin, Ammi ne KABHIL LIFT TAK NAHI KARAI, un ka hamesha ye eman tha “siyasat ke bagher contribution”

Shayad tum main jo logh 100000% jahil nahin or jin ka ZAMIR 100000% mara nahin in baton ko samjhen…

Tumhara Quaid 1948 main mar gya mere bachon! Aaj bhi us ko roh baichain hain ke yeh kin kuttay ke bachon ka mulk hai jo apne ap ko Pakhtoon, Balochi, Punjabi, Sindhi aur Mohajir kehte hain

My own cousin, Zakaria Kazmi, one of the original MQM MNAs was apparently harassed and looted after a very “emoshanal” inclusion in the party in which I still remember, back in 1989 or around that time when MQM first came to power, he asked my father late S M Owais to host a dinner for him at our house where ALL family was invited, then he spoke of all the “sacrifices” and “contributions” of Altaf Hussain, the “famous” CD 70 and all 🙂

MY GOD everyone in the family silently bit their lips and laughed their hearts out at Zakarya Kazmi. THEN after some time we got to know that Zakarya Saheb has “LEFT” MQM, we were then told of extortion and badmashi, anyway, MQM was certainly sponsored by ISI and Zia Saheb to counter PPP, no doubt about that BUT the fact remains that overall the people of Karachi LOVE this party AND that recently they have done good things as well in Karachi.

But the fact remains that neither MQM nor any other party in Pakistan bodes well for the state.


This is an EXCELLENT opportunity to tell the world, and Taliban what is the point of view of REAL Muslims or believers of ANY FAITH are like you and me, of peace, tolerance and love. Visit and put it on their comment section, FLOOD IT, tell the WHOLE world about it till they FINALLY UNDERSTAND the right way, which, Insha Allah, one day they will, with our combined efforts.



—–Original Message—–
Sent: Thursday, January 28, 2010 10:12 AM
Subject: Copy of: Will you follow Islam or the devil?

Copy of:

This is an enquiry e-mail via from:
Imran O Kazmi <>

Dear Brother or Sister in Islam,

I think the Taliban are TRULY misguided and only helping Shaitan, I do not say that the US or others are “right” but only that YOU (Taliban) are WRONG, as a Muslim, it is my duty to tell you and help you gain heaven, then hell.

Please read and learn from my efforts at and CONVINCE your leadership to bring the Ummah together in the way of Muhammad SAWS which was LOVE and PEACE then war/hatred.

The Christians/Jews/Non Muslims are our brothers too, they are MISGUIDED, because they are NOT LUCKY like us to be born in Muslim families, we need to LOVE them and HELP them see the light, by killing and fighting them, we are making SHAITAN happier and Allah ST sadder and angrier.

Love Allah ST, Love Muhammad SAWS and START doing what Muhammad SAWS did to Quraishe Makka, LOVE and PEACE. Remember what he did to the lady in Taif, or to Hazrat Umar RA, remember brothers, ISLAM SPREAD THROUGH LOVE, NOT THE SWORD.

I do not fear ANYONE in this world, not you, not the West, I fear ALLAH only, and Allah COMMANDS me to tell you to follow Him and His Messenger Muhammad SAWS to spread love and peace not FITNAH.

Please surrender your arms, tell the world that you are TRUE LOVING MUSLIMS. The world will love you and Islam in return, Insha Allah.

Do not be BLIND in hatred, open your eyes to LOVE that Allah has for you and ALL humanity, Muslims or Non Muslims, do not break Allah’s law, do not make the Shaitan laugh and say “THIS MAN, FITNAH” – at least not for Muslims… PLEASE. STOP VIOLENCE, START PREACHING AND PRACTICING LOVE AND PEACE.

I am NOT an ordinary person/Muslim. My mother is Alim e Hadith, she has Sanad e Hadith, my father translated the Quran in English and Urdu. We KNOW Islam BETTER THAN ANY MULLAH IN THIS WORLD TODAY, I CHALLENGE YOU TO BRING ONE PERSON WHO KNOWS MORE ABOUT ISLAM THEN MY MOTHER.

And I learnt ONLY love and peace for ALL MANKIND from my parents. If this is REAL ISLAM, WHAT ARE YOU FOLLOWING BROTHERS? You are only following Shaitaan.

Do not hate me or be angry at me, these are the divine teachings of Allah ST and His Messenger SAWS that I bring you.



May Allah guide you. Ameen.


Imran Owais Kazmi

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Imran Owais Kazmi
Imran Owais Kazmi Need of the hour! Rather “the second”

Manoor Sachdev
Manoor Sachdev Hi Imran,

I am so happy to read the above & feel relief as i get the answer to tell a few i know that not all Muslims are against Humanity or terrorists. Ameen! to your above call to the lost brothers.See more

Imran Owais Kazmi
Imran Owais Kazmi Manoor, totally in agreement with you but dearest REMEMBER WHO’S THE AUDIENCE :-)))) its’ not you and me :)))) the “Islamic” faith is “built” on this “belief” hence as I’m speaking to “diehard Islamists” I must speak their language or else be lost smile emoticonISee more

Manoor Sachdev
Manoor Sachdev Thank you Imran! But, only one thing that faith is earned by showing the true mirror, yes there will be something we don’t like but have to live with it… i know it is a hard nut to crack but, when decided upon then why not use a nut cracker than a stone which might hurt our own finger in the process.

I am with you brother & let humanity be victorious.See more

Rizwan Younas
Rizwan Younas Imran..very thougtful… can i use this document to share with some of my friends….

Imran Owais Kazmi
Imran Owais Kazmi Absolutely RY smile emoticon

Rizwan Younas
Rizwan Younas thanx you in morning Insha Allah..i collected some info for you….

Kurt Donald Laduron
Kurt Donald Laduron I for one am not misguided…

Imran Owais Kazmi
Imran Owais Kazmi Kurt. That’s precisely the catch smile emoticon no one thinks they’re misguided. But when you have an organized idealistic and violent force like them you gotta talk their language. Its better to assume an ‘infidel’ is misguided from their perspective and make an effort to educate then kill wink emoticon hehhehe its a formula that works for all sides…

Kurt Donald Laduron
Kurt Donald Laduron I can understand….well played…

Julian Higgins
Julian Higgins Just take care Syed Imran. If they can try and kill a schoolgirl…

Imran Owais Kazmi
Imran Owais Kazmi Julian. Que sera sera….

What’s in a name, a rose by any other name is still a rose? Is that all in a name?


If you are “John”, you are most probably a Christian, and Arieh makes you sound you are Jewish, Ashok, and you’re definitely a Hindu, Khushpreet is distinctly Sikh, Dhanibuddha is … you got it! Buddhist! and Muhammad is 100% Muslim. There are some who cross borders, for example, Abraham can be both Christian and Jewish, Aliyah can be Jewish and Muslim, I am sure there are many more combinations.

In a world full of intolerant people I am making the ultimate move, born a Muslim, I shall have as many names as there are religions in this world, customized for each, and I’d love to know which ones are COMMON in which religion?

So I now seek Christian, Jewish, Hindu, Sikh, Buddhist, Mormon and you-literally-name it names for ME!

And I humbly suggest you do the same for yourself! I’d like a Christian to refer to me with a Christian name, wouldn’t you like a Jewish person to refer to you with a Jewish name? Or a Muslim by a Muslim name?You don’t have to change your religion to do this, just have another “ID” a name for the people that you want to show you care for! In the least we’ll bring people together all over the world!

Warm regards

Syed Muhammad Imran Owais Kazmi
Peace Activist, A Happy World
Chief Thinking Officer, CRS Cube

The key to solving Israel and Palestine’s problems

With reference to the Facebook Group: Israeli Palestinian Confederation of which I am a member too, and thought you might like to read my plan, join and support me in this cause which does affect our lives in someway, atleast seeing the bickering and fighting in media of these two “species” 🙂

I posted there today at 8:45am

Regarding the prisoners deadlock, I believe the solution is more complex then exchanging prisoners. The root problem is “hate and intolerance” for each others religion based on the ASSUMPTION that G-d/Allah justifies this hatred. In fact, the OPPOSITE is true, G-D/Allah will, in my humble opinion, have resorved hotel suites in HELL for these people. G-d/Allah wants PEACEMAKERS and TOLERANT, LOVING human beings. How does this relate to the prisoners’ case? Simple: Read below the STEPS to do it:

STEP 1: Get ONE pro Islamic (or aware of good things in) Jewish Scholar and ONE pro Judaism (or aware of good things in) Islamic scholar, if that’s hard to get, I can fill in for both seriously! As I believe both are G-D/Allah’s beloved religions and people, like all else. I AM A VOLUNTEER TO DO IT FOR BOTH SIDES, AS I BELIEVE IN BOTH THE TORAH AND THE QURAN AND THE BIBLE AS WELL!!!


-What do Muslims believe in that the Jews also believe in
-What do Jews believe in that Muslims also believe in
-Suggestions on building a common community based on love, respect and tolerance
-YOUR ROLE as an AMBASSADOR OF PEACE WHEN YOU ARE RELEASED, so you go BACK to Israel/Palestine and GIVE INTERVIEWS ON MEDIA propmoting these values so NO ONE ELSE LIKE YOU ever has to go through what you went through and the VIOLENCE FINALLY ENDS.

Remember, its a democracy at the end of the day, if the people are with us, all is easy, else voting alone will get us nowhere.

Warm regards,

Syed Muhammad Imran Owais Kazmi

Peace Activist, A Happy World
Chief Thinking Officer, CRS Cube