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I am a writer, an analyst and an artist. The artist in me is extremely sad at the state of affairs in Pakistan, Kashmir and even the world we live in where poverty, capitalism and objectification has relegated humanity to a lower level then desired

Today Pakistan is perhaps going through its worst imaginable time. While we are a nuclear power we are a mess in almost every other area. And the whole world seems to be ganging up on us. We don’t know who to trust as friends. Everyone looks like an enemy today. Because our friends have good terms with our enemies

Everyone I talk to tells me that the military option is out of consideration for various reasons. Protests we all know are quite ineffective. Power is best responded to by power. Not by speeches or articles. These are elementary observations.

With a weak economy, weaker foreign relations and our enemies enticing our friends there is no end to our woes.

But hopelessness is not in our genes. So we must fight on. Anyway we can. Even protests, articles, whatever we can. We should do. While we fix our economy with low taxes, less government spending. And fix law and order with retired army officers. While increasing tourism in a liberal environment. My feeble brain can only come up with these. Maybe you have better ideas than I? If so please do share with me and the nation. For we can use any good idea today. We need them!

In my personal capacity I’m thinking of producing a song for Kashmir. I have the lyrics. If you know any musicians. Especially those with experience in Apple it would be great!

Let’s do our bit. Every cloud has a silver lining. *Pakistan Zindabad*

CrystalHeart Kazmi

*Kashmir thanks you Narendra Modi*

*Kashmir thanks you Narendra Modi* CrystalHeart Kazmi

Now we Pakistanis are full of faults. I don’t need to tell you. The world knows. But you sir are amazing. You broke your own constitution and all legal agreements in abrogating article 370 in Kashmir. You turned into a public villain in front of the whole world. Today the BBC, NYT, all major newspapers of the word. In fact even good Indians and your Supreme Court. All are blaming you for your actions. You have no moral authority left in the Kashmir matter.

You’ve done what you wanted to do. You wrote the first evil chapter of Kashmir’s history. But remember Mr Narendra Modi. You seem to have forgotten that Hitler dis. Just like you he did what he wanted to do. That resulted in joining of the two Germany’s and a historically permanent slap on him and his Nazi supporters. Just like your RSS will be remembered with you and your BJP.

Sir. You have done Kashmir and Kashmiris a huge favor. Just like the Jews have power, respect and a homeland. So will the Kashmiris. And all this will happen in your lifetime Mr Modi. As we say. Insha Allah

You have done the impossible for Kashmir and Kashmiris. Thank you

Kashmir story short

Anyone who blames India please look inside Pakistan first. Our police and judges are the worst. Our economy is finished. And our future is dark. Let us fix Pakistan before we raise our fingers on others

جو بھی ہندوستان پر الزام لگاتا ہے اسے پہلے پاکستان کے اندر نظر ڈالیں۔ ہماری پولیس اور جج بدترین ہیں۔ ہماری معیشت ختم ہوچکی ہے۔ اور ہمارا مستقبل تاریک ہے۔ ہم دوسروں پر انگلیاں اٹھانے سے پہلے پاکستان کو ٹھیک کریں۔

Kashmir has only ONE solution. An economically stronger, safer and globally respected Pakistan. Let’s work for it. #CrystalHeartKazmi

کشمیر کے پاس صرف ایک ہی حل ہے۔ معاشی طور پر ایک مضبوط ، محفوظ اور عالمی سطح پر قابل احترام پاکستان۔ آئیے اس کے لئے کام کریں۔

*The unavoidable truth Pakistanis and poor Muslim countries face*

CrystalHeart Kazmi, Writer and Analyst

It is a sad truth that poor nations are abused in the world. Even poor Christian countries are abused and left in South America, Africa and other places. we Muslims are no exception. So please my dear brothers and sisters, understand this reality. Money makes the world go round. We cannot blame the world for all our problems. We have to be brave to accept our weaknesses. Today Muslims and others who live in the West are very happy. They don’t want to go back to their native lands. Except as tourists. Despite difference in religion they are happy. Because their needs are met. Law and order, education, healthcare, jobs, equal treatment of all and a caring government.

We lack all of these.

The West achieved prosperity through internal revolutions. When their people fought for change. We are willing to fight the whole world. Blame everyone. But not willing to change our own government. Or ourselves.

We need a low cost government. We need to decrease costs in all institutions. Now. Today. We need an honest Police and judiciary run by retired army officers. We need low taxes so business and jobs can grow. We need to attract tourism. And create policies that encourage tourism. Like the Middle East and Far East Muslim nations do. Liberal and welcoming to tourists. Because tourism alone can give Pakistan $100 billion a year. However, it will only come when my above suggestions are implemented.

Please let’s stop dreaming. Charity begins at home. A stronger Pakistan is needed. But I see a weaker Pakistan. Because of you. The people of Pakistan. You are not asking for change. Unless you raise your voice. Nothing will happen. Tomorrow Azad Kashmir will be lost. Today is a time to think.

Undo mistakes of 70 years. It’s not easy. And don’t expect Army or Imran Khan to do everything. You must play your part. Or happily accept slavery and destruction as your fate.

Rise. Time is nothing your friend anymore.

Raise your voice for a new Pakistan with prudent government, low taxes, increased tourism and retired army officers based police.

On Imran Khan

Money is not everything. Just think. Who is respected today, and who is insulted? Imran Khan is respected but Nawaz Sharif and Asif Zardari or their followers have no respect. Why? These two robbers have many times more money than Imran Khan. But Imran is respected, they are not. Why isn’t their money respected? Because money is not respectable. We have it or not, that’s it. Respect is difficult to gain, easy to lose. Money is the easiest way to lose respect. If you got it the wrong way. Because sooner or later people realise that you have nothing worthy of respect. Your money is of no value. Your values, character and goodness is respected.

I am not a blind supporter of Imran Khan. But I am not a liar. He is helpless for Kashmir. Because India and global superpowers have cornered him and our army. We cannot fight without serious consequences. We are already crippled as an economy. Thanks to Zardaris and Sharifs. Imran and Army are paying the price of last 30 years of democracy. They are getting blamed.

As far as Kashmir is concerned. The real culprits are Zardari and Sharif. But our people do not understand. They are not at fault. When India is murdering Kashmiri Muslims like cabbage and carrots. It is obvious that our people will get angry and upset. Who will they go to for a solution? Except Pakistan Army or the Government? Both are defused by our enemies due to a bad economy. And bad economy is due to democracy. Corrupt democracy that we faced from Bhuttos, Zardaris and Sharifs.

Today we have two ugly paths. Releasing mujahideen to fight Indians, for which we will face the wrath of the world. Or we do nothing and die out of shame. Which is the real story. I can only hope and pray that our Army and Government find some way to get out of this mess. It will not be easy. But impossible is nothing. There are 250 million people looking for a way. Something should happen. Something will happen.

But one thing is clear. The money looted by Zardari and Nawaz will insult them and their families way beyond their bones turn to dust in their graves

*Wish list for a new Pakistan 🇵🇰* CrystalHeart Kazmi

Quit false pride and arrogance

We aren’t the saviors of Muslim Ummah let alone ourselves!

Imran Khan isn’t Imam Mehdi or something like that

Our army is good but we’re over expecting from it

All our neighbors aren’t the worst, maybe we’re rubbing them the wrong way. Maybe we’re rubbing everyone the wrong way!

Islam is a religion. So are Christianity, Judaism, Hinduism etc etc. We’re nobody to claim we are right and all else are wrong. That includes Ahmedis too

We are a dirty people. Spit on the roads. Don’t give way to women, children or elderly. Misbehave with the weak including women. We are an angry nation. Everyone is upset for some reason. We are so often cheaters in our dealings and yet we proudly proclaim the Islamic tag

We are also beggars at a state an individual level. But our pride is beyond a reality check

The whole world is not planning to kill us. Maybe we’re hoping they are. So we can feel ‘important’

Last but not the least. We do have immense potential. The day we give up these thoughts and habits. I am not your enemy, I’m a friend of Pakistan. I want us to accept the bitter truth around us and change it with our intentions and actions

If not now then when?

Tulsi Gabbart

America and Americans. Time to wake up
Tulsi may not be eloquent but she sure speaks her heart out. She’s honest. And that’s obvious to all. I am not an American. I carry a Pakistani passport. Yet I am an American in thought and ideals. A misfit amongst my own for most of my life because I’m like you guys. Even though you take pride in being conservatives or liberals yet strange as it may seem and many of you here spewing polite or vulgar hate or jabs at each other.
Please take it from me as a friend and well wisher for America and all Americans. You are all very similar even in your difference. You have big hearts. Pride in your self but not arrogance. Yes you are very simple people. You find our circularly straight world a challenge to grapple with given your own financial or egalitarian interests. And I don’t blame you for neither do we. I grew up in Karachi the once New York of Pakistan back in the 60s and 70s Jacky Kennedy going round in top down cars. Bars, pubs, cabarets were aplenty. Ours was a fine British culture not as egalitarian as yours but certainly not radical islamic. Afghanistan’s and Iran were equally liberal. Then came a US sponsored change in these parts of the world Afghanistan Taliban many aren’t too old to not know what happened. Today we are lost. Our people wear western clothes and speak like you study in your unis even immigrate and spew hate on Americans all the same. Makes no sense. Yet it does. Americans are Gods gift to the world. Don’t get flamboyant though!
2. If I was born in America. I too would run for office. But my policy line would be recolonising the world and freeing them of oppressive regimes. My own Pakistan or neighbouring India both are in a despicable state due corrupt governance and robbers as democratic leaders both full of religious extremism and a false sense of superiority. The story’s the same 80% of our world. South America. Africa. Eastern Europe. Philippines. And so on. I believe in an America that controls the world directly. Not indirectly as of decades. That needs to change. America needs to own the world rightfully for the world is a part of America and not vice versa. Every race color faith nation is assimilated in America. Very very happily. If that’s not an eye opener I don’t know what will ever be?
The day all of you ‘get it’ will be the day the world will become a better place
My parting advice to all Americans. Own Humanity. Because no one else is! Least of all their governments