Suha’s Poems

Poems’ by immensely and amazingly talented 11 year old, Suha Kazmi… Enjoy, some a bit gloomy but classy 🙂


Bomb Blast Poem

By Suha Kazmi, Year 6, JAPS, Dubai, UAE


Why let those suffer

Who have no fault?

Why cause much bloodshed

Which gives you no rewards?

Those who are living in quiet despair

After losing their loved ones

Do you not so much as care?

Why let them suffer

And watch others bleed

As they themselves aren’t able to pay much heed Suffering from trauma are those Who are unable to to accept the horror How will they answer their families Who have long awaited the return of their child How long do you think this acerb ache will last?

An eternity, and until

They breathe their very last

All it takes is a blast

But the cause is much, much greater

All it takes is a blast

Which affects tons of lives

All it takes is a blast

Which removes the apples of their eyes

So stop this bloodshed and do no more

You’re just hurting yourselves

So do no more

Oh how I wish your longing desires will come to an end As evil is always on the loose end!




By Suha Kazmi, Year 6, JAPS, Dubai, UAE


A white velvet blanket is spread around the street. Trees are stripped bare

Footsteps scrunch silently

Like rustling paper over crackling fire. Lampposts huddle in every corner of the lazy street

Snowflakes bounce on their soft cushions as they set forth into the sky.

The air is filled with nothing but the low

Barking of snow dogs. The headlights are seen and soon, the paper white snow is scraped up with

Shovels and carried into the big trucks

Like a mother cradling her baby to sleep.


Spring takes over and gradually,

The trees are once again dressed in their dresses of emerald green jewels.

A myriad of flowers sway gracefully in the breeze,

Their pollen-heads crowded by hungry bees. Joyful children climb up the trees

Like monkeys while others move back and forth on their swings

Filling the air with their sweet merry laughter

The sky holds colourful breaks and the sun gleams proudly, sending rays of light sprawling everywhere


Serene Sea

By Suha Kazmi, Year 6, JAPS, Dubai, UAE


As individual strands of grass poked my

soft skin,

sounds of water gushing onto the

spectacular shore

made way through the soft breeze

to my alert ears.


Scorching sun shine, glistened on the rocky lumps of sand,

Reflections of the

Mountains glaring back from sea.

Beautiful Palm Trees hugged each other for constant warmth,

Like humans do after a long time


Sun rose, sending rays if heat, in a frenzy, all over the place.


Heavy weight of sand lay beneath my

Feet like a thick book.

Blue-green fingers coated in paper white

Nail polish

Created and enormous crescendo as they swept on to my feet,

licking the sand off.

An eagle made of swirly mist,

And as soft as cotton wool, flew slowly across the aqua-blue sky.

The, oh, so stunning sky.


As I walked closer,

My footprints were stamped on to the smooth sand for evermore,

When, suddenly,

Wicked hands jumped on and brushed them away,

Taking them into captivity.

The soft-but-wild breeze blew my hat away,

Resulting in my hair to be forlorn without it.


Sparkling, crashing waves

Threatened to drag me further in with cautious warning.

Myriads of grains of sand were

Sewn across the beach,

Boats were scattered in the distance.


As the colourful, bright sky grew immensely dark,

The sun, a silent crab,

Went down.

Quickly, I snap a branch and draw on the sand.

The, oh, so smooth sand.

Running hurriedly were people to the pretty sea,

Like hungry bees

Feasting on pollen. Boats sailed back from their adventurous, amazing


Sea-salt was sprayed on my face;

I licked my lips for the salty taste.


Fish swam happily, tails wagging back and forth.

They swam and swam and swam,

Faces expressionless

As if they were trying to hide their emotions.

Some, who were deeper inside,

Tried fiercely

To dodge litter in front of their unblinking pupils,

Afraid of becoming blind.


I ventured on into sea

Further, further, further…

Until I could feel the fish tickling my feet,

Massaging me calmly,

Arms of white foam dragging me into intense darkness…


Heroes & Villains 




Cars, they take you anywhere,Yet they pollute the blissful air,You keep your needs and wants beside you,But yet even then they misguide you,


Do you notice how the air gets warm?When cars invade the earth in swarms,What was before a chilly breeze,Transforms into a wave of heat,




Where ever it is you want to go,To the cinemas, maybe the midnight show,A car would be your helping hand,That would turn its wheels at your command,


The new cars and their eco friendliness,Are things that you just can’t miss,So give in your old petrol truck,And trade it in for an electric car for around the clock

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Sadaf Khan
Sadaf Khan lovely effort by this young girl…is she your daughter?

Sadaf Khan
Sadaf Khan smile emoticon how would she achieved such level of thinking, she is so young…kudos to yound your Mrs…

Mariam Mumtaz
Mariam Mumtaz Ohhh, Beautifully Written smile emoticon

Douglas Wakefield
Douglas Wakefield Your daughter writes beautifully, Imran.. One can tell from what she has written that she is a deep thinker and she knows how to express her self very well.. I suspect she has learned a lot from you.. Some times I think that we as parents may not thinkSee more

Sammy Faysal
Sammy Faysal This so so awesome. She is a gifted child and her parents must be really proud of her. She has a beautiful mind and an equally beautiful way to express herself.

Suhail Zubaid
Suhail Zubaid Read belatedly. This is an awesome piece of literature. She is definitely a gifted child.

Frida Clift
Frida Clift i love Serene Sea smile emoticon

Imran Owais Kazmi
Imran Owais Kazmi Her latest… Heroes & Villains

Villains:See more

Frida Clift
Frida Clift aw she is so cute and so wised up, for such a young ‘un! x

Election Selection-the real story

Given to a UK Think Tank for publication as none in Pakistan would bother…


Pakistan is on the crossroads of democracy, 5 years of elected government just ended amicably, there was no coup from any quarters of power. From a technical perspective all was good.


But was it? Two months of reserves left for imports, and IMF reluctant to support thereafter, brink of default and chaos. As if what exists isn’t just that, massive unemployment, Dollar touching it’s highest exchange rate in Pakistan’s history, sectarian and ethnic violence order of the day, flight of capital a misnomer as most of the former has flown already to greener pastures in the Middle East and onwards. The “writ” of the government an illusion in the face of foreign powers and local groups doing whatever, whenever, however they like.


The man on the street disillusioned by a nose diving economy, lawlessness, powerlessness (literally, no / hardly any electricity/energy) violence and foreign interference the likes of which any sovereign nation of the world hasn’t seen. Media that constantly blows the horn of “democratic ideals” oblivious to their implementation, a Chief Justice who tips the scales of justice in favor of personal enmity more than ideals of the same. The people find their backs broken or on the verge thereof.


The fruits of democracy? Or the punishment thereof? Beseeched by western ideals of the same in a very apples to oranges comparison; Western relatively stable economies, fair law & prevalent order, strong middle class driven and mostly educated and aware voter base supported by a generally credible choice of campaigners; in naked contrast to unstable economies, rampant corruption, nonexistent law & order, dwindling middle class sandwiched between increasing upper and lowest of the lower classes and murderers and looters for political campaigners. Was this a rocket science analysis or mainstream knowledge? And if it was mainstream knowledge then why did those aware kept mum inside the country? Waiting for disaster to strike? Why did the very well aware Western powers feign ignorance and continually “renewed support” for “democratically elected” governments, no matter how corrupt, non performing or criminal in thoughts and acts?


Vested interest, fear of the powers that be, or simply criminal negligence by all internal and external stakeholders? History shall prefer to choose the latter when it pens today in far away future.


In this backdrop come Pakistan’s elections 2013, three main contenders, two of them old wines in old bottles (PPP and PML-N) and one old wine in a new bottle (PTI), the picture further blurred by the proposed return of a retired COAS and ex President (Musharraf) counting on MQM and Army second tier echelons support, the Taliban factor with tacit support from Nawaz (PML-N) and the Mullahs that favor blood over peace, a very partial judiciary and a wait-and-see Army and bureaucracy top leadership.


What lies in store, realistically is further chaos and hopelessness. Many hope for Imran Khan’s (PTI) Tsunami, I concede a minor entry into politics at best for him – maybe 10 or 15 seats at most, for the rural areas are dominated by the “Waderas, Chaudhry’s and Sardars” the landlord mafia of Pakistan that literally control the lives and deaths of the village population – their paid or unpaid serfs and slaves, harshly punished for not voting for the king of their land through rapes, economic sanctions and bullydom the likes of which Europe didn’t see in it’s dark ages, only a clear reality in 2013 for the masses – 80% of the voter base of Pakistan.


In the current state of affairs, Nawaz (PML-N) vote base has been divided between PTI and the Mullah’s whereas the PPP base has strengthened, five years of governance, unlimited flow of funds to their vote banks in the name of BISP (Benazir Income Support Program) and countless government and non government initiatives will pay off as the victory speech of President Asif Ali Zardari and his “Bhutto” son when they shall speak “neither hundreds of thousands of Islamists who besieged Islamabad (Tahir Ul Qadri) nor the tsunami bringers (Imran Khan) deter the voters of Pakistan from choosing their rightful leaders, the true servants of Pakistan, the givers of the slogan ‘roti, kapra aur makan’ (bread, clothes and houses) – Pakistan People’s Party”


I do not say this, any Pakistani with half a brain left says the same, the leaders of ISI predicted the same few years back, and this shall be. The only thing that can change this reality is the return to common sense of the powers in the West that numbly support the corrupt.


To expect the voter bank of Pakistan to bring any “change” in it’s leadership is akin to expecting the slaves of the Pharoah’s to vote Moses in!


That, is the “real story” behind Elections 2013 Pakistan.


The writer is

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Sadaf Khan
Sadaf Khan “To expect the voter bank of Pakistan to bring any “change” in it’s leadership is akin to expecting the slaves of the Pharoah’s to vote Moses in!” rightly said Imran sahab….amidst all the miseries prevailing in our current environ, the political outcSee more

Douglas Wakefield
Douglas Wakefield Excellent article Imran.. I suspect that many in the ‘Western World’ expect that all Countries should accept democracy in its full with no hitches.. Personally I don’t think there is any thing such as a true democracy.. If there were, nothing much woulSee more

Imran Owais Kazmi
Imran Owais Kazmi Well said Douglas. Rule of law is what we crave for

John Hillbery
John Hillbery The problem with Democracy is that has proved to be the Political choice of the lowest common denominator and leads to a Political Elite and Party machine which ends up more or less like any other form of corruption we call Government. The true state oSee more

Imran Owais Kazmi
Imran Owais Kazmi Beautifully put. Banking is my next target. Need your help in understanding how interest based lending is destroying the world

John Hillbery
John Hillbery Now that is the oldest business in the world together with Prostitution:-)

Sadaf Khan
Sadaf Khan Imran Owais Kazmi, do you also come with Mr. Musharraf to Khi?

Imran Owais Kazmi
Imran Owais Kazmi No I saw him off airport this morning

Mariam Mumtaz
Mariam Mumtaz Very Well Written Describing all the Areas of Pakistani Politics, At the Moment, Pakistan faces its worst Struggle against survival and Regaining its lost dignity Internationally. This Election will either make or break Pakistan, We all need to save our country, We Need an Honest and Capable Leadership that can help the drowning Ship of Pakistan….
Shared this Article on Twitter… smile emoticon

Sadaf Khan
Sadaf Khan Imran Owais Kazmi I saw the press conference he hold last day, and I feel moved by his intent, best thing is that he is a courageous man and he came here despite many hinderences, I still love him smile emoticon

A Taboo topic…

A Taboo Topic


This is a “taboo” topic for the big of heart, if you’re narrow-minded and “easily hurt” then please, stay away…


I am a Sunni, a Wahabi from my mother’s side, a Yemeni by origin (Dr Atiya Khalil Arab), my dad, late Syed Muhammad Owais is a “Syed” and a “Kazmi” – many say that Kazmis “converted” from Shia to Sunni in the past few centuries, I don’t know the reason. But I do know that almost ALL of my dad’s BEST friends, SS Jafri, Syed Hashim Raza (and most of my Mom’s / common too) like Taqi Sb (Jang ed) and so forth were ALL Shias. In fact my Mom was INVITED by Shia Ulema to speak on Majlis due her knowledge!


I remember Hashim Raza Saheb’s company, he was such a JOYFUL and CHEERFUL man! So FULL of life! Always cracking a joke or laughing and happy. Perhaps because he was from the Shia “Upper Class?”


I also remember, at Engro, SHAHEED Shaukat Raza Mirza – one of the FINEST human beings I’ve ever known who left a major impact on me, who was cowardly shot dead in Karachi, one of the sweets and most humble beings I ever met. Agha Saheb was the pride of Muslims in what he did, and unfortunately how he was brutally murdered and defamed…


Zulfiqar Dharamsey was a childhood friend, todate I know none with a better sense of humor, the same can be said of Shadabi Davar Khan, the amazing niece of the late Agha Hasan Abedi (a legend in himself) was a sweet and very helpful and supportive lady I knew.


The list is long till present day, many of my fine students and many of my teachers too, Najmul Hasan Saheb (known as “Baba” at IBA) who taught us “the” toughest course, “Managerial Policy” wherein I’d the honor of failing once and hence was exposed to him twice, what a fine man and thinker he is! 80+ now but am sure full of wit and humor.


In terms of nation states, I have mixed feelings over Iran, on the positive side, I see them carve an identity that is unique in the whole world, I read through media that the Jewish people who live there are happy and content. However, I also, sadly, note their aggression towards their neighbors and most of the Christian countries besides Israel, which I believe is unwarranted. I know many FINE and absolutely LOVEABLE Christians and Jewish people besides my Hindu and Buddhist friends. William Adelman is a soul brother to me, so are Douglas Wakefield and John Bishop, besides Nita Applegate – and the intellectual Bryan Holmes and John Hillbery, besides Carole Davis and Susan Lohner. Not to forget Hyam Shyster and Vernon and of course Theresa Curnow.


There are good and bad PEOPLE only NO GOOD OR BAD RELIGIONS – this, is my philosophy clearly expressed in for those who care to see.


Come back to Shias, I am perplexed on three things that I seek answers from, perhaps a Shia “Alim” can educate me or maybe you, the reader, can?


Universally in the middle classes one witnesses a rather strong “adherence” to religion – there are taboos and customs, practices and mindsets often WIDELY at odds with the faith BUT because they are practices through centuries, NO ONE DARES question them. Among Sunnis, Mazar visits is one example, besides the treatment of women, where they are often FORCED into marriages and it’s “shown” that it’s the girl’s “free will” in the Nikah / Marriage ceremony, something Islam CLEARLY forbids but Muslims do NOT follow it. And YET claim by virtue of offering “prayers” and doing “hajj” and “fasting” that they are such fine Muslims. I truly despise such people who mock their religion through UNQUESTIONING OBEDIENCE of stupid and un religious concepts and bring themselves and their communities a bad name.


Further among the Sunnis, Islam is a “shop” – a business, buy “akhirat” or heaven / jannah with reciting some Ayat x number of times, do this wazifa do that, forward this “Salam” and go to heaven WHILE IN YOUR DAILY LIFE YOU LIE, CHEAT, GET ANGRY FOR NO VALID REASON, USURP RIGHTS OF PEOPLE??? I find the moderate Christian and Jewish and some Hindus / Buddhists a MILLION TIMES better than such so called hypocrites the world labels as “Muslims”


Hence the FIRST thing I CANNOT understand about Shias is, in general, negativity and “preacher mentality” – I know so many Shias who would talk and talk and talk about their faith and it’s correctness and superiority UNSOLICITED, leaves a very bad taste in the mouth, I don’t preach when I socialize, I don’t preach generally, I just believe in having nice social interactions but such people I’ve witnessed since early 80s till today really piss me off.


The second thing I can’t fathom is the “ownership” of Ali SAWS, Imam Hussain and Hassan and their families. WHY is that? Sunnis, theoretically, (practically in my case) revere them as much as the Shias do BUT we are made to “feel” that they “belong” to the Shias! They DO NOT. They are ours as much as they are yours, so are Moses and Jesus, the Jews and Christians have no “RIGHT” on them, we love them equally as our Mohammaed SAWS Further we equally despise Yazid!


The third  thing is Matam: to my basic knowledge of Islam, it is improper to mourn the dead beyond THREE days! The mass wailing and crying and even PHYSICAL HARM that Shias do to themselves is to me, an almost pagan ritual which has NOTHING to do with Islam! Again to me, the early Shia Mullah’s must have thought of it as a way to differentiate them from Sunnis! IN FACT, to ME, mourning is only LIP SERVICE, if you LOVE them then BE LIKE THEM, FIGHT LIKE THEM, SPREAD GOOD LIKE THEY DID, STAND FOR PRINCIPLES THAT THEY DID! I tell you, I PRACTICE JUST THAT whether people love me or hate me, and there are more who despise me then like me, and I’m cool, I’m in the league of great people. Shedding a tear or rivers thereof shows NOTHING, following and practicing shows EVERYTHING.


In the end I am ASHAMED as a Sunni at the nonstop violent killings of Shias in Pakistan, this is NOT RIGHT, this is not the Pakistan Jinnah dreamt of, this is pure madness and the Mullah’s who promote this deserve capital punishment. Shias to me are my brothers and sisters, just like other Muslims, Jews, Christians, Hindus and Buddhists and not to forget Parsis (Usfandyar Sukhia, I love you, too 🙂


I clearly state my HATRED for SUNNIS who HATE and / or KILL Shias, may they suffer here and there…


People are NOT bad in general – depends on how you DEAL with them so PLEASE may you be a Shia, Sunni, Christian, Jewish, Buddhist, Hindu, Parsi PLEASE STOP STEREOTYPING YOUR FAITH AND PEOPLE AS THE “BEST” AND ALL OTHERS AS THE “WORST”!!!


Leave faith OUT of it, in essence all faiths promote that which is good and are foundation of good human values, give or take a few.


Can someone explain? Is it not ENOUGH to respect PEOPLE and NOT force them to your perspective? Is it not enough to focus on BASIC human values then BLINDLY follow your forefathers, maybe they WERE wrong, whatever our faith! Must we REPEAT those mistakes?


What say you??? Would you agree that being LOWER/MIDDLE CLASS and FOLLOWING your parents BLINDLY is something which is leading to global hate? For among the RICH I see ALL united 🙂

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Shireen Coco Omar
Shireen Coco Omar wether shia or sunni=muslim. sad that er have become inhuman in the name of “religion”.

Let us take Pakistan BACK!

Mere aziz humwatno


Assalam o Alaikum,


Main apne apko aik buhut khush kismat insan samjhta hon, main aj mulk se bahar ho kar bhi ap ke dard aur mahromyat ko mahsoos karta hon, ChangePakistanNow.wordpress.comissi jazbe ki aik kari hai. 2001 main mobile smuggling rukwa kar hukomat ko aik billion dollars ka faida pohnchaya, baqi choti choti khidmat ki tarah jinka meri zat ko KOI faida nahi hua.


Humain Pakistan WAPAS lena hoga, un aqaon aur mardoodon se junhon ne Pakistan ko hijack kya hua hai.


Ye jang asan nahi hogi, aj dushman hamary apnon ke roop main jamhoryat ke aur insaf ke nam nihad naaray laga kar unhi usulon aur soch ke ain khilaf kam kar rahe hain, khuli roshni main hamari ankhon main dhol jhonk rahe hain. Lekin, main, Imran Owais Kazmi, apni zindagi ki akhri sans tak, baghair kisi khauf ya zatiyat ke apki is jang ko lar raha hon aur larta rahon ga, kamyabi aur sahi maney main azadi aur jamhoryat ke bahal honay tak.


2007 main, Pervez Musharraf ke jane ke bad mulk aur qaum ghurbat, mayosi, dehshat gardi, firqa waryat aur duny aki nazron main zillat ki intiha ko pohanch chuki hai. Insaf ka sirf nam hai, jamhoryat ka sirf nara hai jab ke awam ghurbat aur laqoniat ke nishane pe ya to shaheed ho rahe hain ya khudkushi kar rahe hain.


Mere bhaiyon aur behnon, mere bachon aur buzurgon, ye waqt larne ka hai aur mujhe umeed nahi balke yaqeen hai ke is jang ap mere sath har tarah ki qurbani dene se piche nahi hato ge. Aj hamain jin Yazeedon aur Firoanon ne apne jal main giraftar kya hai, jo ye nahi chahta ke hamari sarzameene pak azad ho, hamain unke chungal se nikalne ke ilawa koi aur rasta dikhai nahi deta, masiwai iske ke sari qaum firqa, party, zaban, ameer gharib aur nasal ke farq se azad ho kar mujhe apni puri mohabbat aur yakeen ka sath dain take ham haqeeqi taur pe azad aur kamran hosaken.


Main guzarish karta hon Pervez Musharaf Saheb, Imran Khan Saheb aur Tahir Ul Qadri Saheb se ke apne APAS ke FARQ bhol kar aik tanzeem banai, hamara NARA – ITTIHAD, IMAN, TANZEEM (Unity, Faith, Discipline) jo marhom banye Pakistan Quaid e Azam ne hama sabaq dya jo hamaray lutere hukamran sab bhol chukay hain.


Aj TV aur media par nare bazi, larai jhagre, aur ilzam tarashi ke ilawa hamare hukamran aur opposition koi aur kam nahi kar rahe. Jab ke piche awam ki bajai apni zaroryat aur taqat ke piche bhag rahe hain. Jab ke hamare bhai behen maan bap aur bache bhooke mar rahe hain. Na bijli hai, na pani, na gas, na rozgar, sirf batain, Kisi ko awm ki fikar nahi, sirf naare hi naare.


* main ap se pochta hon, kya ap in se azad hona chahte hain?

* Kya ap Pakistan ko wapas khushali aur tarqi ke raste pe lana chahte hain?


Kya ap mera sath dainge ye Yazid aur Firaon ko ROZ Pakistan ki khon ki holi khailte hoay dekhte rahen ge?


Aj hukumat (or opposition) har shoabe main apni nakami to tasleem nahi kar sakti, is lye sirf lafazi aur ilzam tarashi main masroof hai, “Jamhooryat” char sal main KONSA kamal dikhaya hai is “Jamhooryat” ne main pochta hon apse?


Kya ap apni ankhen aur zaban aj bhi band rakhen ge.


Aiye 23 March ko pure PAKISTAN ko dikha dijye hamare pyare Pakistan ke dushmanon ko apna vote, apni marzi aur apne arman, Azadi, saf o shafaf jamhoryat.


Pehle Pakistan. Kyunke aj hamare pas aur koi rasta nahi.


Aap aur main, akhri sans tak. Azadi ki subah tak, jeet ke hi rahenge, chahe ap Sindhi hon, ya Balochi, ya Punjabi, ya Pathan, ya Mohajir, ya Siraiki, ya Sunni, ya Shia, ya Aga Khani, ya Parsi, ya Hindu, ya Isai, apke ye adna sipahi aj aik buhut bari qurbani mang raha hai apse. Jo ap ke bas main ho kijye, lekin apni azadi, hamari azadi ko ab dao pe na lagne de, chahe kuch bhi ho jai.


Au agar Imran Khan, Musharraf aur Tahirul Qadri hamara sath  NAHI dete to AP SE GUZARISH KARTA HON KE MERA SATH DAIN, APKA VOTE, per LIKE ke surat main ho ga. Jitne log utni TAQAT, utni jaldi Pakistan ki AZADI!


Bataon se kuch nahi hoga, LIKE changepakistannow on Facebook, hum apne sathi barhain PHIR dekhen…


Pakistan, Paindabad.



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Muhammad Tauseef Marwat
Muhammad Tauseef Marwat Imran Owais Kazmi, kafi achi batain hain,,,,,,,, love to hear that.. ap Pakistan say bahar hoo.. hamara dard mehsoos kar rahay hoo. apka shukriya, ….. may Musharaf ko ksi kimat per support nahi kar skta, our na ye chahonga kay IMRAN KHAN ouskay sath See more

Imran Owais Kazmi
Imran Owais Kazmi Imran Khan is not coming, at best opposition warna wo bhi nahi, he has no majority votes… votes are hijacked by landlords dear, unless these three unite OR we, the people unite, there is no hope, trust me, chand mahinon ki bat hai See more

Muhammad Tauseef Marwat
Muhammad Tauseef Marwat Imran Owais Kazmi brother. apka nam be imran hay… our woo be imran hay.. is dafa is imran khan ko try karney doo.. next time ap imran kazmi ko test kar laingay…

Imran Owais Kazmi
Imran Owais Kazmi Tauseef you are ignoring ground realities, Imran will NOT come, it’s not your or my choice

Muhammad Tauseef Marwat
Muhammad Tauseef Marwat i m living in a very back ward distt laki marwat of KPK, i m on the ground here.. and i know the reality too…. ham yahan kay landlordoun, moulivioun, our jagirdaroun kay khilaf nikal chukay hain. zardari ka baap nahi bacha skta, change ham nay khud lSee more

Imran Owais Kazmi
Imran Owais Kazmi Allah kare aisi hi ho Ameen

Samia F Amim
Samia F Amim Excellent read. Vision, practicality/ idealism, and realism mashaAllah. Br Imran, I have been thinking on same lines and I am with you on this. Br Tauseef Marwat is also right. We cannot fight this battle alone. Let Imran khan and PTI fight this war oSee more

Tulip Ejaz
Tulip Ejaz Imran Sir, ajh kisi ko kisi ki parwah nahi,,, Sab ne apna apna bol diya,,, Ek main hi nai tanha Ajh sara mahol aik jaisa hua para hai,,, Agar mujhe koi aik baar poochy ke tum khush haal ho tou mera jawab hai ke mujhe itni corruption mein nai rehna jahaSee more

Imran Owais Kazmi
Imran Owais Kazmi Tulip Ejaz you are fucking mad. Spare me your stupidities

Imran Owais Kazmi
Imran Owais Kazmi Muhammad Tauseef Marwat and Samia Faysal did you read my article on “election selection”? Please read as follows, Imran Khan will NOT make it to the PM house, at BEST he’ll have a MINORITY, and people of Pakistan are FRUSTRATED beyond description, you See more

Imran Owais Kazmi

Given to a UK Think Tank for publication as none in Pakistan would bother…


Pakistan is on the crossroads of democracy, 5 years of elected government just ended amicably, there was no coup from any quarters of power. From a technical perspective all was good.


See more

Mariam Mumtaz
Mariam Mumtaz Excellent One Mr.Imran, We All need to work to build a Better Pakistan now.. Shared ur Article on Twitter as well … smile emoticon

Imran Owais Kazmi
Imran Owais Kazmi thanks MM smile emoticon

East of West-Against All Odds

Synopsis: East of West-Against All Odds

Script of same name by author planned for filming, all rights reserved


This “novella” is about eternal love through the eyes, aspirations, ideals, dejections, rejections, transformations, emotional tangos and physical experiences of Sara – a 24 year old US Army soldier, born and brought up in sunny California, on active duty in Afghanistan. Posted out of family tradition of decades of military service, then intrinsic motivation, she questions the unquestionable. The “accepted” norms and realities that none dared challenge. Yet as an army recruit she has hardly any avenues to vent her intellect. Perchance on surveillance duty in a remote area to catch a dreaded Taliban in the depths of Afghanistan she falls terribly sick and is rescued by a man who intended to kill her, Ahmed, dreaded “Taliban” – overcome by awe and emotion Sara couldn’t resist the temptation, albeit found it impossible not to get attracted to Ahmed. Her mate, John, comes to rescue her and shoots Ahmed, who is critically injured, she explains to her colleague what really happened; together they escort the wounded Taliban to the village where they struggle to save Ahmed’s life with the help of a US educated Doctor, Hussain, who came back to Afghanistan to serve his ailing parents. They radio their Base Commander of what happened and their desire to help the dying man who saved their life, but are met with a stoic disapproval and rejection of whatever they think justified the act and are told to return immediately or face disciplinary action. Dejected Sara and John run away from their unit and in doing so, starts a new, irreversible chapter in their own lives. One that will take everything they ever had from them, including their identity, Sara now becomes Amina in disguise and John becomes Mohammed to save themselves from suspecting villagers. As Ahmed improves he is deeply touched by the camaraderie, friendship and love of Sara and John; he narrates to them how, in North Waziristan, his entire family was annihilated in a drone attack that left their bodies charred and dismembered beyond recognition, how he left his Government job as a College Lecturer of English and in revenge, joined the Taliban. He quickly rose through the ranks of Taliban by sheer intelligence. Having killed 99 foreign soldiers Sara would have made a centurion killer out of Ahmed, instead they were both slowly but surely falling in love… against all odds!


The Novel: East of West-Against All Odds

Script of same name by author planned for filming, all rights reserved




“What do you do when your head swings like a pendulum, only banging on stoned walls on either side?” Sara Richmond reflected as she gazed at the ceiling of her downtown New York appointment, down here at the East coast from the sunny vales, convertibles and humdrum of LA, where she grew up. On her 13th birthday she’d won the “Miss Teen” competition held on San Francisco beach, a head turner she sure was!Last night’s all night Friday night partying with weed and drinks of all flavors and sex at the “backseat” of Adelman’s F 150 truckleft her gushing and gaping from her multiple orgasms. But all of that didn’t give her a headache, it was a call from her Dad this morning imploring her to drop her Investment Banking career at CitiCorp in NY and accept a much sought after “Gal in the Marines” post her dad had got her putting immense pressure of the long services, lives laid for the star spangled banner and freedom that the Richmond family had long earned. The problem wasn’t how to say “No”, that, was impossible, Mr Shane Richmond was not just a retired General, he was also one of the sweetest dads humanly possible, he never refused his one and only daughter anything she ever asked, for all he’d asked God, was a son, to live, and die, for his country… Saying “No” would devastate him beyond repair. And Sara knew just what is it that she had to do. The pendulum rocked…


Participated with it for LOL 🙂 the smallest novella ever written 🙂 Not exactly though I’ve to kick my own ass to finish it off or Rick Aby would kill me 🙂

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Kurt Donald Laduron
Kurt Donald Laduron Hmmm…and where is this going to be marketed to?…filmed for Americans?….to an American audience?…

Imran Owais Kazmi
Imran Owais Kazmi Hollywood. A friends helping me get some A listers

Kurt Donald Laduron
Kurt Donald Laduron You sure about this given the current feelings about the happenings over in the middle east?….

Imran Owais Kazmi
Imran Owais Kazmi Look Kurt humans by default have always loved to goto war with each other and spread hate. Over decades and centuries, friends and foes change roles so what you consider in the current perspective is immaterial to me as I see none but politicians, army generals and religious leaders benefitting from the status quo. All else pay the price! You and me inclusive

Douglas Wakefield
Douglas Wakefield Sounds like this would make a good movie.. Its known that in the past, even enemies have become friends at times and helped one another.. I have made some angry when I have commented that though the Military of my Country is fighting the Taliban, one mSee more

Imran Owais Kazmi
Imran Owais Kazmi I want to show evil turn to good. On both sides. Common ground: humanity

Kurt Donald Laduron
Kurt Donald Laduron I can agree with Doug that if an invader was in the US people in this country would be fighting against them at every turn, however the ideologies between the two are completely and totally different. With that said, I wish you nothing but luck in your endeavor…

Imran Owais Kazmi
Imran Owais Kazmi Thanks. Humanity needs it. Enough hate and wars on man and God made faiths who’s Creator, if any, would abhor this state of affairs most vehemently

Solving Israel and Palestine’s problem

This is the FIRST note I ever wrote on Facebook! Like years ago 🙂 was reading it and thought needs to be highlighted to a more current audience, IPC issue at THAT time was like peace building and trust among prisoners on both sides, to me we’re ALL “prisoners of faith” and can seek redemption in this approach, if you agree…


With reference to the Facebook Group: Israeli Palestinian Confederation of which I am a member too, and thought you might like to read my plan, join and support me in this cause which does affect our lives in someway, atleast seeing the bickering and fighting in media of these two “species” 🙂


I posted there today at 8:45am


Regarding the prisoners deadlock, I believe the solution is more complex then exchanging prisoners. The root problem is “hate and intolerance” for each others religion based on the ASSUMPTION that G-d/Allah justifies this hatred. In fact, the OPPOSITE is true, G-D/Allah will, in my humble opinion, have reserved hotel suites in HELL for these people. G-d/Allah wants PEACEMAKERS and TOLERANT, LOVING human beings. How does this relate to the prisoners’ case? Simple: Read below the STEPS to do it:


STEP 1: Get ONE pro Islamic (or aware of good things in Islam) Jewish Scholar and ONE pro Judaism (or aware of good things in Judaism) Islamic scholar, if that’s hard to get, I can fill in for both seriously! As I believe both are G-D/Allah’s beloved religions and people, like all else. I AM A VOLUNTEER TO DO IT FOR BOTH SIDES, AS I BELIEVE IN BOTH THE TORAH AND THE QURAN AND THE BIBLE AS WELL!!! (of course Buddha’s stuff and Geeta of Hindus too 🙂




-What do Muslims believe in that the Jews also believe in

-What do Jews believe in that Muslims also believe in

-Suggestions on building a common community based on love, respect and tolerance

-YOUR ROLE as an AMBASSADOR OF PEACE WHEN YOU ARE RELEASED, so you go BACK to Israel/Palestine and GIVE INTERVIEWS ON MEDIA promoting these values so NO ONE ELSE LIKE YOU ever has to go through what you went through and the VIOLENCE FINALLY ENDS.


Remember, its a democracy at the end of the day, if the people are with us, all is easy, else voting alone will get us nowhere.


Now that I look back at this note, I think to myself? What’s WRONG with our world? Why do they ALL love to hate each other? Quoting religious texts or media shots? At the end of the day we all win together and we all lose together, and of course “in the long run, we’re all dead” so why fuss??? Why not focus on eradicating poverty? building bridges of peace to help those in need? The women, men, children, elderly who can’t support themselves? Who need our help today? Regardless of “faith” or race or cast etc etc???


Warm regards,


Imran Owais Kazmi


Peace Activist, A Happy World

Chief Thinking Officer, CRS Cube

GSM: +44 750 9184690, +971 50 5849562, +971 55 8094119

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Karmanye Thadani
Karmanye Thadani Imran Owais Kazmi: well, as regards kashmir, there’s a lot of discussion we can have but not here while commenting on this note…

Sammy Faysal
Sammy Faysal Nita Applegate, Muslims are not a race. We believe in all the Prophets including Isaac and Ishmael.

Sammy Faysal
Sammy Faysal Imran … I posted my comment only because you tagged me in a comment. If I bore you, don’t tag me. You might have noticed that I usually ignore your posts.

Nita Jane
Nita Jane Christians aren’t a race either but Ishmael isn’t part of our play book.

Imran Owais Kazmi
Imran Owais Kazmi The fact is, Muslims are stupid however their competition is conniving and finds many a way to ‘lead them on’ to horrible acts and then slutly smile and blame them all over the media just like the provocative cartoons and movies and all, pre planned toSee more

Nita Jane
Nita Jane I sounded a bit snippy ^ didn’t I?

Nita Jane
Nita Jane I hate when I sound snip-ee…

Karmanye Thadani
Karmanye Thadani samia, i didn’t see imran calling you boring!

Sammy Faysal
Sammy Faysal Imran Owais Kazmi Samia Amim my dear you BOOOORE me! same old rhetoric about the whole world empathizing with Muslims FIRST, that will NOT happen!!!….

Sammy Faysal
Sammy Faysal I copied and pasted his earlier comment here. Ms. Applegate who I thought and still think is a reasonable lady, liked the comment. Imran has been really hostile to me in all his links. Earlier I used my older account ‘samia faysal’ but he kept targeting me. So now I am using this alternative account so I don’t have to feel bad in front of my 500+ friends.

Sammy Faysal
Sammy Faysal I can take personal attacks alright But if he is planning to make this world a better place he should refrain from offending others.

Imran Owais Kazmi
Imran Owais Kazmi Is calling a boring person boring a personal attack? Hmmmmm

Imran Owais Kazmi
Imran Owais Kazmi Samia Amim you have a very selective way of looking at things, for example, you’re stuck on the two state solution, not even willing to listen to another argument! How come? And if someone tells you that this is boring because it is because for I don’tSee more

Sammy Faysal
Sammy Faysal Imran…. In my culture, ..I have been taught to be kind with the weaker ones. I live in USA and I know if American people get to learn the miseries of children, womenfolk, poor, and the weak brought about by warfare, they will empathize with them and See more

Sammy Faysal
Sammy Faysal In this link, you tagged me like this…..
Imran Owais Kazmi I know Samia Amim is going to come up with some anger here smile emoticon but did I ever worry about that? I’ve been hated more than loved.
Yesterday at 8:50am · Like

Nita Jane
Nita Jane Im’s humor is like mine… sometimes it’s funny and sometimes it sux! Certainly not worth reporting him though.

Nita Jane
Nita Jane smile emoticon means humor in his statements.

Sammy Faysal
Sammy Faysal Nita…there is difference between funny and sarcastic. Even funny has limits, we can’t use racial slurs or single out one person. You are funny, but I like you. You are a decent person. But I like Karmanye Thadani the most. He is the most able person to discuss conflicts here without being judgmental, sarcastic or offensive.

Nita Jane
Nita Jane But KT doesn’t want to discuss in public.

Imran Owais Kazmi
Imran Owais Kazmi Well Samia Amim as I said you have a totally unique perception of things which is always with a tangent, one that suits YOU, I won’t take it, report me, block me, do anything you like but do NOT threaten me get it? This is a discussion going on and youSee more

Sammy Faysal
Sammy Faysal That’s a good thing. Everybody may not be able to understand us. I have two accounts only because of that reason.

Imran Owais Kazmi
Imran Owais Kazmi I hope you don’t have multiple personalities too smile emoticon

Sammy Faysal
Sammy Faysal No…to you it’s a nickname. To me …it’s a slur. So thank you, keep it to yourself. I am a Muslim and not a Muzzie. And secondly, if You don’t want my comments, don’t tag me. It’s very simple. I really do not want to continue this discussion or start a new one with you. So please do not tag me.

Imran Owais Kazmi
Imran Owais Kazmi of course asking for you to see things from multiple angles is indeed too much to ask!

Nita Jane
Nita Jane It’s 7 in the morning (there’s a song) and time for coffee and time to count my blessings! Peace be with you… two!

Imran Owais Kazmi
Imran Owais Kazmi and no time for love Nits? hahah smile emoticon

Nita Jane
Nita Jane

from “When it Falls” (2004) lead vocal by Mozez Days behold Lives unfold Can’t move on So much untold Shades of gold…
Nita Jane
Nita Jane Let me end my thoughts on this thread with this… those inflamatory terms that people use? I never say those because I know the real reason why many have been “taught” to use them. It’s all in the plan of keeping people against each other for the benSee more

Sammy Faysal
Sammy Faysal Imran…asking me to look at things with multiple angles is definitely too much to ask. Let see what angles are there when a Muslim baby gets killed in a drone attack in Waziristan Pakistan, Yemen or elsewhere or in a missile gets dropped on PalestiniaSee more

Nita Jane
Nita Jane 1. I’ll never stop feeling good about myself. 2. Coffee keeps me doing positive things!

Nita Jane
Nita Jane oopsie… forgot the tongue emoticon

Sammy Faysal
Sammy Faysal Go ahead, take a break. You definitely need a break. I also need my energy to spend on better things.

Sammy Faysal
Sammy Faysal You can take a break. Trust me, you will all be still thinking about it. And besides, people who really are at peace with themselves and the world, don’t need coffee breaks. Caffein is an artificial means for feeling good about ourselves. It has side affects too.

Nita Jane
Nita Jane Alright already… but I already have a mom for advice.

Nita Jane
Nita Jane

Music video by Foster The People performing Pumped Up Kicks. Directed By Josef Geiger (c) 2011 Sony Music Entertainment
Imran Owais Kazmi
Imran Owais Kazmi They say smart is good. But oversmart nah smile emoticon

Sammy Faysal
Sammy Faysal Lol Nita, two is better than 1 wink emoticon

Imran Owais Kazmi
Imran Owais Kazmi I was “inspired” by:

Michael Graham III How about we eradicate Islam…that would solve 99% of all the worlds violence.See more

Karmanye Thadani
Karmanye Thadani samia amim, you stated –

“I like Karmanye Thadani the most. He is the most able person to discuss conflicts here without being judgmental, sarcastic or offensive.”See more

Karmanye Thadani
Karmanye Thadani Imran: i said i don’t want to discuss kashmir over here… i’m cool with discussing any other conflict!

Imran Owais Kazmi
Imran Owais Kazmi Karmanye have you even read my post? Where is Kashmir mentioned here?

Karmanye Thadani
Karmanye Thadani i have read the post and even commented on it! but if you read the thread of comments, kashmir cropped up and that’s when i said i don’t want to discuss kashmir!

Imran Owais Kazmi
Imran Owais Kazmi But is it relevant now?

Christian Briard
Christian Briard Nice text comming from a big and sweet heart …

Imran Owais Kazmi
Imran Owais Kazmi Karmanye Thadani the last time you mentioned Kashmir was Karmanye Thadani the point about the bihari muslims in bangladesh is well made, but i do believe that if the israelis some day do decide to let go of gaza and west bank, there’s no reason they woSee more

Imran Owais Kazmi
Imran Owais Kazmi Are you seeing a Kashmiri Bhoot/Poltergeist in your nightmares Karmanye Thadani hahah smile emoticon

Imran Owais Kazmi
Imran Owais Kazmi I mean can’t get it itniii purani baat ACHANAK yad agai tumhe? RAAZ 4 is it? smile emoticon

Karmanye Thadani
Karmanye Thadani well, the point about kashmir was first made by samia amim in the following words –

“Until then, I am sorry my brothers and sisters of Palestine, Kashmir, and elsewhere …”See more

Not your typical 14 year old: Malala Yousafzai

This is a short and sweet article, if you may call it such, in the avalanche of news reports and opinions on the brave kid,  more of a critical look at what happened, why and what’s to come?


Much is being spoken today of the young girl from Swat, Pakistan – Malala Yousafzai, a 14 year old who faced bullets just to fight for the right of the girl-child for education. While many genuinely condemn the attackers, the TTP (Tehrik e Taliban of Pakistan) many stand to gain profit politically or otherwise by aligning with Malala, after all she’s the hottest news topic! And anybody who’s somebody is talking about her, why such a sudden sense of attachment with a girl who’s one of tens of millions in a similar fate, day in and day out? One is compelled to ask sans any reasonable answer.


Few are aware that TTP or not, the fate of Malala’s in Pakistan is doomed from birth, a gender biased society that rewards “sons” and frowns at newborn girls to the extent that a woman may have to give birth half a dozen or more times to appease her husband and in laws with a prized “boy” and if not, she’s either tortured or / and a new wife is brought in her place. In such a backdrop, we have sweet Malala, born in the summer of 1997 to Ziauddin Yousafzai, poet, school owner and educational activist, lucky she was for in her environment, girls are often denied education and are made to work like slave labor at parents’ home first and then the same is repeated at their husband’s home. Boys don’t fare significantly better either, poverty is almost raison d’etre of the masses, few are aware, that boys go through sodomization at the “Madressah” or Islamic Religious School oft times (much like the Church scandals, only worse) and are made to work as mechanics under tons of trailers, trucks or cars from a tender age where in the US or Europe or MidEast they play with toys at home or playschool. Ironically, Islam has from its inception, advocated education or “Ilm” as the foundation for all Muslims, regardless of any discrimination and it is in the name of the SAME Islam that these girls and boys are persecuted by the TTP!


Malala grew up, with the loving encoragement of her family, into an educational activist and blogger for from a tender age of 11. Since 2009 she started writing for the BBC courtesy her dad’s journalist friend who wanted a school girl’s view of the prevailing academic atmosphere. Later on

Adam B. Ellick of NYT made a documentary, with appearances in pres conferences, on the status quo which resulted in the wrath of TTP as death threats to her dad, Ziauddin. Seeing all this mayhem and madness Malala decided to pursue politics so she could save her country.


Through the wicked circle of poverty, illiteracy, narrow minded perception of so called custodians of Islam, the TTP, Malala met a bullet on October 9, 2012 while riding home in a bus from school, they were intercepted by masked gunmen who asked for her by name, and threatened that were she hidden, they’ll shoot all, shot her twice, in the neck and head, and left her to die.


Today she’s still on ventilator at the Army Hospital amidst “talks” of airlifting her to Dubai or Germany, something that should have been done much earlier, however, Malala is still not out of danger as I write these words, and my fingers tremble to write what if she were to be no more? And then I remember the Swat school girl friend of Malala, who, after her assisination attempt said “Every girl in Swat is Malala. We will educate ourselves. We will win. They can’t defeat us” – and I could feel hope somewhere in the dark corners of my mind.


Back in 2009, when Malala was learning to speak her mind from the beautiful yet chained frontiers of NWFP / Swat, I wrote a blog aimed specifically at using education to eradicate terror and poverty from the masses. It is “the” future were someone to action it.


Few takers, but an assisination attempt seems to have momentarily woken up all around, for how long I ask? and to what end?




Imran O Kazmi

(the writer is a political analyst and developmental, peace activist based out of Dubai, UAE)

Chief Thinking Officer – Peace Activist



Cell +971 55 8094119 BBM 282B4280 Skype iokazmi


14 going 40! May you live long, happy and healthy!14 going 40! May you live long, happy and healthy!

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Shane Barry Peninton
Shane Barry Peninton WOW!! That is all I can say…AWESTRUCK!

Amanda Swanepoel
Amanda Swanepoel Wow!! wink emoticon

Meekal Ahmed
Meekal Ahmed excellent; but her life as she knows it in Pakistan is over. I pray that she will recover and be well. But she can never go back to school and finish her education. She, and her entire family, are now targets. They need to all go away to some “normal” place where they can be safe and carry on with their lives, safe from terrorists who have no remorse.

Yasir Ali
Yasir Ali Our army should go hard at these guys and eradicate these religious thugs / extremists ….. otherwise bye bye Paksitan……hope she recover soon…………she is an asset for us…a young bright gem…

Usfandiar Sukhia
Usfandiar Sukhia IOK, u can feel hope in some dark corner of your mind, but u also know that this is monster that needs to be killed, burnt & buried before any semblance of normality can be thought of.

I think it was Nietsche who said that “In taming the beast, one muSee more

Hamid Sherazi
Hamid Sherazi Well sewed thoughts & words. I will though like to add a very important twist in the dark history of so called custodians of Islam which probably could never ever have been made real before, is the animosity as well as unity that this particular incideSee more

Imran Owais Kazmi
"Father Of Kainat (The Victim Of Malala's Attack) Said That: "Only Imran Khan Ask About My Daughter's Health Otherwise No One" Only Imran khan taking this matter seriously rest of all are doing just politics************* Join Us @[200817453332303:274:Imran Khan Janisar]****************"
Only Imran Khan Ask About My Daughter’s Health Otherwise No One”

Father Of Kainat (The Victim Of Malala’s Attack) Said That: “Only Imran Khan Ask About My Daughter’s Health Otherwise No One” Only Imran khan taking this matter seriously rest of all are doing just politics************* Join Us Imran Khan Janisar****************

Imran Owais Kazmi
Imran Owais Kazmi The above shows that while there is a lot of media hype on Malala her TWO classfellows who were also shot are simply being forgotten!

Imran Owais Kazmi
Imran Owais Kazmi It is likely that the Imran Khan stint is publicity, looking at the video it seems not all that impartial, nevertheless all these kids need to be protected and saved from the TTP

Karmanye Thadani
Karmanye Thadani the other two kids should not be forgotten…

Wajahat Shah
Wajahat Shah · Friends with Waquas Haider and 7 others

amrican agent
Yasir Ali
Yasir Ali feel sorry for Wajahat Sha….

Imran Owais Kazmi
Imran Owais Kazmi Sorry? I feel disgusted at these hypocrites, heartless inhuman creatures

Susan Su McKenzie
Susan Su McKenzie Thank you for this post – but education does not eradicate poverty.

Imran Owais Kazmi
Imran Owais Kazmi Susan Su McKenzie It does, please see

Our children’s future, is ours
Susan Su McKenzie
Susan Su McKenzie Thank you for drawing this post to my attention – thanks.

OMMV – one man, many votes, REAL DEMOCRACY CAN BE A REALITY!!!

Written to likeminded people earlier, worth reading, sharing and supporting!

I personally believe that the following line of action will greatly benefit Pakistan which is based, as some of you may already know, on the crux of thoughts AFTER meetings with different politicians, with very divergent views and senior army personnel of Pakistan including Respected Mr Imran Khan, General Pervez Musharraf, late Fauzia Wahab, Respected Raja Pervez Ashraf Saheb, Respected Makhdoom Shahabuddin Sahib, Mr Riaz Fattiana, Mr Malik Pervez, Mr Assadullah Bhutto, Ms Donya Aziz, Sardar Munghio, Ms Kashmala Tariq among others, there is a lot that can STILL be done for Pakistan.

The following are POWERFUL ideas and material that with your help we can use to CHANGE Pakistan to a progressive, safe and prosperous country very quickly, I directly solicit your help for the same in any way possible, through media or personal discussions:

1                     Kindly acquaint yourself with and also join my blueprint for change

2                     OMMV – One man many votes, a revolutionary idea to increase participation and weightage of the educated people as follows:

  1. The reason why democracy isn’t successful in poor and low literacy countries is the exploitation of the masses through the landlords who either buy or forcefully use their votes
  2. On top of that, educated people have NO INCENTIVE to vote as they believe “my vote is as good as the masses who far outnumber me and hence I will not make any difference so why vote?”
  3. It is true that a good 70% of our Awam / masses is either illiterate or at a very basic literacy level, it is also true that education not only helps one get employment and get ahead in life, but also broadens ones’ horizons and ability to assess and judge matters, hence it is reasonable to say that an educated man can make a BETTER decision on a political candidate than an uneducated person’s vote, plus while it is easy to coerce in an illiterate person it is far from easy to force an educated man to vote!
  4. Hence the idea is to get the Election Commission and NADRA to give ,weightage to an educated man’s vote, for example, Matric 1 man 5 votes, Inter 10 votes, Bachelors 50 votes, Masters 100 votes, PhD 500 votes, this means 1,000 Masters votes will equal 100,000 “ordinary” votes (that can easily be bought)
  5. I urge you to share this idea on the press and with the election commission, if you agree, for I believe this will allow the educated person to choose the fate of the nation and also, allow simple ordinary educated people TO COME IN AS CANDIDATES, imagine a University Professor can easily get 1,000 votes and win an election! No advertising budget required! Just brains!!!
  6. To the critics: education is used EVERYWHERE in Pakistan (and outside) to assess a person’s caliber, without a Bachelors or Masters degree you cannot dream of getting into a management or officer level position, why? Because you cannot be expected to make sound decisions and grasp indicators and knowledge without education, then why be so impartial to education when it comes to a matter of life and death for the country? Viz “the elections”?
  7. Modern and successful democracies like in the US and elsewhere enjoy good primary and secondary education penetration and hence their selection of candidates is more balanced, atleast they are NOT forced to vote for Obama or Romney! They have to sweat really hard to get those votes! As compared to our average landlord who only needs truckloads of people paid or forced to “win” and enjoy grandeur in the “National Assembly”!!!

3                     Political parties

  1. At this moment, PPP is the strongest party in Pakistan, there is no real “competition”
  2. I propose an alliance of APML, PML, PTI, JI and MQM to create a “second force”
  3. The cons are obvious, they all lash out at each other, but the pros are heavier, I believe atleast Musharraf, Nawaz and Imran have a similar DNA in terms of political thinking as opposed to PPP which seems to be nested in past achievements only, unfortunately. Further I believe the Nawaz – Musharraf rift is nothing that cannot be “fixed” – because if they don’t team up they remain a minority then not
  4. If the OMMV concept takes off then even this will not be required as people will make the right choice with the right weightage

I hope you will give thought to my rather radical ideas J and if in national interest, as I believe they are.

Making Sense of Nonsense!

Making Sense of Nonsense!

The world as we know it is changing at a very fast pace. Open any TV channel or news site and you’re greeted with news of casualties in war, disease, poverty, economic and environmental challenges that seem to spell doomsday in the backdrop of nonsense news on fake celebrities like Paris Hilton and Kim Kadarshanian or even a bare all dress of some established celebrity. News we could do without but news that still worries us about today and more importantly, tomorrow.

How do we make sense out of this nonsense? What has been going on in “our” world, or is it really “our” world? Is there a God up above controlling the strings or is man playing God? The only security we have is our close friends and family, at a larger level humanity sees hopelessness all around. Is this the way it’s supposed to be or is there a silver lining to this cloud called “life?”

Let’s delve into a bit of recent history shall we?

The beginning of 20th century saw a World War, then the US entered a historic great depression in the 30s, but the late 30s/40s also saw America rise to the status of a global power, courtesy unlimited arms supply in World War II. What happened then set the stage for global politics and conflicts as we know them today. The United Nations was formed post World War II n 1945, originally as an alliance of “the Allies” – it was the creation of TMC (The Military Complex) which in collusion with the Zions rule the world today, banks, media and governments in their pockets. War has become a part of our lives, and it is not always fought on the battleground, it is though, on the media. The words of George Orwell in “1984” have come to life, “Big Brother is Watching” every move we make. Individual freedom has been restricted to watching the news, entertainment, the immaterial ability to “choose” leaders who are mere puppets in the hands of TMC and a Pied Piper like call to demonify the “enemies of humanity” through self created demons.

Hollywood was born soon to entertain the hungry, poor, war torn masses and to this day, I admit does a good job of the same. Soon after, till today, every country has it’s own “hollywood” from India’s Bollywood, to Pakistan’s Lollywood to provide entertainment to the slaves of TMC, you and me, who toil in jobs and businesses and need to see an attractive face, a jaw dropping body or a tear jerking story, a comedy or an “action” packed killing spree. The internet, Xbox, Playstation are spreading the same at a pre teen onwards level, too.

Post World War II, on one hand there were Americans and on the other there was Russia, Europe was allied to US, Japan was humbled and defeated by the Atomic Bomb and Asia was too poor, enslaved and weak to play any significant role.

The world also saw the beginning of religious war post the Crusades. While it was Hitler, a Christian, who inflicted unspeakable cruelty on the Jewish people due religious roots, lust for power, mental sickness (Syphilis) and “Table Talk” brutal, madness driven philosophy of ruling the world. He capitalized on anti-Semitic European feelings post World War I to gain power, propagating Jews his and “humanity’s” arch enemies he laid down the foundation of nationalistic inhumanity that cannot be compared to any era of human history and deserves no mention in civil literature. His charm and persuasive skill created the darkest chapter in human history. Luckily for humanity, Hitler’s madness didn’t stop at the Jews, he dragged other European countries and Russia into the fight and hence the Allies (except Russians) teamed up and ultimately defeated him. But by then six million innocent Jews of all ages and gender had either tasted death or seen horror that defies the worst of nightmares.

In parallel, pre and post World War II the globe saw many European colonies get independence, the rise of nationalism at a micro level and the quest to seek identity in smaller groups than larger goliaths. Turkey once the centre of the Islamic Caliphate came out of faith and embraced development. Today it is the only Muslim majority country to boast a developmental mindset and widespread positive recognition by the Allies. Turkey was seconded by the GCC especially UAE for being the leader in innovation and positive apolitical development. Many in the West frown at both Turkey and UAE and leave no stone unturned to aim their guns at them often for reasons that exist in good quantum “back home” – An article by Johann Hari on “The Dark Side of Dubai” was squarely targeted at discrediting not just Dubai but the Arabs and the region. Some just couldn’t take the fact that there are some among the Muslim leadership who are actually at par or smarter than their Western counterparts…

It was such a movement that led to the division of the South East Asian subcontinent to East & West Pakistan, Bangladesh and India in August 1947. Except for a sandwiched Kashmir and an Ocean’s apart East / West Pakistan twins it appeared a do-able proposition. 65 years down the line, none of these countries can claim a stable law and order. India can boast economic development but at what cost? Earlier this year, “The Hindu” reported “Neo-liberal policies fine-tuned to global capitalist accumulation are increasing poverty, mass deprivation and unemployment besides undermining food security in India” as quoted by economist Patnaik. Ruled by corrupt politicians, and in the balance, honest Army officers, India and Pakistan share not just culture and religion, they also share the same evils.

Coming to the Jews post WW2, before they could wipe their tears from the holocaust, a new chapter was unfolded by TMC, the 60s saw an unholy war erupt between the Arabs and the Jews who had a new found homeland in “Israel” (meaning “God Shines” according to the Jews) – this God turned out to be the God of wrath, to this day and beyond, the Israel – Palestinian conflict has not seen the light of peace. Millions have died for among Muslim history there is no evidence of victimization of Jewish people but this conflict resulted in the opposite, the Arab and Muslim world watches with awe as Israel flouts UN resolution after resolution, takes revenge of one of their deaths by 10,000 of the Palestinians.

Later on JFK was elected as a model President of the USA, he dared go against TMC by refusing to escalate to full scale war in Vietnam and paid the price with his life as his successor Lyndon Johnson gladly embraced the same costing billions of dollars to the American taxpayer yet the same in revenues to TMC.

Around this time oil boomed in the Gulf of Arabia, poverty and fight to survive was replaced with opulence and resources beyond compare. The Americans and Allies cashed in on the opportunity and established themselves militarily, politically and in terms of development work. Hence the Allies expat population enjoys to this date preferential treatment in every sense of the word in this region and “your wish is my command” remains pretty much the status quo.

Then came Afghanistan in the 70s/80s, a last of the cold war “war” that saw another band of Islam drawn into it, “The Taliban” literally seekers of knowledge, but practically a narrowly indoctrinated group of young men prepared to fight a crusade against communist Russian forces by the Pentagon through their military counterparts in Pakistan, the infamously famous ISI. The University of Nebraska files show the extent of hate and terror that the Taliban were taught against the Russians, learning to count with guns and worse. The Taliban fought long and hard and drove the Russians out of Afghanistan thus saving America from a Communist strong hold near South Asia and the Middle East.

1979 also saw the liberal Mohammad Raza Pehalvi, the Shah of Iran toppled by an Islamist Khomeni regime, not very different from the Taliban in outlook. In a year’s time a US ally Saddam Hussain fought Khomenised Iran for 8 long years in what was known as the Iran – Iraq war. Iran persisted and does to this day, for good or for worse America has a potential threat in this region.

Saddam attained lunacy akin to his cousin Qaddafi in Libya. Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely, there is an element of truth in this when one analyses the “Green Book” of Qaddafi and the lust for power of Saddam, both had family members and secret police protecting their interests and used state wealth as “their” wealth. Saddam went on to intrude into oil rich Kuwait, a fatal mistake drawing GWB Sr to “Operation Desert Storm” in the 90s that not only saved Kuwait but also firmly established US troops on Middle Eastern soil – at their expense, as saviors and heroes.

During this backdrop missionary Islam kept spreading specially in Europe, an alarming trend indeed! The pro Muslim influence in Europe and Americas had to be curtailed, so the next epic war of wars was prepared and started. However, was the Islam that was spreading really Islam? 1500 years ago the man who propagated Islam, Muhammad Saws, wasn’t so much about rituals to a deity then about human to human interactions of respect, equality and love. Something the Muslims of today are a far cry from, intolerant, divided, distasteful, egoistic maniacs who snap at any provocation, no matter how small. Perhaps the TMC considered this a solid opportunity to exploit!

The early 2000s saw Osama Bin Laden, an unknown, infamous and almost nonexistent Saudi who had set up shop in arid Afghanistan as a spiritual Jihadi leader of the Taliban. He was blamed for attacks on US assets in MidEast. That didn’t raise his TRPs but a series of horrifying plane attacks on US soil on September 11, 2011 that most notably left the twin towers of the symbol of Capitalism, the World Trade Centre razed to the ground brought unimaginable fury from TMC, GWB Jr (George W Bush Junior) announced within days of the attack that it was “Al Qaeda” (a rechristened global Taliban inspired force under Osama bin Laden) that was to blame. Osama was asked to surrender, he chose to fight. One wonders why would a leader choose to fight a war destined to defeat against an enemy armed to the teeth compared to Osama’s ill equipped Stone Age warriors. Whatever the logic or even insider connivance, the “games” began; media coverage of pounding of Afghanistan in all possible “War Sutra” positions filled every drawing room, coffee shop and public place. Ultimately the Americans “freed” Afghans from the same people they rose to fight the Russians! In tandem GWB declared Iraq, Iran and North Korea as the “Axis of Evil” an honor which was later bestowed upon Yemen and Syria as well.

In a few years a frantic hype of WMD (weapons of mass destruction) was created to label Iraq as on the verge of doing bad bad things to “the Allies” – another war was started ending with the hanging of Saddam, ex friend turned foe of TMC.

Iran teamed up with Russia, China and South American Venezuela to give the Americans a tough time, with guaranteed oil exports to the communist bloc it created a “protector” from the US / Israel / Allies dominated unipolar world and showing blind ambition for nuclear weapons putting the Allies much at dis-ease.

This decade has seen Algeria, Morocco, Tunisia and Egypt followed by Libya get “freedom” from corrupt leadership, the same movement is actively in progress in Syria. Bahrain had a Shia, Iran supported uprising but soon quashed due the Allies fear of strengthening Iran with any support for that would logically destabilize the whole region even further as Iran spreads it’s arms like an octopus just about anywhere it could.

Whilst TMC focused on profiting from conflicts the Chinese profited from economics, they learnt from the Japanese that what doesn’t destroy you only makes you stronger, through economic efforts the Japanese slowly moved from nobodies, to copy cats to innovators, the South Koreans followed suit and the Chinese encouraged profit seeking American and European businesses to “outsource” cheap production from China which they happily did and in the process passed on their “family jewels” innovation, know how, capacity building, marketing tactics and above all, intellectual property.

Today China is the single most important economic threat to the Western world, China’s prosperity is in stark contrast to Europe and America’s continuing and deepening recession, it is true that one nation’s loss is another’s gain, in this case it’s just that the gain of one nation is the loss of many!

Future Opportunities & Potential Conflicts in the Region

The Arab Spring is not a “passing phenomenon” by TMC, it is the start of change in maps and power corridors in the region, the oil rich Gulf countries are apprehensive

North Korea armed with Nuclear Arsenal is the communist blocs bad cop to the West, while China and Russia play good cop to avoid any military conflict yet assert their power.

The religious divide is ever increasing, with media “in the face” of billions of humans the message is clear, stay in your tribe / sect / faith and you’re safe, the Norwegian Crusader Anders Breivik makes no effort to hide that it is Islam and specifically Muslims in the West that he is targeting. And he is not alone.

The French issue over headscarves left a bad taste in the mouth, you can allow a woman to walk naked but you can’t let her cover her hair/face? Should she be a nun you stay mum! Should she be Muslim you cry wolf! That doesn’t in anyway condone the separatist ideologies that the Muslims living in the West follow till today, their own mini worlds disintegrated with the social fabric, ironically in Islam Muslims are forbidden to live under Non Muslims unless they have no choice, and no Muslim today can claim that as a reason! Yet they not only live among Non Muslims they try and force their values on them, marry off their daughters by force, abuse their wives and children, all in the name of fictitious “Hadith” and their own whims and fancies. I ask, Why?

The future may well see trickling to mass migration of Muslims from the West to the East, overtly for religious reasons, mostly incompatibility and covertly to save their social welfare for their own “kind” then the immigrants, who believe in reproducing incessantly compared to an almost negative population graph of the host countries.

Economically if the West cannot sustain itself, there will have to be a third World War, this time, just to survive.

Add to this the environmental menace, loads of air-conditioning and pollution thinning the ozone layer, factory and waste destroying lands and oceans.

Is there a way out of this self created plight, I think so, world leaders need to be persuaded to join hands to meet common challenges and shed their man made differences of race, color, caste, nationality, I’ve outlined the complete plan at those who believe the future can be changed.


Imran O Kazmi

Chief Thinking Officer / Transformational Consultant, CRS Cube/Strategy2Action

Peace Guru at A Happy World Animal Lover and a “fun oriented” human being!


Please think “trees” before printing this email!


Parting tune for if music could somehow capture the plight of our world today it is this one:

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Nita Jane
Nita Jane…

From the CD Amore Del Tropico Love not our love love isn’t supposed to be this way love is a poison ring and love has…
Tariq Khan
Tariq Khan A very comprehensive and well written article.Your conclusions are interesting .

Sherry Ashraf
Sherry Ashraf Good effort imran!

Imran Owais Kazmi
Imran Owais Kazmi I wish I could circulate it all over the world so the people know what is going on with them and to them

Wake up Fatima Bhutto! Your country weeps for you!

I hope this somehow makes it to Fatima Bhutto, as soon as possible, in the interest of saving our quickly disintegrating once-upon-a-time “nation” – Pakistan.

Paying a “virtual visit “ to – and reveals a hidden, coy yet bold face of a girl who could well be the future of Pakistan, Fatima Bhutto, the daughter of a folk legend among politicians (that’ll probably be an insult to him though!) Mir Murtaza Bhutto – who died without the comfort of his mother or sisters’ arms while his later-slain sister, most ironically, was the Prime Minister of Pakistan.

What attracts me to Fatima, born on the same day as my sister (May 29), intellectually, is her love for the truth, a rare disorder among those in the public eye. Fatima writes and speaks as water flowing down a stream, in perfect order, touching the strings of your heart and inspiring the depth of (whatever) brain left in you. Her nonchalant explanation of cancerous subjects with the ease of a flowing “dupatta” in the wind, she gets to the core with precision and almost unmatchable wit that would reckon a blood link with Shakespeare or Ghalib, so to speak.

However, her political career in the conniving Zardari controlled Pakistan is all but an unlikely miracle, that she’s put to rest before even raising her eyebrows in that direction.

But should she? I think she KNOWS a LOT about the inside stories of the current government, she speaks every now and then or writes on them, todate there is no clue as to who was behind her dad’s ruthless establishment murder, while a 9/11 styled Osama Bin Laden has been quickly created out of Pervez Musharraf, primed and ready to be sacrificed at the altar of 2 enemies joined by revenge and power, Nawaz and Zardari aided and abetted by the “CJ” – funny how a man, as my article sent to major global publications below explains, who’s only logical “choice” to survive was a collusion with BB would be so shamelessly implicated in her murder? It’s as if the WHOLE NATION is being turned into a media frenzy of “let’s wait for the ‘anti democratic/dictator’ sacrificial lamb to sacrifice at the altar of of shortcomings in law and order, foreign relations, economy and massive corruption” He had his vices, I haven’t minced words on them in the article below, but this entire media rant “to bring him to justice for BB’s murder” is in one word “ridiculous” – the Interpol “proofs” the eagerness to “quickly try and sacrifice” him are all pointing in one direction on part of the Government: desperation, their only focus “win the next elections while being merry and richer by the second every day.”

I don’t know if to liken your story to Clooney’s “Syriana” or to “JFK” or to even “A Brilliant Mind” – but I see the mayhem, the readiness of another “line of Zardari-Bhuttos” – your able cousins wrapped in the mystery of a dad and mom who died younger then she should have, who wasn’t in the best of marital terms as the grapevine goes and who’d struck a deal with Mush to “keep him out.” – and YET the world at large bows down to evil. For why not? I’m not a heretic, a born Muslim, and in times of doubt Fatima, I look at evil around me and tell myself “Yes there IS a God above for this evil to be here means there must be good, somewhere”

Wake up, Fatima Bhutto, the time has come for you to lead from the front, let the facts be known that have made the “Bhutto” clan the “Luto” (ransack/loot) clan of Pakistan through your not so dearest family members, it is time to expose them, let the truth be known, wasn’t it a PPP senior supporter who threw a shoe his way aka persona non grata? For only you can expose them Fatima, you are heard, you are believed and you are the epitome of pain when it comes to your entire family, the pain lives in you, the pain writes from your hands and speaks from your mouth. To lose a dad as brilliant as yours in as despicable a manner as you did is beyond words. It has to be felt, and I do feel it, believe it, or not.

Stand up. Speak up. Be the change that your country needs you to be, lead, your people, my people, our people cry bad blood, they need you, do not leave them alone to be totally consummated by the wolves around them… make it happen, stand up Fatima, NOW


Imran O Kazmi

Chief Thinking Officer / Transformational Consultant, CRS Cube/Strategy2Action

Peace Guru at A Happy World Animal Lover and a “fun oriented” human being!


Please think “trees” before printing this email!

Red Alert or Red Hot?

The case for General Pervez Musharraf

By Imran Owais Kazmi – A Dubai based political analyst and peace guru (


Harshly criticized for quality defects, Theodore MacManus wrote the Penalty of Leadership in 1915 for Cadillac (a treasured part of every Cadillac’s manual for almost a century), later adopted by Elvis Presley and I quote: “The leader is assailed because he is a leader, and the effort to equal him is merely added proof of that leadership. Failing to equal or to excel, the follower seeks to depreciate and to destroy.


Besides power and fuel shortages, business and employment down the drain, rampant lawlessness for breakfast, US drones for lunch and international media bashing for supper, Pakistanis also wonder whether or not Pervez Musharraf will be behind bars or with a noose around his neck in the days or weeks to come.


Probably few are aware that Musharaf grew up in liberal was a rare, open and nurturing leader in Pakistan’s landscape of looters and plunderers occupying the seats of power. As the state sponsored media rants against him, blaming him even after 4 years of power for all that ever happened to Pakistan in 60 years, one wonders was he really all “that” bad?


Fine, he toppled Nawaz in 1999, but wasn’t the country at the edge of financial default then? Commando that he is, skillfully maneuvered the country out of the woods, even his fairer opponents would agree! Name it, education, telecoms, finance, healthcare, everything skyrocketed. Common man was happy. World media was happy. World leadership was satisfied.


I remember in 1999-2001 when I was handling Nokia mobile phones portfolio in Pakistan and smuggling was rampant, it was with the direct support of Musharraf and his cabinet that we turned that situation into humungous income for the country by changing the laws in less than a few months! Thereafter, in June 2001 I wrote a critical letter to Musharraf on my assessment of his performance till then, no reprimand, in fact I was called to the President house and given a run down on the challenges he faced and the bitter pills he swallowed. I don’t see that happening in many a “democracies” in the world today.


He made mistakes, every leader does, went to maddening extent to legitimize his stay in power with corrupt politicians, Lal Masjid and Baluchistan were both fiascos he could have handled with more tact, could have been assertive with both the US and the ISI to build lasting trust, didn’t reform the police or the judiciary at all with honest officers (what “got” him in the end) and above all, led a colorful life that alienated him from those who expected him to stay focused as the battle was not over (including the Army). He lost the battle, but did he lose the war? I think not.


Today, the government is leaving no stone unturned for a crime he logically had no interest to commit: the murder of Benazir Bhutto whom he invited, with Uncle Sam’s blessings, to form a government with an intent to stabilize democracy and save himself from Nawaz. One is compelled to ask, who “benefitted” from her death and under what circumstances did she die? Was he as the President of Pakistan expected to stand guard with a helmet and rifle next to her stand or vehicle? A President who faced numerous publicly documented attempts on his own life in a Talibanized and unstable country, when he couldn’t ensure his own security how was he even expected to ensure security of anyone else? Who were the forces against Benazir besides the media proclaimed Musharraf? Why are the key institutions and forces aligned against Musharraf though warring internally! What is it that Musharraf is capable of that they fear? In two words, “international influence” on global leaders, Bush, Blair, Howard, the King of Saudi Arabia, Chinese Premier, to name a few. He is still the respectable face of Pakistan to the world; the powers that be hate that, to say the least!


Regardless of the motivations for Musharraf red warrant paraphernalia, one thing is apparent, the common man, in or out of uniform is still in his favor, the only contender Imran Khan unfortunately has little to prove yet politically, administratively and globally compared to Musharraf.


On Interpol arresting Musharraf, one needs to read the article by Ian Johnston earlier this year where he cites many an example of oppressive and corrupt regimes using red warrants against political enemies –Musharraf seems to fit the bill fairly well I suppose. Further, Interpol mandate clearly excludes it from “politically inspired” cases hence; personally I see little likelihood of a red warrant ever issued against Musharraf unless he goes out on a mad killing rampage henceforth!


His only hope, to me, is to build bridges with Nawaz and Imran – the two developmental politicians of Pakistan, who despite their weaknesses, have given more to the nation then taken, and have more in common with Musharraf’s corporatized leadership style then the political mayhem of others. And like it or not, who have no hope without him, for 2013 will see Punjab divided between them; and PPP ruling with a majority in Punjab.


What the future holds for Musharraf is anybody’s guess, Pakistan politics is similar to their favorite sport, cricket, unpredictable till the last ball, two things are clear though, the army won’t interfere and PPP (in power) will leave no stone unturned to keep the trophy of power, resources, gold, cash, wine, women, fame and terror, that is also known to some as “Pakistan.”


MacManus parted the Penalty of Leadership with “That which deserves to live, lives.”will Musharraf live to see the light of day in Pakistan in his past glory? I think the people, not the “Brown Saheb” or Talibanized leaders of Pakistan know better…




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Tariq Khan
Tariq Khan Imran sahab ,i have read your revised article .will rrespond in detail later .However for the moment let me say , General Musharafs state reminds me of of the older days in history when the overthrown kings and pretenders fled to safer havens , and senSee more

Imran Owais Kazmi
Imran Owais Kazmi Tariq Khan your sense of humor is awesome smile emoticon you write well, very well, but miss the point that I, as best as I could, objectively and quite mercilessly lashed out at some of the issues you mentioned, you seem to forget those somehow? Or is it that as See more

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Imran Owais Kazmi
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Imran Owais Kazmi
Imran Owais Kazmi I am sick and tired of intelligent army officers demeaning their own, not realizing the that men in uniform, though not angels, were far better than the civvie devils, but just because you couldn’t be where they were, you demean them (I don’t mean you as in you, but you as in army intellectuals NOT uniting within THEIR ranks and ranting like extremely OLD and useless men)

Imran Owais Kazmi
Imran Owais Kazmi the politicians are so f****ing shrewd they ABUSE each other in public then drink and rape together, YOU the faujis are SO DUMB that you publicly and privately abuse and think to yourself “wah maza agya, aj phir aik dosre ki maa chod di” – that’s PRECISee more

Imran Owais Kazmi
Imran Owais Kazmi It would take a person with the vision of Sun-Tzu, and MLK to even fathom the depth or intent with which I write this, I don’t think many among the fauji stalwarts will be able to even touch the TIP of the iceberg that I depict above, no worries, we’re all in a rush to doomsday…

Naila Aziz Ahmed
Naila Aziz Ahmed She is a very brave young woman! May God keep her safe!

Noureen Shah
Noureen Shah I am not getting the point here……do you want her to lead PPP? or you want her to gather the nation to bring a change? or both? She is excellent speaker, writer, and thinker. However with issues like terrorism, growing population, crappy infrastructSee more

Karmanye Thadani
Karmanye Thadani well, my country india too has been run by a family for decades, except some intervals in between… starting with jawaharlal nehru who was a great intellectual and a man who suffered and sacrificed for the cause of indian ndependence, and someone whoSee more

Imran Owais Kazmi
Imran Owais Kazmi Karmanye thank you co drafting a lovely response on my behalf smile emoticon I couldn’t have done better seriously. That’s the raison d’etre Noureen….

Karmanye Thadani
Karmanye Thadani smile emoticon

Imran Owais Kazmi
Imran Owais Kazmi Enjoy this smile emoticon Dear Iqbal Saheb and Hasan Saheb,

I find Hasan Saheb’s tirade against Fatima slightly out of proportion. My late dad was retired Commissioner Karachi (Syed Muhammad Owais) back in Karachi in the 80s and 90s I remember visiting Ardeshir CSee more

Uzma Subhani
Uzma Subhani musharraf was a gift for us…we couldn’t value him and now we have so-called intellectuals plants by RAW and CIA to distort his image and image of pakistan. all so-called democratic lot works for them also. to hell with democracy and its followers in pakistan who have made this country and its people miserable…hats off to sir musharraf!

Imran Owais Kazmi
Imran Owais Kazmi Finally it’s “on air” smile emoticon…/20120322162711zzzz.nb/topstory.html

Imran Owais Kazmi gives his thoughts on General Pervez Musharraf and Pakistan politics.
Uzma Subhani
Uzma Subhani wonderful and congrats..keep up the gud work!

Karmanye Thadani
Karmanye Thadani congrats!

Naila Aziz Ahmed
Naila Aziz Ahmed I am not getting into this. Fatima B is not running for any political office, and has not inherited anything like BB’s son which I think is laughable at best! But whatever she says, one thing is clear. No matter what we though of her father, to murder See more

Tariq Khan
Tariq Khan It was tragic the way his life was lost.Must have been very very traumatic for the little girl watching.One can only feel sorry , not just for him , but for all l those whose lives have been terminated like this .

Karmanye Thadani
Karmanye Thadani indeed!

Raheal Akhtar
Raheal Akhtar Awesomely written and rightly said

Amna Khaishgi
Amna Khaishgi Just read Fatima Bhutta article… I found a same disconnect bw her and the masses….

Imran Owais Kazmi
Imran Owais Kazmi she is an intellectual

Amna Khaishgi
Amna Khaishgi yeah agreed… its great to be intellectual, poet, writer etc but to become a leader one has to come out of life of branded world and AC rooms… unfortunately, she is not different from other political bachas’ who are suppose to take the seats of their loved ones….

Imran Owais Kazmi
Imran Owais Kazmi Nahin Amna Khaishgi dear smile emoticon it is great to be intellectual AND a politician hahaha wink emoticon

Amna Khaishgi
Amna Khaishgi hahaha a rare specie indeed….

Imran Owais Kazmi
Imran Owais Kazmi exactly my point smile emoticon

Azad Qalamdaar
Azad Qalamdaar hey Imran, missed that earlier.. dont fancy myself anywhere near Sun-Tzu or MLK, however, imho, neither Musharraf nor Fatima should get into the messy electoral politics.. instead, my advice would be to work on educating Pak voters thru a non-partisanSee more

Online Pakistan virtual election 2002 and discussion poll,online forums,articles,24 hours news,Online public forum where Pakistanis…
Imran Owais Kazmi
Imran Owais Kazmi Azad Qalamdar right on! I have another initiative called OMMV wherein an educated person’s vote gets higher weightage for example Matric = 5, Inter = 10, Bachelors = 50, Masters = 100 PhD = 500 sort of stuff, this will FUCK the jahil politicians SO HARSee more

Azad Qalamdaar
Azad Qalamdaar my goodness man! OMMV=’One Man Multiple Votes’ right? wish we collaborated back then at VotersNet..

Mohammed A. Halepota
Mohammed A. Halepota Hi Imran. My compliments to you for starting a great discussion. I would like to add a few of my comments if I am allowed to do so.

Mohammed A. Halepota
Mohammed A. Halepota I feel that you are doing a supreb job, however at times you seem to use some vulgar words, that seem to tint the very quality of the discussion. Possibly giving a hint of bitterness. May I request that you keep the discussion strictly professional. ..See more