For all my friends…

For all my friends A Motivation to watch this study by Harvard on longevity in executives and people: summary 1 Relationship QUALITY is more important then quantity 2 Good relationships protect our bodies AND our brains, keep us happy, memory remains sharp 3 A good relationship doesn’t mean you never fight, but that youContinue reading “For all my friends…”

*Rightful Kashmir Solution*

*Rightful Kashmir Solution* CrystalHeart Kazmi Best choice. Be men of honor. Go free Kashmiris from Indians. Then join AJK with them. And create a country for Kashmiris Second choice. Ask other countries more powerful than India like US or China to take over Indian Kashmir. Hopefully they will be better masters then Indians to IndianContinue reading “*Rightful Kashmir Solution*”

*We will be destroyed without Justice*

Our police is torturing people in epic proportions after ‘tabdeeli’. One dies in Lahore with a viral video that leaves many speechless. A poor woman in Punjab is just immensely tortured My understanding is that if justice disappears from a society, then sooner or later the society itself disappears. While the middle classes and richContinue reading “*We will be destroyed without Justice*”

*Cure all DIS-EASE(s) with Crystal’s Basic Smoothie formula*

  Cucumber (mid size, Asian size not African hahahahah) x 1 Almonds (unsalted natural not baked) x 5 Alkaline or mineral water 2 glasses   Blend it – drink it neat mixed with hot water (20%)   Have it every HOUR for two days, it will detox you and in 4 glasses your BP wouldContinue reading “*Cure all DIS-EASE(s) with Crystal’s Basic Smoothie formula*”

*Kashmir thanks you Narendra Modi*

*Kashmir thanks you Narendra Modi* CrystalHeart Kazmi Now we Pakistanis are full of faults. I don’t need to tell you. The world knows. But you sir are amazing. You broke your own constitution and all legal agreements in abrogating article 370 in Kashmir. You turned into a public villain in front of the whole world.Continue reading “*Kashmir thanks you Narendra Modi*”

Kashmir story short

Anyone who blames India please look inside Pakistan first. Our police and judges are the worst. Our economy is finished. And our future is dark. Let us fix Pakistan before we raise our fingers on others جو بھی ہندوستان پر الزام لگاتا ہے اسے پہلے پاکستان کے اندر نظر ڈالیں۔ ہماری پولیس اور جج بدترینContinue reading “Kashmir story short”

*The unavoidable truth Pakistanis and poor Muslim countries face*

CrystalHeart Kazmi, Writer and Analyst It is a sad truth that poor nations are abused in the world. Even poor Christian countries are abused and left in South America, Africa and other places. we Muslims are no exception. So please my dear brothers and sisters, understand this reality. Money makes the world go round. WeContinue reading “*The unavoidable truth Pakistanis and poor Muslim countries face*”