Why Pakistan and India need to rethink everything?

Why Pakistan and India need to rethink everything?

By CrystalHeart Kazmi (the writer is a speaker and writer on peace, interfaith harmony and low cost, just, gender and orientation equal global governance)

It all started with a dream. Of ousting the “Raj of Gora Sahab” – the Imperialist Colonists who occupied India in 1857. Started around the first world war and in 40 years delivered India from the clutches of the British. So goes the folklore.

But is this really so?

  • Did the British Colonize India for better or for worse?
  • Did the combined Hindu – Muslim struggle to fight for freedom desire a culmination in two uneven, forever hateful of each other states? Was this the vision of Indian freedom? Or the tunes of “divide and rule”?

Reality of Pakistan India Freedom

73 years gone by and everyone can see the reality of these rogue states where the nationals of India and Pakistan have anything but slogans. Corruption is rife, law and order nonexistent (except for the super rich exploiters), institutions are a charade, education is for namesake while hunger and hopelessness are denied in the clamor of blind nationalism, sports, movies and amplified chatter of goons and thugs known as “leaders” – an average Pakistan and Indian is in one word, unhappy! Look at Kashmir in India or Karachi in Pakistan! Subjugation is the order of the day.

British “invasion” of 1857 pros and cons

Now go back another 90 years from 1947, India was governed by the Persian Moguls, who valued their mistresses so much that they built “Taj Mahals” for them while an average Indian was enslaved to their Will, they were infact used to getting themselves called “Zille Illahi” or the “Mercy of God” – far from it! High headed dictators who’d kill anyone who disagreed or they didn’t like, pick up any woman they wanted and literally did as they pleased. In such a backdrop the British with a colonist agenda came in with “East India Company” which literally took all of India by 1857. It was, if you ask me, a change for the good. Had it not been for the British I would be chanting “Zille Ilahi”, of course I would probably not know how to speak “English” or have rudimentary table manners or any semblance of “civil society” as the English would call it. Thus all in all the British invasion of India was in fact real freedom from ignoble rulers, the Moguls, and the Nawabs, and the Rajas and the religious Pundits of any side, who were the real enslavers of Indian people before the advent of the British. The only “con” of the  British rule was high handedness and tyranny at times which mellowed around the fag end of their rule, they were not the English we know today, kinder, compassionate with a mantra of “equal opportunity”

What if the British of today ruled India?

Ironic and controversial as it may sound, had the current generation of Brits been leading India none would have asked for freedom! For why else do people from the subcontinent or other places throng to the UK (and other Western nations apart from the continent in the Pacific and her sister, Aussies and Kiwis)? Why go BACK to the “enslavers” now that you are a “free” people? Not only that you go there and spread your brand of Hinduism or Islam and expect that the hosts would actually not even bat an eyelid? In the name of “equality”? That doesn’t happen as we’ve all seen the DISintegration of people from subcontinent in the West due their often opposing values and mindsets. Recently my young relative, a Muslim in the US wanted to get married to a Hindu girl he fell in love with, and despite the girl’s consent her parents were most resistant of their overtures. He was not alone, millions of those who wish to cross “boundaries of faith, race, caste, orientation” to find the love of their life are met with stoic silence or even death as I wrote about in my political movement WomenAreVotes, dishonorable killings are aplenty all in the name of honor in India, Pakistan and Afghanistan among other backward scum of the world we live in. Thus the hapless, hopeless, fundamentalist and extremists nationals of the subcontinent scourge the world with their brand of myopia then staying back and fixing their own mess like real men and women.

The price of speaking out!

I tried to do that (reform the unreformable, or so it appears) and met with countless death threats, hate and labels of CIA agent and so on, folklore ascribed to anyone who speaks reason! That too after countless contributions amassing to USD 1 billion for the Government of Pakistan in anti smuggling measures, and parents who contributed to Pakistan like few others, not to speak of my reform movement ChangePakistan that all and sundry in the echelons of power appreciated! Later on I launched GadhaParty, a clear satire on the rotten system of governance, dynasty politicians and all. It earned me the nationalistic wrath and hatred of myopic Pakistanis at all levels, I am 100% sure had I been an Indian the same or worse may have ensued. The people of the subcontinent to me have proven without doubt their lack of respect for human rights and freedom of expression. Pakistan and India today are intolerant nations who pretend to be otherwise. The mantra of dominant faith bullies the rest while all sorts of flimsy arguments are given to the contrary. But the world is not blind, and there are good people like me, albeit a few, who dare to speak out.

The way forward

I think the good people of India and Pakistan, few as they are, should stand for unification of these great lands otherwise, with so much hunger they both foray USD 88 billion in defense budgets (India 77, Pakistan 11) going to their old masters mostly or others for arms supplies and maintaining huge armies where their nationals suffer their own horrible governance and caste system whether overt in India or racist and covert in Pakistan. Or even better, invite Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth to undo the wrong she and her Cabinet did in 1947. Proof? Do an online survey in India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Afghanistan even Iran on “would you like to permanently migrate and give up your citizenship to the US, UK, EU, Australia, Canada or New Zealand” I can BET atleast 80% of the respondents would! So why infest the cleaner parts of the world with nationals from these countries who due cowardice and hypocrisy sing blind patriotic praises of their nations yet strive to move to the West all along! This hypocrisy must end! The people of India and Pakistan besides other LDCs (less developed countries) should stop blaming Capitalism or the West or the Military Industrial Complex for their woes and instead work towards internal peace and harmony by imposing something like KodeOfKonduct – a concept paper I wrote where I openly decried the highhandedness of “faith” in laws and social conduct and asked for a non discriminatory code to drive all laws placing humanity above all else.

I aspire for the day something like the American First Amendment is made mandatory the world over, where freedom of speech is not stifled by faith, nationalism or any other human endeavor to silence the truth or the human spirit.

I know my words will land me in more trouble, more hate and more myopia from my subcontinent based literate illiterates but call a spade a spade is all I learnt and shall do so till my last breath!

Published by CrystalHeartKazmi

Peace and love activist for the world

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