Why Americans deserve our respect

Why Americans deserve our respect:
Keep going America!
I’ve recently observed how the world loves to have fun at America’s expense when it comes to race and police excesses.
They hide their wrongdoings and hardly if ever protest whereas Americans take to the street for the wrongs of their police or government.
Police excesses in Pakistan or India if compared to American police will have American Officers get Angelic Badges. Not at all condoning the wrongdoings of Americans police as in Floyd’s or other cases. Where the 4 Officers are on trial for murder as we speak within 10 days of the incident. Just putting things in a global perspective. Indian and Pakistani (or other nations, the list is exhaustive) police are famous for torture, arresting people without warrants, fake encounters where an enemy of a rich man or the state is executed on the pretext of being a criminal trying to run away. Even police reports against rapists or influential rich people are either never registered or after a lot of pressure. We have people rotting in jails for $5 crimes and politicians with $5 mn corruption cases with proofs against them in our Senate or Assemblies. Murderers go scott free too, if they can pay or influence their way out of it.
Ironically, whereas America guarantees her citizens the “First Amendment” which is, for those who are unaware, an integral part of their constitution and way of life ensuring freedom of speech to everyone – even if it is against the state or religion or whatever. In countries like Pakistan or India this is not so.
In Pakistan we have laws base upon religion that discriminate, punish or even kill people based on religion. The Hudood Ordinance, a globally decried law thanks to Gen Zia Ul Haq in the 80s can have you stoned to death with your partner for even consensual sex, as it is against the religion, the Blasphemy law can have you executed if you utter a word against religious figures revered by the majority. There is a specific minority who are not allowed to proclaim their faith as they believe so because the majority’s faith considers them “non Muslims” whilst they claim the exact against the majority! So majority wins, human right to self expression lose!
In India, their is a “Citizenship Law” that specifically targets Muslim minority groups and asks for “proof of citizenship” of people who have for centuries been living in India! In Kashmir, to suppress the Muslim majority, the Indian Government, Police and Army have, for decades, against UN resolutions murdering, raping and subjecting their residents to the worst form of torture and violence all under a state umbrella. Floyd anyone? Millions in India, Pakistan, Africa and other places the world over.
Religion is used to foster crimes. In India, if you eat beef, even store it in your house, an angry mob can lynch you to death for a cow is revered as a Deity. In Gujrat, Kashmir, Delhi as of just a few months back Muslim and Dalit (a lower Hindu caste) minorities have been mercilessly killed, raped and murdered. The police supports the majority. Just like Pakistan. The Sikhs, Hindus, Christians and Muslims of India live in fear, so do their counterparts except majority Muslims in Pakistan.
Interestingly both countries have a practice where morality and a woman’s chastity is used as an excuse to kill a woman and her partner. All she has to do is marry of her own free will! have an “affair” (which is common for Indian and Pakistani married or unmarried men) or even the illusion or suspicion that she’s having an affair! All these are enough to “enrage” the male members of the family to plot and kill an eloped daughter or sister and mercilessly murder her to “avenge” the honor of the family! Only in 2004 did Pakistan atleast agree to have punishment for this as a “crime” – India while on the face of it has laws in practical terms the society itself supports such practices. The irony of it all is that these people run away as asylum seekers to the West and in Germany, UK elsewhere they carry out the same practice, there are many much publicized cases of Afghans and Pakistani origin migrants in the West who murdered their daughters with the collusion of often father, mother, brothers for eloping with a man they loved, marrying in a different caste or faith, having “affairs”, wearing immodest dresses and so on. Qandeel Baloch case was much publicized in Pakistan where a model was killed for bringing disrepute to the family and “immoral conduct” – she was a reality star, a young kid who just wanted to live life on her terms, a life snatched by the man she must have played with as a child, her brother.
It breaks my heart to share the last case with you, Asifa Bano, a beautiful 8 year old Kashmiri girl was abducted and raped in a temple by a gang of police & government officers with civilians. Her crime, she was a Muslim! She was mercilessly raped by a gang of 4 for a week before her head crushed with a stone. Even after the killers were caught there were protests in FAVOR of the killers! Even the witnesses were almost killed in lock up!
How would you, the reader, feel, regardless of your nationality, if White Americans took to the streets with placards in favor of the policemen who killed George Floyd? How would anyone feel if this happened in America? But its commonplace in India, Pakistan, many in Africa and other nations where crimes are not only hidden but condoned by the masses, police, government and the legal system is an accomplice in either condoning or acquitting criminals. Massive protests in 10 days is all it took for the killers of Floyd to face the music, it would take 10 years or maybe eternity in many other parts of the world.
Unbelievable as it may seem, two Ministers of the BJP government attending rallies in India in favor of the rapists and killers of the 8 year old girl Asifa Bano! Pakistani Ministers are on record for inciting religious hate against minorities on multiple occasions. I’m sure the world has many examples.
But who talks about their police, legal system, governments or even people’s excesses? Hardly. It’s only “stupid Americans” who take to the streets to fight for minorities and justice for the oppressed, like George Floyd. When Trump early in his Presidency imposed a travel ban on 8 countries, mostly Muslim, from entering the US or under enhanced restrictions, countries that were known not to be the best friends of America, some of their nationals overtly and covertly despised America and her “immorality” or so many reasons people find to “hate America” – yet, for those nations, ordinary Americans took to the street so their nationals or immigrants stuck in JFK or other airports across the US could be reunited with their families. The Americans who stood up for their rights didn’t read what these people think of America “back home” – what their press and government says about America. Out of pure love and innocence they stood up for justice, just as they did for George Floyd, barring a few miscreants and opportunists which is to be expected in such a mass uprising.
Unlike idealistic Americans, average people, forget governments, of India and Pakistan staunchly defend the excesses of their government, police, laws against the oppressed. Many will deny that ANY racism or religious intolerance even EXISTS in their countries despite globalized proofs! They will go to the extent of blaming the victims to any extent. How would you feel if Floyd was blamed for his death? That’s just the norm in India, Pakistan and so many other places where laws, police and religion are combined to further crime collectively by the people and governments than deliver Utopian and idealistic justice which is the hallmark of America.
And on social media many from Asia and Africa, my “beloved” Pakistan (and India) would see cyber warriors, normal people like you and I, defending their country’s honor, they are NOT like an average American who stands up for what is RIGHT even if it brings ridicule to his police or country the world over. THAT my friends is the definition of CHARACTER. Something Americans have in greater measure than most of us out there.
Americans are not angels. Neither is the rest of the world. But it’s made to look that they are and the rest really don’t have a problem. Just that few, if any, talk about their problems in the way American public or media does, or even accept racism and excesses happen in the first place!
So my fellow American brothers and sisters, I may not be an American, but I vocally support your idealism and activism against injustice. Please don’t let the cheap world out there dampen your spirits, if they wish to live in or perpetuate the Dark Ages of their existence please let them, compared to them, you were, are and remain on higher moral ground, Floyd or not. Remember that.
God Bless America!

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