US Politics – predicting the unpredictable

I wrote on another thread… you’d find it amusing if not insightful!

I’m sorry I could not finish your piece. I clearly see why your posts upset people. They are unfortunately uninformed, but presented as Doctrine.

where uninformed? shed light my friend! I’m all ears to improve and learn!

Crystal Kazmi where I genuinely enjoy and appreciate George W bush as a man, his policies were far from constructive. He created reasons for invading the Middle East. They were not brave. They were not meaningful. They served no great purpose other than to engage our military against a weaker enemy. Is fiscal policies practically destroyed one of the strongest economies the world has ever seen. He was the start of the United States Fall in the eyes of the world in regards to the United State’s leadership. You downplayed Barack Obama. Obama’s leadership was impeccable. His policies were pristine and designed to help the majority of America. Pre-built vaping rain damaged economy and put it on sound footing that has survived Donald Trump. He corrected the image of the United States as it was portrayed by Bush. He was stymied by the Republican Senate, specifically Mitch McConnell, and his efforts to influence positive policy. Despite the opposition on the right to his policies, in fact to his presence, he was able to effect strong change.

Obviously, these are broad-stroke opinions without offerings of factual citations, quite similar to your statements above, which I would be happy to provide, but that would be a conversation best had in a congenial atmosphere with a good glass of whiskey.


BD or/ and Rum  Now here’s my confusion, if I simplify and deconstruct your analysis in a few sentences, correct me if I’m wrong but are you saying that

1 Bush engaged in a “created” war with a weaker enemy, depleted resources and destroyed American image

2 Obama corrected some of his “mistakes”

3 Trump tried to do what GWB did (and I perceived you said so with a positive connotation) but met a lot of resistance

Now this will CERTAINLY require Scotch and a pack of Corona’s 

In simple terms for GWB I think he was drawn rather sucked into wars not of his choosings but imposed perhaps by the MIC, Michael Moore 9/11? His circumstances were exceptional compared to BO or DJT

Obama had the chance of a lifetime! A black man leading a white USofA for 8 years! I think he was more Utopian and idealistic than practical – again broad sweeping statements but sadly the essence of a “generalization” with all its faults, and benefits

Trump is the ugly duckling here to me, mean, wicked, manipulative, he stole power from Dems and Republicans using the cheapest possible tricks ever invented, Killary and “lock her up” remind me of apocalypse movies where rogues lead a murderous uncouth, illiterate crowd

In the balance I believe America has far better – just need to wake up, I love Bernie! He’s a better version of Obama, and I think Biden is Trump’s ticket to a sweeping reelection, because that man has NOTHING to offer the American people except a rehash of Obama’s rhetoric in lackluster packaging, Obama, atleast, had the race card, Biden only has his legacy, that failed to do Hillary any good 4 years back

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