I can’t breathe – 8 minutes 45 seconds – a song / poem on George Floyd RIP

The song
I went to buy
a pack of cigarettes
a 20 dollar bill
he thought was fake
I bounced the bad guys
But a virus took my job
I was friends with Cup Foods
Mike knew me well
The cops told me
My currency didn’t work
They tried to put me in their car
But I ain’t no criminal man
So they put me to the ground
Derek’s knee on my neck
For 8 minutes
and forty five seconds
I begged him
to let me breathe
I called my Mama
Mama I can’t breathe
Tom, Tau and Alex watched
I just begged to breathe
Please let me breathe
God just let me breathe
I was the friendly giant
6 foot 2 at just 12
I hurt nobody
But I just can’t breathe
I’ll give you 40
keep the 20
Please, just let me breathe
Giana and Roxie are waiting for me
Jesus just let me breathe
I can’t breathe
They filmed me and watched me
but no one let me breathe
I died for a 20 dollar bill
I’d have give them a lot more
If they just let me breathe
I’m no more
My breathe is gone
My dreams are gone
Giana and Roxie will breathe
the breaths I kept for them
The Pope says it was my race
I said they’re going to kill me
But no one listened
to my borrowed breaths
They say I had a heart attack
That I didn’t suffocate
They’d know when a knee’s on their neck
For a fraction of 8 minutes 45 seconds
They won’t be able to breathe
Just like I wasn’t
For a 20 dollar bill
I can’t breathe forever

Published by CrystalHeartKazmi

Peace and love activist for the world

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