My vision for the future of humanity

Let us rise against the mafia of hate who use religion, race, ethnicity, and nationalism to DIVIDE common humans who are literally otherwise NO different from each other, under a common law I see peace and tolerance built into the legal system

No person be allowed to insult the faith of another, but that doesn’t mean not protecting human rights from socially or legally unacceptable practices in any faith

If any spread hate in the name of freedom of speech; apprehend them, make them apologize, and promise not to repeat, and if they don’t or dishonor their commitment have them punished all the same regardless of who is who. So a Muslim in a Muslim majority country should be reprimanded and treated with the same strictness for spreading hate as a Hindu in a Hindu dominated land or a Jew in Israel or a Christian in a Christian dominated land. When people “get it” that they can’t get away with it over time hate would subside, people will become emphatic and careful in communicating

Any negative “beliefs” in any faith that affect people must be legally challenged and some outlawed. Shias (a Muslim sect) do “Matam” or remember the death of the Grandsons of the Prophet with knives and whatnot, knives usage must be outlawed! If there is a Sati custom in Hinduism (where a widow “sacrifices” herself with her deceased husband by burning to death) or any other caste system based that tramples on human rights OUTLAW it. If Hijab or marriage is FORCED on women in a Muslim country or anywhere OUTLAW it. If hatred is spread by a Mullah or Pundit, Rabbi, Priest against another faith PUNISH them without ANY leniency. If racism is done as we saw in the US recently SWIFTLY punish those responsible without regard for them being representatives of a majority

While COVID19 is a real challenge, humanity must not let it destroy our lifestyles and economies, use appropriate protection, masks, immunity-boosting diets, exercise, the level of paranoia that I see related to COVID19 is reminiscent of fear as the driving force. It looks like the whole world thinks the ONLY thing that humanity should be worried about is catching and dying from a virus knowing that at least 80% get away with the same ease as the common flu! While economies and human survival is at risk!

So in short, a positive, health, productivity and humanity focused world where the same set of “good” humanity based globally acceptable CORE laws based on CRIME than SINS are applied in the same way to every single individual regardless of their faith, race, color, nation – hate is discouraged at all levels so should religious beliefs that suppress the freedom of men, women, LGBTQ, and children

Thank you for your time in reading my vision

Published by CrystalHeartKazmi

Peace and love activist for the world

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