Call me a traitor, I can’t toe the line anymore!

I was born in Pakistan, nothing I can be credited or blamed for, unfortunately, I never affirmed to the class-based, affirmation based culture of Pakistan, hence I was, for the most time, a misfit.

I am a global citizen, a free and wild bird, I don’t derive my identity from a nation, “faithful followers”, race, color, or any of those tags. I am, a human, someone who believes in a borderless world where all humans live and let live, in love, equality, peace, productivity, and prosperity.

I did serve my country after an MBA from a prestigious University (IBA) who of late has declined beyond recognition intellectually if not academically, served multinationals like Motorola, BASF, Nokia and others as a Consultant, besides my homeland to the best I could as at – launched political parties, and – one with retired officers, UFDP. They were all symbolic and idealistic ventures meant to inspire people and those in Government to think through their problems with some out of the box solutions. I made countless good friends, mostly retired Officers, who liked the way I think and saw the truth in my thoughts and words. But they, like me, were powerless and hence not to much avail.

Since the advent of social media I had started interacting with a global audience, people who came from different faiths, nations, and backgrounds, some considered frenemies to Pakistan (Americans and other Westerners), some daggers are drawn enemies (Indians) and so on. Being a half-baked intellectual, I was decent with all, no preconceived notions of hate or disgust on any grounds, instead, I attempted the impossible, empathy! I tried to step into their shoes and see things as they saw it. It earned me the genuine friendship, love, and understanding of many from the “other” sides. I also spoke on Peace and a border-less world using a Global Police Force as at based on my thoughts on World Peace as at – toured the Rotaries in America and spoke to them as at and made many new friends in faraway lands.

All along I continued attempting to influence Pakistani politicians, Army, Government on good governance, and a tolerant society many of the ideas at my blog besides manifestos in my political writings as above. Advised the ex-President of Pakistan, General Musharaf, and wrote articles for him that Australian NewsBlaze (Alan Gray) was kind enough to publish. My writings were/are liberal, offbeat, and completely at right angles to whatever is “mainstream” thought on governance, economy, law & order, foreign relations, religion, and peace in Pakistan. Many listened to me, few agreed, and far too many harbored open or closed animosity – resorted to maligning me and some even issued “death threats” for my views on empowerment and rights for women or tolerance in matters of faith (where I always proclaimed “let God be the judge, don’t play God on earth by passing edicts/fatwas” – I thought my fresh, unadulterated, innocence and purity based thinking would strike a chord. I was wrong, very, very wrong! It earned me the jealousy of many, as you can see in the “Penalty of Leadership” by Theodore MacManus ( where he aptly and in great detail describes what I face some 105 years later. The threats I received from hardliners speak volumes at on women’s rights and tolerance in general.

I made some amazing friends some of whom as of the last week have blocked me, some of them, having known me and my family from 5-10 years labeled me a CIA, RAW, Mossad, “non-Muslims” agent! Foremost in the list was Akhtar Janjua, a passionate intellectual next was Farooq Malik, like a real brother to me till last week for 5 years! and finally Shams Abbas, a fine man I knew on social media I assure you while they’re not the only ones they’re the one’s who’s reactions left me with pain, for I assumed they “knew me.” again, I was wrong.

The problem can be traced to an egoistic, self-righteous, “patriotic” culture prevalent in Pakistan where despite being at the bottom of the pit, at the fabled doldrums, many still think, imagine, assume, the dream of grandeur, where national “pride” reigns supreme even as the nation is tearing apart at its seams for so many reasons, law and order is a joke as the recent case of the daughter of a corrupt to the teeth, rich real estate developer case is being highlighted or women’s abuse en vogue, or that of minorities. None of which an average, educated, Pakistani is even willing to accept!

Couple all this with the fact that on social media people from all over come by and comment, and when they do on threads that are critical of Pakistan, like my Indian or “Western” friends, for I can’t stop them from commenting can I? And if they say something that is correct I cannot deny them or should I? And if mine do not make sense I object or shouldn’t I? I get flack for being unpatriotic or an “agent” or trying to “appease” the West or our “enemies” – whilst they conveniently ignore my umpteen posts criticizing Trump or American Police highhandedness or the WHO fiascoes in handling COVID19 or my vocal posts on the rights of Kashmiris or how RSS/BJP/Modi Hindutva approach is counterproductive if not downright despicable – none of that is even noticed! But one post on my beloved motherland and her problems that I feel strongly about turning me into a CIA/Mossad/RAW agent. That simple!

If you don’t accept a problem how the heck can you solve it? There you go, this is reason numero uno why Pakistan is where it is today!

I hope Pakistanis learn to introspect, let go of hypocrisy and false national pride. For my part, I’ve reached a point of no return with Pakistan, if some super cheap, mean and downright dirty rotten scoundrels of Pakistanis actually think I am a traitor and some “agent” of CIA/RAW/Mossad, etc then please, by all means, be my guest and in doing so introduce them to me! for as of yet either they haven’t “valued” me as much as you believe they should have or they’re simply oblivious of my many talents as you so assume.

Despicable, in one word.

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Peace and love activist for the world

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