The INTOLERANT so-called educated GRADUATES of Pakistan

A few days back I posted my OPINIONS on PK8303 on IBA forums, the place I graduated from and was once known for it’s fine quality of graduates

Sadly, I report that with the passage of time, as a nation, we have regressed to a stage where we cannot even TOLERATE an opinion which is different from our perception of reality, using any bull or logic that we can invent. Frequent name calling, personal attacks, abuse and insults have sadly become the norm in group discussions, leaving no room from the observer perspective to consider those engaged in it as “educated” or “refined” from any angle

I don’t work for the CAA, I don’t work for Airbus, my opinion is as valuable or as worthless as yours or anyone elses’ – but nevertheless its’ my opinion

It is possible that what I think of the cause of the crash may be different in your opinion, it is also possible that you may be of the opinion to NOT have ANY opinion on this matter, that is indeed your choice and your right! Just as it is MINE to HAVE an opinion EVEN if it is contrary to HAVING an opinion or a different one in your view!

Yet years of interactions with IBA grads has fortified the same conclusion, having an opinion contrary to “mainstream” is considered blasphemous and is swiftly reprimanded with insulting or demeaning remarks banking on emotions and self serving logic than facts or even the RIGHT of an individual to have an opinion or to express it! Contrary to what most people think, my heart DOES go out to the pilots too, I feel they were in tremendous STRESS for WHATEVER reasons, whether their own failings or technical glitches and if ANY of you have studied air crashes 99% of air crashes are due human error, which are often made in stress

Bear in mind these aircraft are more like computer games, they’re literally flown BY the computers with minimum human intervention by autopilots with umpteen systems that a human cannot effectively monitor or diagnose in times of crises, and when things go wrong the BEST and most EXPERIENCED of pilots do get panicky, it is human nature and has been the discovery of umpteen crash investigations

So may the pilots and all who perished rest in peace, my heart goes out to them, but under NO circumstances will I EVER agree to people shoving their shut up calls down my throat JUST because they think my opinion is contrary to theirs OR that I shouldn’t even HAVE an opinion!

You cannot do that, it is against basic human rights, it’s despicable, it’s inhuman, it’s uneducated, it’s vile and it’s not acceptable to me, you can say anything you like, spread hate, call me names, spread your venom, but you will NEVER be able to STOP me from SPEAKING MY MIND

I hope you get that, loud and clear. In the same breath I respect your right to have an opinion on the crash, and if you did I will NEVER demean you or insult you, that’s just not the way I was raised…

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Peace and love activist for the world

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