Picking up the pieces of Pakistan and rising from the ashes!

Tariq Khan shared a link mocking Indian soldiers for holding placards to Chinese at the border. we should first accept that WE are NOT a weak nation or army, despite all the brainwashing. Pakistan behaves with India, the way India behaves with China – this is not a logical comparison nor approach by any standards. I’ve often written that atLEAST 50% of Indians are pro Pakistan as they’re either minorities or truly secular in nature FED UP with their Hindustva Government and sadly, even their fine men in uniform, unlike ours, support extremism, murders and rapes against Muslim minorities and others too as evident in Kashmir to the whole world

On the positive side, I am proud of Pakistan Army and say so publicly as you’re all aware, for beating the hell out of Taliban and extremists at large, yes a lot still needs to be done but we’ve been on the right track

I also appreciate, publicly, the FANTASTIC governance Pakistan Army offers its kin in cantonments and have since 2007 vide tinyurl.com/changepakistan openly praised and asked for the SAME for our civilians via 100% military rule, courts and police with a simple 10% tax policy and win/win foreign relations as outlined in my 2 party manifestos at GadhaParty.com and WomenAreVotes.com UFDP sadly was taken over and my knowledge is that it’s on a different track than one I envisioned and many of you took active part in

They say you can NEVER fix a problem unless you go to it’s ROOT CAUSE

Forgive me my dear fellows for my harsh words below, for only THEY can help you realize PRACTICALLY what is happening in Pakistan

The first mistake our Army made, and repeated, was not, for good, taking control of governance from the civilians and blindly following a constitution reeked in religious hatred and a system which, practically can never be followed as the right people do not exist to implement it, government and face changes have proven to be failures every now and then, that shall remain as is. As they say “the definition of insanity is trying the same thing over and over again expecting different results” so it shall be with iterations of “democracy” under any garb or excuse or “leader” in Pakistan – no matter how “clean” they may be, the system isn’t, except the Army, the true heirs the British left behind in 1947, men of honor who stuck to principles

But at a combined level, they and the civil government erred as follows, read, get angry and perhaps, moved to ACTION! then “shoot the messenger” (myself) which is what I expect from 99% of the readers (as in the past)

We are like a eunuch who commends his manhood on the basis of flag hoisting ceremonies, parades, salutes, songs, tales & fables of past glory. But never goes to bed, is assured of non performance. The only performances we offer are on 23rd March, 14th August , 6th September, Iqbal Day, 25th December, 12th Rabi Ul Awal and nowadays “Kashmir Day” – the eunuch cannot be convinced to stand up and perform in Kashmir, in fact he tells you that the UN and world community will go to bed on his behalf. He also tells you that peace is the only option given “Indian aggression” and that “is parcham ke sai tale ham aik hain”

Blasphemous right? Of course I don’t expect you to speak or side with the truth! So inconvenient than the official narrative of “celebrating manhood using predefined days, songs, parades and speeches”

Cliched rhetoric and Pakistan – two sides of the same coin. Where foreign policy at a military and civil level is driven by fear. The day we get over our fear of “what will happen IF…” and just “goto bed” trust me the Indians will have sleepless nights and the Kashmiris and Indian Muslims and minorities will have a peaceful night in a long time, and ours will have a recognition of respect and achievement in real than eunuch terms in a long time. Otherwise it’s a nuclear powered joke of a nation

Please enlighten and correct me if I’m wrong with FACTS and REAL LOGIC than patriotic jingo, keep that for the sheep aplenty

As men in uniform the LEAST I expect from you, is the TRUTH —

May I?

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