How Pakistani Men & Women let Women down…

Women’s rights or empowerment? Forget it… let alone basic respect. Women are treated worse than goats, marital rape is commonplace, pregnancies are defined by men, women’s consent is not taken into account, the quest for a “boy” has had many a wife, sister or a mother forced to bear many children till “a boy” is born, some even murdered (abuse in front of children is actually a norm) – “second” wives are brought in to make up for the lack of a “son” – the concept of romance even between husband and wife is considered taboo. Valentine’s Day is mocked on some flimsy religious grounds as “unIslamic” (religion as always reigns supreme in Pakistan to control minds). A husband who listens to his wife is a “sissy” – wife beaters are respected in society. And oft times it is WOMEN perpetuating these behaviours as mothers and sisters. I have heard from many that Imran Khan’s marriage to Jemima Khan and even Reham Khan was adversely affected by his family, sisters or so I have unverified reports on from close circles. And Mr Khan and his family are highly educated top 0.1% of Pakistan, imagine the rest!

Sadly, when I launched AuratKiAwaz in Pakistan (WomenAreVotes) with Shahnaz Minallah back in 2016 she told me “women are women’s worst enemies often” I see that in action today, Malik Riaz’s daughter acted like a spoilt brat and tyrant to the women her husband was having a fling with as documented in the news item. WORSE, cheap men aplenty in Pakistan have been commenting on “why aren’t AuratMarch / Women’s Rights activists” not coming forward? Instead of being MAN enough themselves to stand up for women!

No, Pakistani men and women remind me of Europeans in the Dark Ages. We still live those times, God knows for how much longer…

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Peace and love activist for the world

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