Who are we to judge a person’s faith?

If Ahmedis say they’re Muslims why do Pakistanis feel so insecure? Don’t hate/kill them, let God be the Judge

Many quote the killing of Kazzab, a man who claimed to be a Prophet during Mohammad’s SAWS time who never asked him to be harmed, later, after his death, the Caliph Abu Bakr had him killed, but there is no instruction or record that the Prophet ordered his killing, it was a decision of his friend (Abu Bakr) and hence cannot be considered a norm, rule or law of Islam or of / by the Prophet. It’s not written anywhere in the Quran that “if anyone claims to be a Prophet, or insults the Prophet, hate them and go ahead and kill them!” this is all a concoction of the Mullahs in my view and spreads hate for no reason. It is barbaric, akin to dark ages and simply wrong

A side effect of this is hatred in general even against Muslims, like the case of the 14 year old boy in Syria shot dead at point blank range for one line he uttered that was taken as “disrespect” to the Prophet! A Prophet who in his life was known for forgiveness, love and care of even those who were unkind to him, like the woman who spread thorns in his way who’s well being he asked when one day the thorns were absent. Such a man we follow and such hate we express at right angles to his life and teachings!

It saddens me to see the real teachings of Muhammad SAWS are more enacted by those whom we call “non Muslims” in terms of their focus on equality, justice, merit, non discrimination, kindness, charity, concern, innovation and general goodness for human beings

Somewhere down the line we Muslims have forgotten the great essence of Islam which is not very different from Abrahamic or other faiths – and replaced with judgments, bigotry, hatred and anger

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In my hearts of hearts I always assumed Pakistanis were better people then the followers of Modi, filled with hatred and religious intolerance. I was proved wrong today by comments on the following posts! We are, atleast, equally intolerant when compared to the Indians. My point was simple. Ahmedis/ Qadyanis consider themselves to be a branch of Islam with an “extra” Prophet, exactly the same as Christians are to Jews, or Muslims are (in general) to Christians. Now each of these “faiths” have dozens or more “sects” and they often think very differently from each other. Yet in the case of Pakistan the Ahmedis are singled out, hated and maligned. They are called a “British/American” etc “conspiracy” and what not, many have written openly in their comments that “they must be killed” and so should their “supporters” (like myself!) – although, ironically my support was ONLY to the extent of saying that let them say what they like to say! Don’t judge them! But no, people didn’t listen to me, they called me an Ahmedi (which I’m not and if I was I am not scared of anyone to have said so) – they called me an “Western agent” anything literally that comes to their filthy minds. So my contention is that the Britishers should seriously consider taking BACK the freedom they granted in 1947 to both Pakistan and India for both are extremely intolerant, hateful to minorities, self righteous and led by people with extremist ideologies. It was a sad today to see the WORST of my countrymen, many old friends too!





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