*Wish list for a new Pakistan 🇵🇰* CrystalHeart Kazmi

Quit false pride and arrogance

We aren’t the saviors of Muslim Ummah let alone ourselves!

Imran Khan isn’t Imam Mehdi or something like that

Our army is good but we’re over expecting from it

All our neighbors aren’t the worst, maybe we’re rubbing them the wrong way. Maybe we’re rubbing everyone the wrong way!

Islam is a religion. So are Christianity, Judaism, Hinduism etc etc. We’re nobody to claim we are right and all else are wrong. That includes Ahmedis too

We are a dirty people. Spit on the roads. Don’t give way to women, children or elderly. Misbehave with the weak including women. We are an angry nation. Everyone is upset for some reason. We are so often cheaters in our dealings and yet we proudly proclaim the Islamic tag

We are also beggars at a state an individual level. But our pride is beyond a reality check

The whole world is not planning to kill us. Maybe we’re hoping they are. So we can feel ‘important’

Last but not the least. We do have immense potential. The day we give up these thoughts and habits. I am not your enemy, I’m a friend of Pakistan. I want us to accept the bitter truth around us and change it with our intentions and actions

If not now then when?

Published by CrystalHeartKazmi

Peace and love activist for the world

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