*We will be destroyed without Justice*

Our police is torturing people in epic proportions after ‘tabdeeli’. One dies in Lahore with a viral video that leaves many speechless. A poor woman in Punjab is just immensely tortured

My understanding is that if justice disappears from a society, then sooner or later the society itself disappears. While the middle classes and rich just watch this evil game of justice

That is the reason for the progress of the West. Where our Muslim brothers and sisters are happier than their countries or birth

Without justice we are doomed. Mr Khan made tall promises on his Insaf campaign. Only delivers his own personal vendetta so far. Common man still facing injustices

I’m sure his supporters, as usual, will spin it on something innovative. It is sad to see lying as a norm even in the educated in our community

The only solution for justice is handing over police and judiciary completely to retired army officers

Published by CrystalHeartKazmi

Peace and love activist for the world

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