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America and Americans. Time to wake up
Tulsi may not be eloquent but she sure speaks her heart out. She’s honest. And that’s obvious to all. I am not an American. I carry a Pakistani passport. Yet I am an American in thought and ideals. A misfit amongst my own for most of my life because I’m like you guys. Even though you take pride in being conservatives or liberals yet strange as it may seem and many of you here spewing polite or vulgar hate or jabs at each other.
Please take it from me as a friend and well wisher for America and all Americans. You are all very similar even in your difference. You have big hearts. Pride in your self but not arrogance. Yes you are very simple people. You find our circularly straight world a challenge to grapple with given your own financial or egalitarian interests. And I don’t blame you for neither do we. I grew up in Karachi the once New York of Pakistan back in the 60s and 70s Jacky Kennedy going round in top down cars. Bars, pubs, cabarets were aplenty. Ours was a fine British culture not as egalitarian as yours but certainly not radical islamic. Afghanistan’s and Iran were equally liberal. Then came a US sponsored change in these parts of the world Afghanistan Taliban many aren’t too old to not know what happened. Today we are lost. Our people wear western clothes and speak like you study in your unis even immigrate and spew hate on Americans all the same. Makes no sense. Yet it does. Americans are Gods gift to the world. Don’t get flamboyant though!
2. If I was born in America. I too would run for office. But my policy line would be recolonising the world and freeing them of oppressive regimes. My own Pakistan or neighbouring India both are in a despicable state due corrupt governance and robbers as democratic leaders both full of religious extremism and a false sense of superiority. The story’s the same 80% of our world. South America. Africa. Eastern Europe. Philippines. And so on. I believe in an America that controls the world directly. Not indirectly as of decades. That needs to change. America needs to own the world rightfully for the world is a part of America and not vice versa. Every race color faith nation is assimilated in America. Very very happily. If that’s not an eye opener I don’t know what will ever be?
The day all of you ‘get it’ will be the day the world will become a better place
My parting advice to all Americans. Own Humanity. Because no one else is! Least of all their governments
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