*Rightful Kashmir Solution*

*Rightful Kashmir Solution* CrystalHeart Kazmi

Best choice. Be men of honor. Go free Kashmiris from Indians. Then join AJK with them. And create a country for Kashmiris

Second choice. Ask other countries more powerful than India like US or China to take over Indian Kashmir. Hopefully they will be better masters then Indians to Indian Kashmiris

Third choice. Protest. Be silent for half an hour every Friday. Stand on one leg. Climb on a tree and shout ‘Kashmir belongs to us’. Ask for UN to do ‘something’. Call world leaders to be insulted by them of showing us no support. And finally share lot of anti India posts on WhatsApp. This is not a choice. It’s a joke. And sadly that’s what we are doing as a government and as a people

Now it is upto you. The people of Pakistan. To tell your government what we want. But I heard slaves do not have a tongue. Maybe you will prove me wrong by speaking your mind


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Peace and love activist for the world

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