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*Pakistan Today*

I am a writer, an analyst and an artist. The artist in me is extremely sad at the state of affairs in Pakistan, Kashmir and even the world we live in where poverty, capitalism and objectification has relegated humanity to a lower level then desired

Today Pakistan is perhaps going through its worst imaginable time. While we are a nuclear power we are a mess in almost every other area. And the whole world seems to be ganging up on us. We don’t know who to trust as friends. Everyone looks like an enemy today. Because our friends have good terms with our enemies

Everyone I talk to tells me that the military option is out of consideration for various reasons. Protests we all know are quite ineffective. Power is best responded to by power. Not by speeches or articles. These are elementary observations.

With a weak economy, weaker foreign relations and our enemies enticing our friends there is no end to our woes.

But hopelessness is not in our genes. So we must fight on. Anyway we can. Even protests, articles, whatever we can. We should do. While we fix our economy with low taxes, less government spending. And fix law and order with retired army officers. While increasing tourism in a liberal environment. My feeble brain can only come up with these. Maybe you have better ideas than I? If so please do share with me and the nation. For we can use any good idea today. We need them!

In my personal capacity I’m thinking of producing a song for Kashmir. I have the lyrics. If you know any musicians. Especially those with experience in Apple it would be great!

Let’s do our bit. Every cloud has a silver lining. *Pakistan Zindabad*

CrystalHeart Kazmi

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Peace and love activist for the world

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