*Kashmir thanks you Narendra Modi*

*Kashmir thanks you Narendra Modi* CrystalHeart Kazmi

Now we Pakistanis are full of faults. I don’t need to tell you. The world knows. But you sir are amazing. You broke your own constitution and all legal agreements in abrogating article 370 in Kashmir. You turned into a public villain in front of the whole world. Today the BBC, NYT, all major newspapers of the word. In fact even good Indians and your Supreme Court. All are blaming you for your actions. You have no moral authority left in the Kashmir matter.

You’ve done what you wanted to do. You wrote the first evil chapter of Kashmir’s history. But remember Mr Narendra Modi. You seem to have forgotten that Hitler dis. Just like you he did what he wanted to do. That resulted in joining of the two Germany’s and a historically permanent slap on him and his Nazi supporters. Just like your RSS will be remembered with you and your BJP.

Sir. You have done Kashmir and Kashmiris a huge favor. Just like the Jews have power, respect and a homeland. So will the Kashmiris. And all this will happen in your lifetime Mr Modi. As we say. Insha Allah

You have done the impossible for Kashmir and Kashmiris. Thank you

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