I Resign

I’ve not been sadder in ages. In fact I’m a very happy go lucky man. Happy in rags or riches, in the company of paupers or Kings. I’ve found happiness within. Yet today I must pour my heart ❤ to you for one last time

First of all please note my email address crystal.kazmi@gmail.com as in the last one week three of my WhatsApp numbers have been literally banned. So maybe you will see this number but I will still be banned and hence I won’t be able to communicate. I’ve no idea HOW LONG this number will be active

My fault?

I spoke my mind. I was threatened I was demeaned I was labeled all sorts of things

I was born in Pakistan into a Muslim family. But truth be told I’ve never really been someone who goes with how a slave thinks or acts. I’m a free man. I’m more like an American or a European in my thought process and values. Egalitarian, kind and loving towards all humanity. Pakistanis unfortunately tend to hate so many ideals, sects and groups then shower love upon a minute minority, that too conditionally!

I’m sad my countrymen let me down. They had my numbers banned from WhatsApp because I for the life of me could not understand why a particular sect is literally manhandled in what and how they can call themselves!

I am sorry. I’m not so narrow minded. I just cannot be. And if it means you hate me then please go ahead

My happiness lies in my head not in your insinuations and hatred

May whichever God Allah Bhagwan Yahweh Christ or Buddha you believe in bring you out of hate as I wrote long ago at tinyurl.com/kodeofkonduct even in utter despair and sadness my sincere prayers for your spiritual release from hate. For that is the real path of Satan or whichever term you use for evil

God bless and goodbye forever. Please if you must only contact me privately I will remain in groups passively at best no interest in hate or the arrogant

Please ONLY USE email or phone to contact me. WhatsApp can go figure. Crystal.Kazmi@gmail.com


Published by CrystalHeartKazmi

Peace and love activist for the world

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